• UbarDog
    Is that a TiM ?
    Tip Ti+M2019

    If I ever get a Ti tip thats what I will call my M!
    Quick hit from TiM and awayayay it goes
  • Raven907
    How often do you clean your dynavap? Do you use isopropyl alcohol? How often should I put bees wax on the o-rings? Thanks.
  • SourMalk

    I usually wait until there is reclaim coming into my mouth when I pull to clean. That's pretty much as long as you can go without cleaning and for me it's after 4-5 days of heavy use (let's say 12 bowls / day X 5 days = 60 bowls).

    From there, there are two methods to be used for cleaning.

    The first is super quick and gets the job done. All I do is remove the tip from the body right after a session (so that everything is still hot). Then I just run a q-tip through the condenser. If you get the right size q-tip, it's a nice snug fit inside the condenser and gets it 99% clean. This technique is good to just get you through a few more days of use, before you inevitably have to deep clean.

    The second method is super simple as well, but involves a little more effort. First remove the tip from the body, and then remove the condenser from inside the body. Then I remove all the o-rings and put them aside on a napkin. Put all your disassembled metal pieces into the included plastic "doob tube" and fill the container 75% full with isopropyl alcohol. You can soak this for as long as you want, but usually 20 min or so works great for me. Make sure to keep your container warm and shake it vigorously every once in a while. While your parts are soaking, you can come back to the o-rings. I keep small alcohol wipes on hand and they're great for this, I put 3-4 o-rings into an alcohol wipe, fold it over and roll it around in my fingers for a few seconds. Then a quick rinse in water and voilà! Then go back to your soaking parts, give it one final aggressive shake and pull out your parts. If they aren't 100% clean yet, a quick q-tip with iso should do the job. Then a final thorough rinse in water and you're pretty much done. Just make sure all your parts are nice and dry before you reassemble.

    Sorry this was long winded I just wanted to be thorough. Once you get the hang of the cleaning routine it really doesn't take long at all and the Dynavap is a very easy vaporizer to maintain.
  • Raven907
    Thanks for the feedback.
  • TERRY1973
    that's right...a TiM... :lol: still the SS tip it's different but works well same way.
    The Ti tip gives the M a little boost...
  • UbarDog
    Here we have a Dynavap in its natural environment. :D

    Love some forest caps

  • CreamCityVapes
    Rainy days are perfect for the Omni XL
  • MothChewMoth
    I needed a portable stand for my Omni, so I harvested a good magnet from a useless HDD I had sitting around.

  • Microvaper
    I've been using my glass Charlie stem exclusively now since I got it. Love it especially through a water tool. I have hardly used my 2019 M at all since getting it as it had a weird taste which didn't go away even after extensive cleaning efforts. I got it out yesterday as I felt like giving it another go and it absolutely stinks. It's the weirdest thing. The actual body of the vape literally stinks really strong. What would be the cause of that? It's only stainless steel. I don't understand where the smell is coming from! Does any one have any idea what might be the issue? I've deep deep cleaned it with iso several times but it still reamains. After the clean I washed it under hot water for ages and did a few heat ups with nothing loaded. When I took a draw (with an empty chamber) the taste was awful like chemicals (the same as it was when brand new) would you guys just stick with it and start using it and hope it goes away? I have used it for maybe 10 - 20 sessions after the first clean but the taste didn't improve
  • acstorfer
    It could be the little rubber doohickies keeping the stink. Try soaking it in warm water with dish soap. Leave it in there a while. I would just leave them on the condenser and wherever else. Just soak the whole thing. Warm soapy water really shouldn’t hurt it. It helped with my Mighty’s rubber doohickeys.
  • Mangu
    aré you keeping it in the plastic tube? Sometimes smells get trapped in those tubes and will not fade away if it’s kept closed?
  • Microvaper

    LoL doohickeys. I'll give that a try. Cheers! (Is it ok to soak the cap as well?)

    I have been keeping it in the plastic tube. Ill give it a soak like acstorfer suggested and try leaving it on the launchpad and see if that helps
  • acstorfer
    LoL doohickeys. I'll give that a try. Cheers! (Is it ok to soak the cap as well?)Microvaper

    I think you can soak the cap, but double check. I know Dynavap has a YouTube video for cleaning the cap.
  • 52
    Have been vaping a little extra all weekend for pain relief (gout flair up). Didn’t get much relief in my foot but I guess i was numb everywhere else. This is what happens when you let your dynavap rest on your hand while cooling. Had no idea it was touching my hand and felt nothing Saturday night when it happened and to be honest it still doesn’t hurt as bad as it looks.
  • elykpeace
    damn brother grab some aloe for that beast! Glad it's not causing you pain
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    if you cant feel that i definitely want some of what your vaping. Damnnnn.
  • 52

    Crazy right!? And I have no problem complaining about pain, lol.
  • Illinois
    love the two tone OmniVap
  • MothChewMoth
    courtesy of our very own @VapeCritic ! I was super excited to snag it. I just realized I think now I've purchased...6 vapes from him? Pax 2 for my dad, Zephyr Ion for a friend, G43, Omni XL, Milaana, and Solo II for me.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Dynas at Crater Lake

    20190528_183750 (87K)
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    I have seen and heard a few people mention that they did not know how to remove the dark oxidization from their Vapcap Tip. I hope this is not redundant but I made a video showing how to polish your tip to sparkle. I used this technique to make a practically black Ti Tip look new.

    You can use any kind of metal or polishing compound just make sure it is super fine. I edited the video but polish time by hand was 7-10 minutes, with the Dremel its 2-3. A wet rag can help get in the grooves.


  • WOLF444
    I don't own a Dynavap but I think they are intriguing devices... As I was reading this thread I was inclined to ask about how commonplace it is for people to report burning themselves - and as I'm scrolling through the posts I see that someone reported doing just that...

    How many of you that have been using these devices have ever burned yourselves or some other object after using these devices? Just curious...

    And for anyone that does burn themselves, if you have access to commercial grade cannabinoid-infused salves/balms - I highly recommend them... I once worked with someone who badly burned her hands at home - and I shared some of my Mary Jane's Salve (mostly THC with a smaller portion of CBD), and it did an amazing job of helping with the healing of her skin/hands... The blistering/swelling reduced substantially after just 2-3 days of applying the salve/balm...

  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @WOLF444 kind of like crashing if you own a motorcycle. Its a matter of when not if. ;^)
  • badbee
    this worries me a little . I’ve haven’t burned myself on the Vapcap (yet ?). I did destroy my bike in a fairly spectacular way however... I guess my burn is coming.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    1 year in and 5 VapCaps later, and I'm still burn free *knocks on wood*
  • Bruce
    Dynavap - Is amazing. In every-way possible.

    It hits really hard without sitting for a session.

    That dude in the lab coat is for real!
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Ran across this channel which is well worth checking out: Cheeky S.O.B

    After watching his video I did this, not bad for a first try and its pretty easy. See Cheeky S.O.B's video bellow.

    First Try

    Cleaned the stem and did it a second time

    Did my Ed's VapCap in Gold

    Here is Cheeky S.O.B.'s Heat Anodization video.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Thanks @UbarDog this is such a cool free upgrade!!

    One more same old same old picture to close out this interesting day.

    It works on SS too, but just gold and then maybe red/brown
  • warren0728
    well i finally got some condensers from dynavap and built my new xls with my new mrb stem and mrb wooden spinning mouthpiece! i love it just like i love my first mrb stem!

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