• Paxhead
    It works! :grin: 7ijljm94dobfihxe.jpg
    Induction heating is weird. I put the point of a stainless steel knife in the hole and in a few seconds it was scorched black and blue. But that sure was a better session with the Dynavap than with a torch. So for a cheapy plug in, so far so good. Someone mentioned these available on Amazon, definitely intrigues me more than a torch. I still have more practicing and experimenting with this little tube that really packs a punch and I have only started. Too much heat and there is no AVB . :smile: Portable induction heater is what I am waiting for. I guess it takes a bit of current to do this? The unit pulses on and off and has a little fan in it. Dental lab technicians use these? bg7dn000vtxxrxim.jpg
  • GrumpStump
    Aren't those type of heaters infrared, not induction?
  • bulllee
    Does it work on demand?
  • Paxhead

    Perhaps it is infrared. I really don't know. Not really sure of the difference. Yes you stick some metal in the hole and it heats up right away. I do know I have to play around with it some more. :smile:
  • BobCat

    I think @Paxhead bought the SJK Dental Heater. It used to be listed as 'induction' but has changed to 'infrared.'

    I've read mixed reviews about its durability. DDMods sells an $8.00 insert for it. DDMod Mod for SJK Heater Please let us know how it's working out for you Paxhead.

  • bum karacho

    kief is cheap at your place?.
    here they call it zero or zerozero pressed or lose between 25%thc and 40%thc, its between 8 and 14€.
    i have to try this in my M. normaly i would choose the vapexhale.
    do you to sandwich or pure?
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    i got that off of a grey area site but it was pretty cheap on the black market too theres a nickname for low grade weed around here "nip" a certaint group of people tumble their weed in dryers before they sell it and collect all of the kief then sell the weed. I havent seen it bulk locally since i was a kid. But man if you could get your hands on some of their weed before it hit the dryers it was some good shit.

    Just pack it in there kind of fluffy then i tamp it down lightly so there's a decent space between the keif and the cap. If im at home I'll poke a tooth pick down the middle for a little more airflow but i dont know how much of a difference it makes. You would think it would pull through and get in your mouth but the stuff ive got stays together and doesnt pass through.
  • Paxhead
    I didn't know there was in insert available. That gave me an idea and it does work. I am still playing around with it, how much gets heated depends how far in the hole you stick it. :joke: Thanks for the tip on the insert. I may still find something better from a craft shop. z1mr3v8zexunbkcz.jpg
  • BobCat
    Glad to hear it's working. Have fun playing with it and keep us updated!
  • bulllee
    cool little gizmo.
  • Startedat52
    Having too much fun with the PSM
  • warren0728
    does the portside mini have the button in the bottom you have to push your vapcap against for it to heat?
  • Startedat52

    Yes as does the Fluxer
  • UbarDog
    Just form'ed this with nothing but a 25mm whole saw , 15mm whole saw and a Drill.

    It is Ti grade 2 lined.
    Not finished yet.
  • Bruce
    There is a difference. A big difference in price. $60 will get you a real masterpiece of design and an amazing vaping experience. The Omni is also if you get the $60 M, you will love it, If you have the money than the Omni is better but either way you're getting the Dyna Vap experience.

    Dyna Vap is made with incredible workmanship. I kind of root for them, because they wear their heart on their sleeve and put out a must have butane vape. I have the M and Omni, I use both. Its perfect for when you don't want a long vaping session and just want the effects.

    The dude in the lab coat is really a likable guy and a source of excellent marketing because it looks like word of mouth has a big impact on the popularity of this device.

    Thanks for the great product.

    Peace, Love & Vape.

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • UbarDog
    Bit more Sanding , Finer Grit.
    Made some Wood butter today with Bee's wax and MI gun oil. Heated and mixed then aplied with a rag




    Perfect seal! Save'd my self some $$££$$ also very proud and reclaimed wood from being burnt

    Win Win! :party:
  • UbarDog
    Cleaned up Last edition stem and made one end >14mm and other end fits the 18mm.
    The tip fits nicely in either end so fits mutliply rigs. Next month I'm definitely buying some nice blanks.


    Just coz I can :brow:


    I'm no Ed or piggy but few final pics here, If you interested (Rather than spam out)

  • SourMalk
    Taking a little break at work :D
  • Paul247to
    Dynavap just premiered this......

    something for the concentrate lovers :)


    all the details Feb 7
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    nice cant wait to find out more!
  • Paul247to

    4PM est we can all find out with the live event
  • Deleted User
    This user has been deleted and all their posts removed.
  • Paul247to
    yep, looks useful. I wonder if we could modify it to work in a G43 :D
  • Paul247to
    Dynavaps new stem..... The DynaPasta
    Elicoidali No. 37 pasta fits perfectly
  • EconMan
    Someone mentioned these available on Amazon,Paxhead

    That might have been me. Saw one at a dentist's office. I immediately knew what it was, a dyna heater, even though he referred to it as a "instrument heater for wax carving". I wondered if it would work on the dyna... guess it does
  • Paxhead

    Yes it does work :smile: I picked it up to move it and the bottle fell out and broke. I can break glass too! :grin: I found small glass jars at a craft shop and used a piece of rubber to secure the jar in the hole so it doesn't fall out . It is easy to regulate how deep to place the Dynavap by moving the jar in or out. I found putting it all the way in heated too far up the shaft so the jar had to be pulled out a bit so the device heats where wanted. I wait 3 seconds or so after the click and get good hits but care must be taken as one or two seconds too long and :fire: This would probably vary depending on the instrument heater. No need to rotate as it appears to heat fairly even. Trial and error required.
  • EconMan

    That is so darn awesome! :cool:
    I predict the demand for these on amazon shall increase.

    Induction heating is weird. I put the point of a stainless steel knife in the hole and in a few seconds it was scorched black and blue.Paxhead

    When the dentist showed me how it worked, he only put it in for like a second or two..... his goal is to heat up the instrument to wax-carving temp not vape temp.

    A friend and local auto-repair client (who vapes) using induction heating to get frozen nuts and bolts loose. It looks like some weird wrench with a wire coming out of the handel, and it apparently just heats the devil out of the bolt/nut until it gives up its stubbornness.... Says it saves him thousands in rebuilds, cause if he strips out the engine block, often he has to remove it to fix it....

    Anyway, onto the cool part of the story.... he has a Ti XL and he uses this $1000 wrench to heat it. Wished I had a pic! It was also the first time I ever used a Ti. :cool: Loved it! Only a M before that, which I did not like that much... (but hey for $60 bucks.... it gets a pass).
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