• SouthboundPachyderm
    I tend to agree. The 2019 looks slick, and it may have slightly improved airflow. But do I really need another M?... Probably not. It does look cool though.
  • Pakalolo2
    I agree and will probably pick up a “Stealth” version when it becomes available.
  • upside
    The new SS tip looks interesting. I wonder how it compares with the previous SS tip in a water pipe.
  • TheOriginalDonDota

    What is the purpose of this?
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    that looks like the glass condenser for the OG Glass VapCap
  • Dr green thumb

    Confirmation of a dynavap I.H hopefully
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Was cleaning my gf's (combusted :roll:) M again today and realised that the cap fits snugly on the mouthpiece end. Same with the Omni Ti. Could be handy when you're loading on-the-go.
  • BobCat
    Definition of schmooze (Entry 1 of 2)
    intransitive verb

    : to converse informally : CHAT
    also :to chat in a friendly and persuasive manner especially so as to gain favor, business, or connections

    @Hazel & @VapeCritic I put your name in the hat to beta test the IH. I did chat again and tagged Dynavap unlike the pic below. Whew! This post is me super schmoozing!

  • TheOriginalDonDota
    Im wondering if the spinning mouthpieces are compatible with the m? Ive heard you may need the xl condenser. Anyone know first hand?
  • BobCat
    You need an XL condenser or it's too short.
  • SirSixPence
    Showing Dyna the VC Love. LMFAO
  • Paul247to
    So it's been said that George at Dynavap always travels with a cup style IH and todays Dynavap they did mention a cup IH was being designed and tested. The original cup IH was by Fluxer and was called the Fluxer Grande

    Fluxer discontinued his Fluxer Grande IH anticipating Dynavap using his design

    Scroll to the bottom of this page to see more pics and info on the cup
  • Hazel
    That looks super cool!!! I'm loving the cup idea and especially with the matte black. That's whats up! Too bad I never saw this when it was available by Flux. Need to check his stuff out again... but I'm also not planning on getting another IH anytime soon... I think... lol

    Interesting interesting... :chin:

    Hell ya homie!!!! Nominate us! I want to win! I never win anything. lol And ... a Dynvap IH actually made by Dynavap George for the Dynavap he made... sounds like a project made in Dyna heaven. I DEF want in on beta testing that sucker. :cool:

    OMG I hate when I combust in the Dyna... it's the worst level of combustion - fully charred - and always happens so fast! ugh :vomit: Super hard to get rid of the smell and taste for a bit too... gotta like burn through the burn lol Nice of you to clean it for her and that's really cool about the cap fitting on the mouthpiece! Going to try it! :100:
  • SirSixPence
    Was bored today so I made my own DynaStash.
  • DatDus
    I am just wondering why dynavap doesn't make an adjustable bowl on the M, I really like to do small loads on my omni..
  • Microvaper
    You can buy a titanium tip and add that to the M and that will allow for adjustable bowl size
  • Startedat52

    Just load it half or 3/4. Works for me, I use to adjust the depth of the screen on the ti tip but it’s much easier to just load half, 3/4 or what ever you want without touching the screen.
    Or, just stuff a small un ground bud in there, take a hit or two, then break it up with the shovel end of the cap and I usually end up with 1/2 to 3/4 full bowl for the last hit or two.
  • warren0728
    i do the same ... it's amazing just how little product you need to load and how good the hits are from so little ...
  • DatDus
    I have a omnivap XL, i just love the option tot small loads :nerd:
  • CDN24
    Well I got impatient last week while being out of town and ordered a Shadow M (yes just before they announced the 2019...) to try the Dyna world. I was back Sunday, and I haven't put it down since. This little device is amazing. Such satisfying hits, extraction of the bud looks very nice afterwards, much closer to a crafty/mighty then say the Ghost. It truly is amazing how much you get from one load and how not precise you need to be with loading/coarseness. Perhaps that is just a Ghost owner problem though.

    Anyways, I just wanted to post that I really love the device, it has amazing hits and taste is decent, but could be better. I'm going to grab a Ti tip and dynastash ASAP. I did have some issues with lighters, quad one I got at a local shop kept dying after 5 or 6 uses, decided to upgrade to the below, very convenient so far, hopefully it lasts....

    The Burner
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Homemade dyna coil :nerd:
  • zancru

    Is that ultra fine SS or Ti mesh ????
    Great idea man.
    Doing some asap.....
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    It works pretty mint. That roll was only 10 bucks.
  • Baron23
    Stainless steel, right. Cool beans
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Yeah its stainless i was going to experiment with different mesh size but this size is working pretty good.
  • Chandler
    Put the Dyna in my mouth the wrong way after heating it...

    Heard the sizzle, felt the burn, left a mark, skin got burned onto the cap and stained it :groan:

    Ahh man. I feel your pain Bud. That comment had me dying though! Lol

    Hmm. Would be nice if the induction heater being developed was like 1/4 the size of that big cup. Portability is the key!
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Usally the shatter that I get is so stable you wouldnt even believe the stories ive got. This tom ford stuff however does not meet my current expectations. Suggary gooey mess. It is no good for finger picking... Such a stinky mess, a dab tool is just too much work and it can be messy too.
    There I stood dynacap in hand willing the shatter to just jump in. Then the good side of stoner brain kicked in and I now use the cap as a dab tool :snicker:
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