• PuffItUp
    Randy is going to be absolutely stoked :)
  • Kim Jong Un
    Don't know, if I am at the right thread for this but well... A good friend of mine and I ocassionaly use my good ol trusty 2018 M for some sessions, while working on our PA-Equipment (thicc loud boxes and generators) and while this is a pretty fun thing to do, yesterday, we tried our newly restored sub-basses and had a burn inside the dyna, and another one because well, you cant hear the click, while standing next to an indoor-screaming subwoofer so he came up with the solution of wiring an induction coil with an temperature scale (or sonething to sense the click). He is an engineer, so he should be able to wire such a thing but he doesn't know, how to make them and besides the DIY guide on Reddit, which is a great ressource, for making the coil itself, but we didn't find any useful information on how to integrate a thermometer/click-sensor etc., while video footage clearly shows, that there are people, who allready did all of that.

    So I ask you: Does anyone of you have a good ressource (or an wiring diagramm of yourself), on how to integrate some form of temperature sensing into an diy induction heater?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and happy inhaling!
  • Rockytdogg
    Not being able to hear the click can be annoying in certain situations (loud tunes, concerts etc), sure... but I can feel it now, if not the actual feeling of the click(s) themselves, cuz I can feel those, but I can usually just sense a click is imminent just by watching the flame and cap interact and rarely combust.
  • Baron23
    So I ask you: Does anyone of you have a good ressource (or an wiring diagramm of yourself), on how to integrate some form of temperature sensing into an diy induction heater?Kim Jong Un

    Ah....wouldn't it be easier to just turn the music down?

    And I'm about 3/4 deaf from aircraft, Harley's, and shotguns (well, loud concerts in my youth didn't help either) and like Rocky I can feel the click if I can't hear it.

    But with all that low freq subwoofer stuff, don't know if that would work either.
  • Khelek41girl
    Just a heads up for those interested, KGWoodcrafts is doing a Dynavap stem giveaway! Head over to the Instagram post for official rules of entry!

  • zibit
    PuffitUp has the `20 M for $40 right now. Sales on other products too!

  • zibit
    I sound like a broken record but this is quite the deal: https://puffitup.com/collections/vapcap/products/vapcap-2020-kits

    $125 for an omni XL/stash/dyncoil
  • bulllee
    New 2021 releases are out !

    I like the new looks. Idk on pricing for them .:wink:
  • Alexis
    So, is this what that super exciting email I got was alluding to! Guess it must be. Luckily my life’s oxygen tank (That’s an analogy I don’t really have an oxygen tank thank God) doesn’t depend upon a new classier updated Vong lol!
  • bulllee
    Exactly what were you expecting ? :rofl:
  • Baron23
    Oh wow....look, its new for 2021....its a...well, a tube with a stem. How remarkable.

    I used to feel better about George and DV when he was just plain old George from the north country in his checked shirt and ball cap.

    I HATE the "life style of the young and beautiful" advertisements for vapes. Hated the Ghost one in particular...had everything but that couple running in slow mo towards each other on the beach with a soft filter on the lens. haha

    Sorry, just being an old curmudgeon this morning.

  • Alexis
    curmudgeon away Baron. Plent enough to be disgruntled about.

    I too, curmudgeon meld, frequently as you clearly have seen. It’s my trade Mark lol.,a

    Crazy sontaneous trip yet again yesterday, 600 ug LSD, plugged though, after a really deep enough oral 200 ug night before Golly, utterly mind blowing ROA. Heavy.

    Benn A good day so far so safari though, strong black coffee now after shower black to perk up.

    MV1 on hand but vapor brings me up so high on the acid still in me. More nigpce kava Ti follow though to keep me chilled out.
  • Trix
    These will be available October 7th
  • VLFZakk
    That veridium is going straight in my case never to see the light of day unless I'm showing it off to people xD
  • Trix
    @VLFZakk Be aware that it can come in many different shades. Mine is more on the gold side but I have seen some that were more green. They are definitely all unique. My favorite is the torched AzuriuM. It was a blast torching it to my color preference.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    The colors this year turned out really nice and really accents the blocky cooling fins

  • Dankonkee21
    Started with the M..now have them all. It really depends on what you want to use it for. Also I would suggest starting with the M to make sure you like the mechanism of action before buying a more expensive Dynavap. I have all M’s 2018-2021, 2021Vong, a couple of Omni’s and several BB’s. I find myself reaching for the Omni for stand-alone purposes and the BB9 for usage through a water pipe
  • Trix
    I’m really enjoying the Obsidium! Always wanted a black Omnivap.ub1yqrr8thh7mhya.jpeg
  • PuffItUp
    That's a perfect frankenvap right there
  • Bruce

    Looking forward to your series on the Disney channel.
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