• Gryfin
    So you boys and galls got fancy glass and induction heaters...
    But I bet yall ain't got the gonads to take a hit off the carb hole.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    ahhhh ze flute tecknique
  • Bruce
    Congrats on the new item!!! I am sure its made incredibly awesome like all the DynaVap products.

    Click, That's my DynaVap.

    Bud, got this right. It's a must own. For $60 for the M, wow.

    What the Dynavap does for me is it gives me a non session vape. I like to vape before lectures Quick 5 minute session. Beautiful green clouds. Immediate long lasting effects.

    This is what I call great workmanship, straightforward advertising and realistic demonstration.

    It feels really nice in my hand and as far as the "cool factor" goes, this is right up there at the top. Especially since the portability is pretty awesome.

    That Dynavap dude in the lab coat does a great job! I am sold on the M love it, and the Omni vape.

    Of any vaporizer (even the super durable Pax) this vape would probably win a torture test.

    Peace, Love & Vape.

    YOU, Have just been vaporized by the one and only......

    ^ ^ ^ Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Ginny Vapes
    Been just vaping for awhile but there was that umph that was missing until I owned the dynavap "M". I have those baby bird lungs I guess, because I can get a good 7-8 hits from it but I do relight twice. & thanks to watching one of Bud's reviews, I know to let the cap cool, making that familiar click noise then I know I can re-torch. what I had been missing from vaping was that heady punch which the dynavap delivers on!! The only thing I don't like is using the torch so I will be glad when I get can get a heater for it.
  • Hazel
    pics of it didn’t happen! :razz:
  • ppatel2001
    Arghhh!! I keep using the building and changing my mind on what to order ..

    M Body with Ti tip or
    M Body w/ Ti mouthpiece and Ti tip
    Titanium Body w/ Ti mouthpiece and Ti tip

    Any suggestions/opinions on the variations??
  • zancru
    My new setup @VapeCritic
    Omni Ti XL Tip on a 14to18 reducer, through an 18to18 adapter, to Bud’s Stereo Matrix ;)
    Stay vaped and enjoy.
  • Dr green thumb

    That is your simplest setup yet :ok:
  • twhc291
    that is heaps easier then i was expecting...

    Cheers dude!! :cool: :ok:
  • Pakalolo2
    Brilliant Zanny!
  • kebcatmorgan
    pretty smart.

    I'm using the E-Nano 18mm adapter for Omnivap XL rig usage. :D It's not a perfect seal and I need to hold it, coz it won't fit inside, but it works pretty good :).

    I can add some pics if you're interested.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    I just tried some shatter in the dynavap for the first time. Holy shit!
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    i made an organic cotton sandwhich.
  • Ram1
    Finally here!
    First impression so tiny! Looks bigger in the videos
    Hits amazing don’t have a good lighter tiny flame but still managed to do a few grat seshs
    still not able to rotate it evenly some times got huge clouds sometimes nothing but good taste
    can finally send my mighty for service in peacejy7e473o7dfcztgs.jpeg
  • twhc291
    My M replaced my mighty as my daily and was only recently replaced by Omni. It's a solid purchase enjoy
  • Ram1
    thanks looking forward
  • FightonJAL
    Dynacoil ordered!
  • zancru

    “It’s a solid purchase”......
    Says a matey, while sporting an ugly mofo 90s british plaid vest ;) jajajajjajajajajaja
    We all know how solid your purchase was jajajajajajjaja
  • twhc291
    sporting an ugly mofo 90s british plaid vest ;)zancru

    Jajajaja I was talking about the M as a solid purchase Zanny, not the Omni. It's common knowledge i won that for wearing that god awful sweater haha
  • Dr green thumb
    Ed's tnt has custom dynavap stems in cocobolo and black wood. They are in stock and I thought I'd pass this on.


  • BobCat
    @Ed's TnT is now offering 10mm and 18mm glass WPAs for Dynavap Ti tips or Woodscents use. 14mm is still offered. You can order now and shipment will be Monday- while supplies last.
    Ed's TnT website
  • Ed's TnT
    Hey hey, thanks for spreading the word @Dr green thumb thats right I have begun doing straight body mid sections at 62mm for the DV, Got asked to do a few here and there and forgot how much fun it was to do these. They are 12mm OD so a little larger than the 10mm OD I did for DV back in the day. The thicker walls are better for the heat transfer and dont need the crowns.

    Thats right @BobCat I am going to be stocking these as regular items at my site. Each and every piece is made to spec and fit tested to ensure they are snug and perform properly. I highly recommend them




    You can grab em here https://edstnt.com/vaporizer-accessories/dynavap
  • Hazel
    oh well that’s fancy.. I like the glass with the dyna tip.

    Thank you for amazing wood piece @Ed's TnT. Bud always raves about how he’s got the oldest of the old woods - I like to call it pre B.C wood lol it’s a work of art !!
  • Ed's TnT

    Good morning and thanks for letting me know ya dig the glass and the kind words for my work. Yes Bud has a stunner and really hope you both are enjoying it. If I can do anything for ya pls let me know and thanks again!
  • Papic914
    do yo know if that stem will work with 2018 M or is for xl configuration ?
  • Ed's TnT
    Bro what I can tell you is that its 62mm in length and it has the same ID throughout as do DV bodies and midsections.
  • Papic914
    gotcha will do lil more research when I get time today cuz I need one those cocobolo stems.
  • Dr green thumb
    the stem length is 62mm that's the same length as the xl omni and nonavong. I ordered one in cocobolo and I plan on using a spinning mouthpiece with it from my nonavong.

    The standard m will work with it as you would just need the tip.
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