• UbarDog
    I went camping over the weekend. Something missing thou


    Aggghhh Thats better :D


    Some home made XXXL Ti Stem to make the trip complete !
  • acstorfer
    I got a question. What happened to the carbon fiber body? It was pretty sick looking.
  • kek
    They look cool! Who have try this ?
  • acstorfer
    I keep talking myself out of trying one. On one hand, it’s very cheap seeing how I already have a tip and cap. On the other, I love my Omnivap and in the end one of them would just sit around collecting dust.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @kek I have one of the Mist Vape Stems. Its really nicely made but only a little bigger than the M when assembled. Not a daily driver but a nice little piece. I also have a Glass Charlie. Its a little hard to compare them because the GC is dedicated to concentrates.
  • kek

    Thx you guys, I have both, Omni and Glass charlie (also M18)

    Is the mist vap stem and GC have the same airflow? MVS have a wood taste because of the mouthpiece?

    Think I'll pick up one for my collection ;)
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @kek definitely a nice addition to the collection. I like the feel of this wood MP more than the DV MP. Doesn't feel as dry on the lips.
  • acstorfer
    I tried ordering once I got the email. I didn’t realize the sale starts tomorrow. I put a couple things in my basket.
  • BobCat
    I tried ordering once I got the email. I didn’t realize the sale starts tomorrow. I put a couple things in my basket.acstorfer

    Itchy trigger finger??? Hehehe. Remember, you have until July 4th to add items to that basket. Dangerous. :joke: :victory:
  • Mr White
    I'm looking on YouTube and I see this in the first thing I think of is how do you use this with your dynavap? LMAO
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    :chin: this could be their new induction heater :brow: :rofl:
  • acstorfer
    And ordered :)! I’ve been looking for a stashcase for a long time. Patience truly paid off and saved me around $30.00 +/- for weed :).

    For those who don’t see what I’m talking about, it’s an xl maple dynastash for $36.00.

  • BobCat
    That's a win win!!!
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Picked myself up a few parts at the DV sale. Heard they have been giving out some Karmavaps.

    Picked up these two stems from a great guy here in Oregon. He is @DanielJ on FC. He also makes a well reviewed tool designed to set your CCD screen for microdosing as well as really nice spinning MP'S.

    The smaller stem is is the full 8mm bore with condenser and DJ's super nice spinning MP's that I'm starting to prefer over both wood and Ti. I also really love this hourglass design. It fits and feels really good in the hand. The larger stem has the 8mm bore for the tip and a 5mm bore through the stem. Both vape really nicely and I'm excited to get to know them.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    I have been messing around with this hack for DanielJ's stem and for the Dynavap stems. It allows you to have an adjustable "Airport" with the spinning MP. Plus its just kind of fun. I'll have a video soon.
  • Raven907
    Titanium vs stainless steel is pretty crazy in the way they heat. Simrell collection did an awesome job.
  • acstorfer
    Dynastash is 30% off for 24 hours.

    Code: stash30
  • zancru
    Found it!!!!
    DynaVap glass stems shillers, shilling worst nightmare!!!! jajajajajaja jajajajajaja
    If you buy 12x, it’s $3/each I believe.
    Sorry guys.
    Someone needs to bring the light jajajajajaja
    There are hundreds of glass stems like this. You just need to look for them.
    Ask for dimensions, to match the DynaVap tips, to different stems, and there are plenty of cheap silicone o-rings selections to chose from, that will fit the tips.
    Stay vaped.

  • Hapo
    ...these are more expensive but look to work much better than those logo sticks...

    ...I very much dislike logos...

  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Introducing, Without further delay..............The Rogue Wax Work "Shiller" Stems!! Cuz they really "shill" the vapor down!!


    Size comparison

    Other simple designs with different MP

    Thanks to Chris at Oregon Glass Lab. Chris is a rock star!!! 24 hrs from first meet up to working, amazing prototypes. We hope to go to production with the first couple of styles by August.

