• Baron23
    After a number of ridiculously long posts and questions from myself, kindly answered by Flipz, AJ85, and others, I pulled the plug on a Volcano Digit and purchased it from Vapor Nation.

    I went for the Easy Valve as after I get more experience with this vaporizer, I can always buy the solid valve later if I find the need.

    The Vapor Critic site, as well as input from individuals, was extraordinarily helpful and I would like to offer my thanks. Many review sites seem to me to just be shills for manf's. Bud is upfront about his commercial relationship with vendors but these relationships certainly do not seem to impinge on his objectivity making his reviews an invaluable resource to me.

    I'm an older guy and buying a very expensive vaporizer won't break the bank for me. Nonetheless, it is a fairly expensive purchase for this purpose and I did want to feel totally comfortable that I was making the right choice.

    Like perhaps many on this site, I started with a lower end box mod and an "herb" coil/tank that somebody gave me. Then followed a series of small purchases of stuff I will never use for herb (a Cloutank M4 for example) which improved my knowledge and first hand experience but in many cases was money for nothing except my further education. Hey, experience....you can't buy it, but you will pay for it. LOL

    Where I am at now is I have a nice rig for concentrates (eLeaf iStick TC 100W with Divine Tribe ceramic atomizer which works great) and a Smite which is a re-branded Flower Mate Pro for a herb portable.

    The Flower Mate (Smite) has actually provide pretty acceptable performance for me after a bit of experience and using some of Bud's tips. In particular, fine grind and tamping down (no matter what the manual says) works well with this unit. I have also found that stepping up the temp every couple or few draws (from like 360F stepping up to 420F) seems to gets the maximum out of my product and provide the desired result.

    But the Flower Mate still didn't hit my sweet spot so after a lot of research I decided to pull the trigger on a Volcano for home herb vaping and I'm looking forward to it.

    My next direction will be to buy a Fire Fly 2 when they are available and some field experience is out there. I think between the Volcano, the concentrate rig, and the FF2 I will be set....but I have been down this road before with other enthusiasms and wouldn't be surprised if I end up with a whole collection. :-)

    Once again, thanks to everybody for all of their patience and support.
  • Aj85
    you are absolutely going to fall in love with the Volcano and Firefly 2 especially if a flowermate is the best dry herb vape you've used! 8-)

    Did someone say vape collection? lol :)
    Sad thing is I've got loads more not pictured too, mostly with friends and family (Volcanos at my mothers as it's best for her) or at my GFs lol

    All the best,

  • Bud
    i am super super glad to hear this man and you made an outstanding decision! Possibly one of the best of your lifetime :-O

    Please let us all know how you like!!!!
  • Baron23
    Hi Bud - your boys at Vapor Nation are on the ball. When I went to purchase the Digit from them, I did not see free overnight shipping as an option on their web site per your Volcano review article. But, articles get out of date, freebees included with order change over time, I wasn't stressed about it.

    I did select UPS for a reasonable additional cost (about $37) and in the notes on the order I brought up the free overnight shipping you mentioned.

    Well, Omar from Vapor Nation just called me and offered me free overnight air shipping for the same cost as I had with UPS 4 day. Originally, overnight from CA to MD for this package was a whopping big fee!

    Many thanks to Vapor Nation and you for this! This is definitely how to cement customer loyalty.

    Upshot is that I may be able to give you some feedback on the Volcano sooner than thought but here is the great feedback on Vapor Nation.

  • Flipz
    I purchased from them tons of times and can't recall ever having a problem with vapornation. Good choice on the volcano, you'll enjoy it! I would of never thought the one I bought 5+ years ago would still be working flawlessly and the vape I still use today :-O
  • Bud
    awesome i'm really glad to hear this thanks for letting me know man!
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