• Pud
    holy smokes!... you have snow?? Cool pic but damn.... too early. Good luck selling your dyna/fluxer
  • 52
    Yea, I’m ready for spring already :lol:
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    your the 2nd person to tell me that today... enjoy
  • Pud
    yeah time to put up the toys... but I’m betting you have some radical 4wd for winter fun!
  • 52

    Nah, my daily driver is a small front wheel drive work van. Wife drives an F-150. Believe it or not, Denver doesn’t really get a ton of snow like most people think. The mountains do but we just look at them from
    an average sunny 40-50° winter day, or drive to them and play. I actually moved here almost 30 years ago to get away from the North East winters, brrr!
  • EconMan
    I actually moved here almost 30 years ago to get away from the North East winters, brrr!52

    Ft. Collins got snow! Did my Ph.D. work there.
  • 52

    Then your too smart to be talking to me for sure, lol.
  • WOLF444

    Is it possible/feasible to get him on a daily CBD oil regimen?
  • EconMan

    LOL. no, nature gives and nature takes away. I'm pretty smart in some things... a fool in other things :nerd:

    But I miss living there. Although, friends who stayed tell me hoards of people have moved there, and it is not the same little "college town" it once was when I was there in the 90's. It was a very athletic life there for me. Ski/board in the winter, backpack spring, summer, and fall. I was sad in a sense when I left (excited to be "free").
  • Bad Dog
    who do you mean my dad? We had him on a daily dose for 4-6 months and at first it seemed to help but became less so over time. I would have tried increasing his dose but my mom just opted out instead.
  • Xclerk
    Anyone check out the futo vapestation giveaway on reddit. Gotta get my hands on one maybe this is my chance. Hope more people hop in on this. https://www.reddit.com/r/FUTODUGOUTS
    Anybody have one and know if a TRWW fits would be the perfect travel setup. I need something more than a stash and this may be it. What do u guys think
    Speaking of which had my TRWW xl fall from my seat of my truck to the curb no break. I dropped it a few times didnt didnt it would take a hit on concrete tho. Not even a nice or scratch. Keep an coming @RogueGuy. Gotta run. Back to work. Have afford to pay for all these vapes and filling somehow. Everyone have a great weekend. Stay toasty
    Just received my Dynavap with Simrell vortex stem yesterday. This is my first Dynavap and so far I’ve been very impressed. It’s took a real long time for me to understand how to get consistent hits. I used torch lighter and really struggled. I own a Dr Dabber Switch with induction heating so I thought I’d give it a shot. The Dr. Dabber Switch works great with my Dynavap!

    Initially I tried heating my Dynavap with my Switch with a titanium insert cup installed in my switch. I thought it made more sense to keep the insert cup in, but all I was getting was wispy vapor uneven AVB. I was at the point where I was content with giving up. That’s when it dawned on me I should give it one more shot WITHOUT the titanium insert cup. As soon as I did this my experience went from bad to great! If you have a Dr. Dabber Switch I strongly suggest giving it a shot. Make sure you don’t have any of the cups in the Switch. Turn the unit on Oil mode (but I’m sure you could use dry herb mode too). Place your Dynavap in the Switch without any of the titanium inserts. Wait about 4 to 6 seconds and you’ll hear the click and you’re ready to go. Vaporizes very well.

    So now my Switch is the best E rig on the market and also my portable induction heater for my Dynavap! The Dynavap is a battery little powerhouse, it has the smallest footprint of any Vape I’ve ever owned! Spectacular combination!

    I have a lot more testing to do!
  • EconMan

    I seriously need to take a dab from the Switch. I used it once, the guy had just got it, perhaps didn't know how to use it yet, and it was "adequate". Worth taking, but not awesome.

    Hearing you rave about it makes me want to try a more rigorous run with it. Time to call up that friend. :nerd:
  • John Cocktostone
    I keep eyeballing the switch but the size of it just ruins it for me.
  • LabPong
    I keep eyeballing the switch but the size of it just ruins it for me.
    John Cocktostone

  • EconMan

    If it dabs well, I'm interested. The size doesn't bother me, it isn't that big - lol. Its larger size is where it gets its bad ass battery life from I presume -- bigger battery.
  • meeemeee
    Anyone on the forum killed a cap yet?
    Wonder how heats and hits a cap puts out in it lifetime. Mines still going. Heat it everyday for nearly 2 years
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Picked up this really beautiful and unique stem from The Artisans Daughter. Cant wait!


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