  • 38spider
    So about a yr and a half ago I pulled the trigger on buying the nonavong from dynavap, I was really exited about it when I got it, the production of vapor was decent, but I really enjoyed the authentic organic earthy feel that the Vong had, the twirling, the clicking was also very appealing to me as well, now I had noticed that my lungs/throat would get very, very irritated! it almost felt like everytime I would use it, i was literally scarring my lungs, anyway unfortunately I had to put it down, and pack it away in the closet, well throughout the yr I have been tempted to bust it out and try again and hope I wouldn't somehow get the same results, well last night after watching some tantalizing reviews on utube I was tempted to give it the ole college try again, let's just say the first cap I loaded got me toasted and I felt like things were going ok but then here came the irritation pain, IT WAS SO FUCKIN PAINFULL I ALMOST THOUGHT I WAS GONNA GO INTO SHOCK!!!! Not to mention I was Stoned as hell! too boot, but the pain in my throat/lungs was so bad that I maid a vow that I would put it down for good and that is it,
    Anyway I'm trying to figure out what it could be about the dynavap that could be hurting/irritating me, I have a couple theories, maybe the heat that is traveling isn't going through a proper cooling system, if you think about it, it's a very short path that the vapor travel's, maybe the tip being titanium could be possibly irritating my lungs? Maybe I'm sensitive to that type of metal? Oh, yes, I have definitely tried water filtration, and also heating higher up on the tip? Anyway it sucks that I can't use the dynavap because I have to say the high is intense/different, I trully got ripped off one cap, anyway I have asked quite a few people in the past if they have problems using this vape and so far I feel like I'm a individual case? Oh well, if anyone out there has any idea's on why the dynavap could be hurting my throat/lungs I would love to hear your thoughts, also if this is happening to anyone I would love to hear as well✌
  • Terpenetime
    @38spider II have no idea what might be causing that but I’m curious, have you tried any other vapes or is the nonavong the only one?
  • 38spider
    hey hows it going, so I did some research last night on the past dynavap streams and i was lucky and fortunate to recieve that one tip that clicked and it changed everything!!, SO there were 2 tips that I had picked up off gorges live stream and 1 of those end up absolutely changing my entire experience, the first one that I tried was when you first start your draw after your second click, plug the airport/carb hole for 2 seconds, then draw the remaining time, well that didn't work well, still had the pain, the other tip that was to manually plug the carb hole partially so I can have cool air come into my draw, well needless to say it took my experience to another level, it worked perfectly, I figure, if I let in enough air initially, and kept that steady air coming in, it would stay cool the entire time and it did!!! I used a rubber band to cover a lil more than half of the carb-hole and the control and vapor production was Awesome!! My living room filled up with vapor as if I was using. My volcano! I was actually getting much better hits by letting air in! Very exciting,
    So what I was doing wrong was plugging the carb hole completely, heating the oven, scorching my lungs, than letting air in, Versus, letting steady air in which worked, Anyway this new discovery tells me that the Omni model is exactly what works for me, considering the set it and forget it function, I'm very exited about my new discovery and i am looking very much foward to exploring more, thanks for your concern my friend✌, your right, I'm working probably with the wrong model, I see the XL omni titanium possibly in my future.kz9n0bv1lc4pbihp.jpg
    Oh yeah, to answer your question about vapes, I own quite a few, but only use the volcano, and mighty/ nonavongvong at the moment, although in about 2 weeks should have the WE in my collection✌
  • bulllee
    Lately I'm lovin on the glass stems, OG Chillums are cheap and rock the click .Only issue is the Dynavap only fits in half of them, but my local headshop let me go through the good ones ! No carb makes all the difference.
    The green strong arm is loaded with Banana diesel x watermelon flower and GSC wax . The blue has Jack OG sugar wax. The green one really rang my bell with the cookies high coming through. Next was the Jack OG sugar wax, very tasty kinda OG kush flavor, with a sweet skunky undertone. Interesting 50/50 high. Major munchies :rofl: :joke: :cool:
  • fatbiker
    I posted this in the wrong thread earlier....

    I am considering buying a Dynavap. I am between the M and Omni XL. I plan to use it for both concentrates and dry herb. I would like a Dyna to help with the portable aspect of vaping. I have a few vapes that are all battery powered and having one that is not would be a plus. I am quite active so I would like something that is easy to travel with and can be hit once and put away for another hit down the road.

    Should I have a Dynavap dedicated for dry herb and another for concentrates? I understand that taking the coil out to switch between dry herb and concentrate is a pain so trying to use one for both may not be an option. What would you recommend? Which do you like best and which is the best experience?

    It is a bummer they do not offer a Stash for the Xl that has the silicone insert.
  • acstorfer
    I would probably start with the M. First off, it’s modular. You can build upon it. Also, dynavap often has great sales. I have to imagine between now and the end of the year something will pop up. There’s Halloween, thanksgiving, and then all the religious stuff. You can be held over with the M until you decide to buy something more expensive. Also there are some really cool things by other brands that work with the tip and cap.
  • Bad Dog
    I'd also say grab a m, the ss works better with concentrate and does a good job with flower. You can always upgrade to a titanium tip for just bud later, that's what I did. I will say that the flavour of the titanium tip is notably better than the ss when it comes to flower. Even the Dyna coil isn't a 100% necessary as you can mix some in with your flower and it does a pretty good job but I do like having my coil as imo you can get stronger effects by heating passed the click which would toast your bud.
  • Law7764
    I’m having the same dilemma too. Picking between the M and the OmniVap. I usually like to get the best. With all the mixed information on the web it’s hard. In this case so many people are saying the experience is nearly identical. It makes it hard to justify the extra $120. I wish I could try the side by side. The extra features just don’t seem to be $120 worthy. But then again I’ve never tried anything from Dynavap yet.
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