• VapeCritic
    I am the absolute WORST with glass, such an idiot.

  • Cl4ud3
    You weren't washing it over a porcelain sink ? I stopped doing that after the first accidental knock.

    I've lost some nice glass though from some bad luck.
  • Baron23
    oh no....LOL. So, what was it before it was pieces? No laughing at you, we all drop glass at some point...hopefully not really f'ing expensive glass but still.

    I wash my glass in my kitchen sink and have one of those sink mats that I use kind of like this:


    Also, and I find this to be funny....I have a pair of Playtex dish washing gloves (sheesh...didn't even know Playtex still made these things in the age of dishwashers and carry-out LOL) so that I don't drop it if some hot water hits my hand.

    I hope it wasn't terribly expensive glass or your favorite. Perhaps time to shop on DHGate? X-)
  • elykpeace
    At least it looks all clean! :P
  • VapeCritic
    Heheheh yea luckily it was a cheap DHGate piece, phew, and I just cleaned it!!@# :-! :-!

    That sink mat and using the gloves is clutch, I need to step my game up lol
  • Cl4ud3
    From what I've seen over the last few months a lot of Americans have been buying American but actually spending on Chinese glass for a long time. Massive scams where some of the big glass companies buy in cheap rigs and stick some bits on them to be classed as American made. There are IG accounts exposing them but they still get away with it all, selling $30 rigs for $700

    I would seriously look at where your glass comes from if you're buying.
  • VapeCritic
    lol i was polishing it up and dropped it on the counter at the edge of the sink :-}
  • VapeCritic
    I was cleaning all my glass for my next video "Bud's Vape Collection" :D
  • Bruce
    The problem I have with glass is that there is a point I cant handle glass and then I have to handle glass...
  • Aj85
    I feel your pain, I’ve broken tons of glass over the yrs.

    I’ve accidentally destroyed some amazing pieces of glass. Including a £360 limited edition Roor bong and £230 limited edition Grace Glass bong. I’ve easily lost a grand over the years due to breaking glass.

    That’s why I only buy inexpensive glass now.

    My favourite inexpensive glass these days is probably the Chongz Bongs range. The glass is always really thick and heavy and costs a fraction of the price. Having a friend who owns his own shop helps as he can order it in super cheap for me. lol

    So If I’m not the worst with glass ive got to be the second worst. Lol

    Recently I’ve developed problems with my hand and it’s caused me drop and smash both my Honey Bubbler and my Turbine Hydratube. I was absolutely gutted when I broke them it was within days of each other. Lol

    Can’t wait for the “buds vaporizer Collection” video. Sounds good.

    I own around 60 vapes and it takes ages to get them all together and clean for a photo let alone a video. So I can definitely appreciate the amount of work that’ll go into that video.

    You must have at least twice the amount of vapes as me.

    Maybe you could do a “Buds most used vaporizer collection” video as well. Showing people your 10 or 15 most used vaporizers.

    I have to admit there’s many in my collection I don’t use anywhere as near as much as others. Also I lend lots out to friends and family in between using them. lol

    I’m sure you must be the same also.

    All the best,

  • Baron23
    Ah, Claude....when I say expensive glass I'm not talking Chinese glass sold by TAG, Smoke Cartel, or Gravlabs. You are exactly right....this glass is Chinese made and sold without attribution to source by these vendors. I believe that this has been going on for far longer than the last few months. But I haven't seen $30 rigs sold for $700....more like $30 sold for $150 and like that.

    But, many folks don't like buying direct from China due to concerns about credit card data, shipping delays, returns and exchanges, etc. So, for a lot of folks a bit more money also provides more peace of mind.

    I believe I have heard that these retailers, although selling Chinese made glass claim that due to their buying power they get a better quality of glass. I don't know about that and have been fortunate with my DHGate purchases as they have been square, plumb, and true with good welds and no bubbles or pin holes. Not all have been as fortunate and for $25 - 45 you can indeed get some good functional glass.

    My few expensive pieces are direct from US artists and I don't buy too much of that stuff as its VERY expensive and its is still glass and subject to dropping.

    @VapeCritic - not sure who you buy from on DHGate but I rather like stevenlmz79 and clearcleanglass stores. They seem to be very active, actually have some level of CS, and their pieces are pretty good and seem to be getting better. For example, stevenlmz79 is now making laser cut seed of life percs. That's a step up for them.

    Good luck and maybe Santa will bring you some new glass (but it wouldn't hurt to drop a hint or two to your wife! LOL).

    Cheers all
  • Cl4ud3
    You should look at some of the Gold covered Beta rubbish, comes with big warnings not to use ISO on it lol sure it's real gold ? And unfortunately there are some big big scams out there where people are paying those prices.


    I should say I have now stopped buying China glass, I refuse to be part of it after seeing the poor quality glass crack after a few months or stuff never turn up.

    Double edit:- https://www.instagram.com/pacstarglass/ there are ways to support local glass companies and not spend a fortune, also decent quality glass.
  • BoomDraws
    that one site - alibaba comes to mind if anyone wants to...... explore.
  • LabPong
    Sorry for your loss bud. RIP

    If you open up dhgate on your browser and your id and password are saved all ready....then this is not a big worry for you. (haaa my situation anyway).
  • VapeCritic


  • Rockytdogg

    Welcome to my world... not cuz I’m a klutz but cuz those around me are... most notably, the dog.
  • Cl4ud3
    Damn, you don't have luck with glass :(
  • Baron23
    What the fuck are you doing with this glass.....conga line dancing?? haha
  • pedro matoso
    don't handle glass while high,lol
  • Heroin Batman
    I use plastic cups at home for this reason. Just the other day I grabbed a bowl and it slipped and I flung it straight at the fridge and it exploded. I've retired the arizer but I broke 50% of all the glass stems I bought. Glass is cool except for the glass part.
  • VapeCritic
    not cuz I’m a klutz but cuz those around me areRockytdogg

    I don't think there's a bigger klutz out there than me :-}

    Damn, you don't have luck with glassCl4ud3

    It literally feels like a conspiracy against me LOL

    What the fuck are you doing with this glassBaron23

    Hehehe it literally flies out of my hands!!

    I grabbed a bowl and it slipped and I flung it straight at the fridge and it explodedHeroin Batman

    So I'm not alone! :-!
  • Baron23
    Can you say DHGATE, children. Yes, you can. Let's put on our cardigan and visit with stevenlmz79. Won't that be nice.


  • VapeCritic
    Main glass sleeve of my Venus Apollo vape, rolled off my desk and landed on the leg of my chair and shattered (I have carpet) WTF

  • Rockytdogg

    Get some deep 70’s shagg, yeah baby!

    Or tables like they have on ships...
  • Cl4ud3
    I think Bud could be in zero gravity and still break glass

    Edit:- I guess you best add no glass to the vape you design
  • VapeCritic
    Look what came in today though from china! lol

    What’s the life expectancy of this one? :-!

  • Cl4ud3
    I'm surprised it survived the photo shoot >:O
  • Rockytdogg
    I bet it’s stll in his hands...

    I want to get that same glass piece... someday...
    And when that time comes, I’m sure I won’t find any of this quite so funny...
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