• Herb
    LOL damn man, don't feel bad.. I used to love the huge bongs but I would always get way to faded then go to pour the water out and end up smacking it on the sink or tub.. where ever I was cleaning it at and breaking it... I did this with like 5 or 6 400$ bongs... now I only buy tiny ones and alot of vapes wont work with the huge ones... I have one medium size one that I use with the plenty but that is far as I am going now days.. these are the main 3 I use..
  • Baron23
    holding it like that..,,not long haha
  • Cuckfumbustion
    What’s the life expectancy of this one? :-!VapeCritic
    I broke my duel matrix cleaning my desk. So not sayin' what I really think. Except I feel the love/hate relationship with glass.

    It does have a heavy base to it. But could hit the floor with one wild arm swing. Maybe have a side usage table for glass and desktops vapes about 3 foot from the floor and keep the main desk for other clutter or arm swinging room. Gawd the amount of mess and clutter and adapters rolling off the table, I used to bother with my EQ. So glad I'm at least past that.

    You prefer dry vaping? Maybe get some glass that has the function that you want. One with a large volume with the right restriction. Like the one you already picked out might already fit the bill. Actually. Since you arn't bound by water, might as well open up those options.

    I have a piece that uses as little water as necessary to make it function in the way I want. plenty of volume after it passes through water.
  • Lucic and Chong
    I feel a bit like Bud today. @VapeCritic
    Twas such a nice little bong, I might pick up another. It was cheap enough, and it worked great with my Solo 2.
  • VapeCritic

    Oh damn!!! RIP buddy :pray: :sweat:
  • VapeCritic
    How does somebody even break a rig in that spot???

    Yes this is the rig I was just using in the last live stream and i only bought it like a month ago :roll: good thing i bought two! :lol:

  • Rockytdogg
    Looks like you dropped a rock or a bolt down there...

    Why would one do such a thing...?

    RIP youngin
  • ChlorophyllMan
    It's hilarious that there's a discussion dedicated to Bud's glass breakages. :lol:
    It was definitely due an update. :snicker:
  • Alexis
    Hey Bud, good timing btw, and a blessing in disguise. Allow me to explain: my FC 186 also is now bust. It has cracks on the same spot as yours does. Im sure it happened while I was cleaning once (or twice-it did get bonked a bit!) It carried on for a while but then started to leak.

    Anyway I wasn't too disappointed. I bought the186 originally last year based on Edwyn's strong recommendation as the new "FP beater".
    A lot have since bought the 186 for their Flowerpot. However, at the time of his recommendation Edwin himself was using and demoing a slightly different model- the one in the Newvape vids.
    After I bought the 186 I kind of wish I had the Newvape model which they went on to sell themselves after this time.
    It's just slightly shorter, but crucially has a difference design neck and mouthpiece with a better angle IMO, both for comfort and viewing vapor production in the tube. That was one aspect I never liked about my 186 I found it really difficult to get a good view of the milk that was coming.

    So after my 186 was retired I have kind of missed it, or rather the role it fulfils as that type of bubbler for me which is smooth for large hits. I found myself at a loss as to what to look for next because I wasn't totally happy with the 186. Finally I had an epiphany and now I have ordered what I believe is the exact same model as the original Newvape one from late last year (except they now seem to have an entirely different and nowhere near as good looking model), from dhgate.

    Cheap too, £31 shipped to UK (so, about $400 atm lol)! Check it out:
    I MUCH prefer this design. I cant wait to get it now and am so glad the 186 died.
    I also wanted to tell you about it but figured no point right now...but there is now! I messaged the seller and said I only want that exact model. They checked and confirmed they have it. Seem like a good seller so far.
    This is Newvape's current stock of it:
    Looks like they had both models but just this one now. I like mine better 100%.

    And- I Watched your whole stream back now and was really fun, the most relaxed yet to me. You seemed really happy and free in yourself too. Good job keep it up.
  • Bruce
    I LOVE glass and its worth it even though it will break.
  • juxt
    I have that one from NewVape that came with the full FP kit I bought. It's actually a pretty good piece, and yeah the angle on the neck is good for milk gazing.

    I also bought some new glass second hand, I may try to post some in the new glass thread later.
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