• UbarDog
    Is that a TiM ?
    Tip Ti+M2019

    If I ever get a Ti tip thats what I will call my M!
    Quick hit from TiM and awayayay it goes
  • Raven907
    How often do you clean your dynavap? Do you use isopropyl alcohol? How often should I put bees wax on the o-rings? Thanks.
  • SourMalk

    I usually wait until there is reclaim coming into my mouth when I pull to clean. That's pretty much as long as you can go without cleaning and for me it's after 4-5 days of heavy use (let's say 12 bowls / day X 5 days = 60 bowls).

    From there, there are two methods to be used for cleaning.

    The first is super quick and gets the job done. All I do is remove the tip from the body right after a session (so that everything is still hot). Then I just run a q-tip through the condenser. If you get the right size q-tip, it's a nice snug fit inside the condenser and gets it 99% clean. This technique is good to just get you through a few more days of use, before you inevitably have to deep clean.

    The second method is super simple as well, but involves a little more effort. First remove the tip from the body, and then remove the condenser from inside the body. Then I remove all the o-rings and put them aside on a napkin. Put all your disassembled metal pieces into the included plastic "doob tube" and fill the container 75% full with isopropyl alcohol. You can soak this for as long as you want, but usually 20 min or so works great for me. Make sure to keep your container warm and shake it vigorously every once in a while. While your parts are soaking, you can come back to the o-rings. I keep small alcohol wipes on hand and they're great for this, I put 3-4 o-rings into an alcohol wipe, fold it over and roll it around in my fingers for a few seconds. Then a quick rinse in water and voilĂ ! Then go back to your soaking parts, give it one final aggressive shake and pull out your parts. If they aren't 100% clean yet, a quick q-tip with iso should do the job. Then a final thorough rinse in water and you're pretty much done. Just make sure all your parts are nice and dry before you reassemble.

    Sorry this was long winded I just wanted to be thorough. Once you get the hang of the cleaning routine it really doesn't take long at all and the Dynavap is a very easy vaporizer to maintain.
  • Raven907
    Thanks for the feedback.
  • TERRY1973
    that's right...a TiM... :lol: still the SS tip it's different but works well same way.
    The Ti tip gives the M a little boost...
  • UbarDog
    Here we have a Dynavap in its natural environment. :D

    Love some forest caps

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