• Zep4
    Far Out!

    Guys, I got the $1 Big Mouth (I think it’s called) from VapCap to make a nice connection to my rig. I prefer no water with it for ease of use. Still great flavor. I feather the carb hole while holding the Omni in and my baby finger supports from beneath the bowl. Easy to sling around and have a gay old time with.
  • deep_meditation
    I’m going to try it with water next. Feathering seemed to work. When I say dry I just mean air dried a bit. Not totally desiccated to the point of being dust.
  • LabPong
    I’m going to try it with water next. Feathering seemed to work. When I say dry I just mean air dried a bit. Not totally desiccated to the point of being dust.myco2

    Try blocking off the carb hole when going through water.....faster and slightly more condensed vapor this way.
  • beyond6strings
    The vapcap through a J Hook or WP without water is one of my favorite ways to use them. And yes I think setting the condenser to block the carb works best for this set-up. I have a standard condenser in a short Vong body with the condenser shoved into the tip (has to be Ti won't work with M), and I have an XL condenser in s longer Vong stem with condenser pushed into the Ti tip. Huge massive clouds.

    If you're using a lighter, especially a single flame, and looking for huge hits aim the flame at the digger outer end of the cap and heat to 1-2 seconds past the click. But only 1-2. Hits like a truck.
  • Rockytdogg

    This is what everyone wants... this what everyone needs:
    More options to come...:

    10mm & 18mm?
    Shorties for induction heaters?
    Clear, frosted, colored, bent or textured glass?

    Turn your rig into a portable desktop easily and cheaply!

    Just add tip, cap and heat!

    The possibilities are limitless!!

    Don’t miss out! Get yours today!:
  • duff
    The rocky T dog!
    Love the simplicity.
  • Cl4ud3
    I've blocked every single carb I had, even the wormhole vong I had with 3 holes!
  • duff
    I've blocked every single carb I hadCl4ud3
  • Philly
    saw that too. Would be awesome if Dave made a short one for a j hook.
  • Rockytdogg

    The best way to get DDave to consider accessories is to email him on his site or PM him on FC... trust me... he will respond... :wink:

    Perhaps in the meantime maybe one of these things might work for you...?:
    Cutter - TOOGOO(R) Cutting Tool Glass Plastic Tubing Tube Pipe Cutter Cutting Max 60mm Diameter Silver https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EHQ34IW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_xOIZAbA6DAM4K

    I would def double check with DDave to make sure he isn’t fine tuning the bore for the tip first tho... :chin: :up: :smile:
  • Philly
    thanks for the suggestion!
  • Kuzko
    12 hour flash sale just started, buy a Vong get a Dynastash for free
  • beyond6strings
    My green package arrived. My Dynafamily of vapes is complete.

    From left to right back row: '18 M, Carbon Fiber XLS with Ti mp, Ti Omni XL

    From left to right front row: Wenge stir tool, Light wood Ti Vong stem, Cocobolo Ti Vong Body, and Walnut Dynastash.

    I have an XL condenser in the Vong stem pushed all the way in to defeat the air inlet, and use a standard condenser in the Vong body to also defeat the air inlet. I find this makes for the best use with J Hooks and WP which I use anhydrously.

    I use the "18 M for out 'n about, and when I get an XL Dynastash I'll use the CF XLS out n' about as well. The Vongs and the Ti Omni XL will most likely stay at home unless I'm on the road for an extended period of time.

  • Cuckfumbustion
    Just to let you know guys a good clean with 99% iso, a precision tip Cotton bud and small rat tail file will get rid of the build up on your torch lighters.Aj85
    I'm sure you are talking mostly the business end, where there could be some sort of build up.
    But I have to mention that ISO can destroy some lighters and make them behave badly.:fire: I made that mistake and had one hiss and almost turn into a bomb. :sparkle: :gasp: Read other storys as well. ISO can melt or crack certain types of plastics and seals, so perhaps find out what is safe for the lighter you have first.

    I bought one can of well filtered butane that was free of added impurities and it has lasted me months of filling lighters. Plus it flushes out poorly filtered or manufactured butane that already exists in your lighter.
    Even the $3 triangle torches from china work like a dream after a purge.

    The venom 2 triple torch has worked in the cold for me. While all my others are hit/miss.
  • BobCat
    Just received my Dynavap M with Ti tip. 1rst Dynavap purchase. I probably won't play with it until tomorrow, however, I know how I'm turning this bad boy while heating.

  • BobCat
    I'll use the Force and sense it like a damn Jedi. Vape I will.
  • Celticdavie1888
    My new Dynavap Omni XL TI arrived yesterday. I got it in the 420 sale, 20% off with 2 free torch lighters.

    Only done a few caps worth so far but got to say I am really impressed. Vapour quality and cloud size were pretty good, especially since so little material goes in at a time, blew me away first time actually. It's almost like smoking a j too; not done that in a long time.

    My first butane powered vape and I'm glad I got it.
  • Rockytdogg

    Congrats! The M is my first butane vape, too!

    I just retired my 1st screen (Ti ccd) since purchasing my M (w/a Ti tip) last Black Friday... And only cuz it was a little misshapen and wouldn't easily stay in place anymore... not bad at all!
  • MAbud

    Awesome. Don’t forget you can adjust the condenser to increase or decrease airflow and thereby effect flavor and vapor quality.

    I personally run it pretty restricted (condenser pretty far into the tip) to maximize both. Vapor is slightly warmer but worth the trade off for me
  • Futurevapors
    Guys I'm new to this Dynavap life style. Do you inahle "from the lungs" slowly or fast? and alike the SBL JR the harder i inhale the cooler the chamber? Is the way to get the best vapour best when you draw slow and steady or hard and fast.

    Really trying to feel the love for my M
  • juxt

    The Dynavaps are much more conduction that convection, so once it's heated I generally give it a strong pull, say medium fast with extra suction if that makes any sense. I can usually get 2 in before the cooling second click at which point it's useless to draw. I do like the omni's more than the M, because you can adjust the condenser so you don't have to throttle the carb.
  • MAbud

    On the M I like to do mouthpulls, like a joint. And then inhale all that vapor after some tokes
  • BobCat
    First experience with M tonight and struggling. That's all. Combustion twice. Need to learn. Patience. Empathy. Blah Blah
  • Alexis
    are you using the inline triple torch by any chance because I myself find it very difficult with that particular torch to get consistent hits without combusting fairly frequently. The quads torch which I bought from Dynavap which I don't think they offer in the exact same model now I have no problems with combustion at all and I can get consistent big hits which are dialled in every time for full extraction from the load in three or four hits maximum.

    So as well as your technique different torches can mean much more or less likelihood of combustion just something to keep in mind and good luck and getting to know your M.
  • BobCat
    Thank you. I am using a free dual I got from Dynvap, The Vertigo, and I tried my triple Jetline torch. I combused 6 of 12 times. I watched a million times, did all my research. I just need to dial in the technique. Still frustrated though.
  • warren0728
    so i got my nonavong xls today (tracking estimated delivery on monday so this was an unexpected surprise)!

    i'm really liking this so far ... two bowls so far and no combustion ... and very effective!

    this baby is gonna get a lot of use!
  • LabPong
    Make sure you wait to hear the cool off clicks before heating again.....that is usually the first way one does it (combusts)......or do it. lol
  • Baron23
    Make sure you wait to hear the cool off clicks before heating again.....that is usually the first way one does it (combusts)......or do it. lolLabPong

    Indeed. Respect the click. The dude abides.
  • juxt

    Gimme my rug back!
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