• duff
    I don't come around much anymore because it's way too hard to find any quality information, each thread goes wildly off-topic, some members appear to have very selfish agendas and some are flat-out jerks. All of that is totally fine but it's not really a resource for much vaporizer knowledge or open, civil discussion.

    My concern is that with the power that @VapeCritic wields, folks come here to learn. Perhaps some come to take part in the banter, but I would imagine that most folks that land here are new to the scene and just want to get some info on a vape or two. What they end up getting is poor treatment and "buy a Ghost."

    I don't know how @Baron23 or @Cl4ud3 (both well established and respected members of FC) can mod a place like this. It's an uphill battle they seem to be fighting alone. Thanks for your efforts guys and I can only imagine how frustrating this is for you both.

    And since I think it's sort of a wussy move to bring up issues with no thoughts on resolution...
    Ways to make this forum valuable:
    • Make info easier to find. That means one thread per vape (for the most part) with pertinent info within.
    • Keep most of the totally off-topic banter out of a specific topic's thread.
    • Users act like freaking adults.
    • No favorite vape manufacturers that can't be questioned.
    • No self-promotion.
    • Open thoughtful communication.
    • Lure more experienced users to the forum through valuable information.

    I'll probably slink back to obscurity here and just browse threads every so often but for me, this forum serves no purpose. I felt differently at first and was excited to have another forum to talk shop but not so much anymore.

    I know that this thread may piss off some folks but so be it. I will take whatever I get.
  • Summer
    Perfectly stated, @duff. Not to be insulting, but I do find many here to be "flat-out jerks." What surprises me is that all these idiots are not young, which I can forgive to some degree, but rather immature, older individuals. It is a childish, free-for-all forum where I think many live just to get their daily needed dose of socialization & to hear themselves speak; quite often, they're not even listening to each other. Often, post writing is comprehensible. Don't expect these people to proofread or spell-check what they write, & many can't even spell. And while I understand using what is deemed as obscenity for emphasis, many posts are unduly vulgar, riddled with sentences that use obscenity for every adjective, noun & adverb.

    Anyway, don't care, past it, as I'm only here for the MV1 discussion. When all is resolved with the device, I'm out of this spit-ball forum. Sorry, @VapeCritic :(
  • Baron23
    HI Duff - thanks for the shout out.....but as you are well aware, Claude and I don't do too much moderating as Bud prefers a light touch.

    I will not go on at length on this subject, but I will say that in the over two years I have been on this board, the level of information exchange and quality of the discourse has, IMO, declined. I think your thoughts and suggestions are well considered.

    hahaha....also, I have also finally come to understand why FC does not allow members to make serial posts (multiple posts from one poster, each right after the other) as we have seen some sort of stream of consciousness spewing from some members. NOW, I finally understand that rule. LOL
  • Bud
    I deleted my original comment here, I responded emotionally like an a-hole, I’m sorry guys.

    I’m gonna work on straightening out the forum.
  • Mouette
    I'm sure the long term users of this forum know how much crap you deal with all the time. Plus, you try to keep a public Internet forum free of censorship and too much moderation.. That's a hell of an undertaking.

    Actually, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that many heavily moderated places started out relaxed but then the admin / mods got too tired of all the shit they were taking from random asshats from the Internet and decided to tighten the grip until it became a strictly enforced forum. And those that refused to become strict probably gave up and closed their forums. I mean, what can you do against the ever increasing flow of trolls? And as this place gains popularity, as it did thanks to the MV1, it's just going to get worse.

    I'm not saying that you should give up on your ideals and start enforcing strict rules around here, but there's a reason why you never see forums with such open conversation anywhere. It degenerates until the long-time members can't recognize the place anymore and leave, and the other temporary members never cared in the first place and eventually get bored and leave.

    I think that for your sanity and the forum's longevity, some change around here would be beneficial. I'd probably create a hierarchy like this:

    _________-Forum Post

    As an example,

    Portable Vaporizers
    ___-Ghost MV1
    _________-Some post about the Ghost MV1 app
    ______-Tips and techniques
    _________-Some post about Ghost MV1 tips
    _________-Some post about Ghost MV1 experiences

    And then I'd simply enforce having discussion stay relevant to the topic at hand. The structure itself might be enough to keep the forum's quality high without having to start censoring users or getting too strict. Of course, if every conversation must remain on-topic, there should be a "Whatever else you want to talk about" Category for people who wish to discuss wrestling to use a recent example.
  • Summer
    Wow, @Mouette, (Y) You are one smart cookie. I'd loved everything you said.
  • Rockytdogg
    This was the post I was working on before before Bud locked it up:

    Perhaps some come to take part in the banter, but I would imagine that most folks that land here are new to the scene and just want to get some info on a vape or two. What they end up getting is poor treatment and "buy a Ghost."duff
    Sorry, but that last part there is totally false. And while I agree for the most part with what you’ve stated, what this place really needs is a better organized directory... not more subjective rules and projecting...

    Yeah, this is no place for the sick or infirmed, young or old, poorly or never educated and people with a broken grasp of English...? :-}

    How about a little empathy and compassion first, you know, the shit that separates us from beasts?

    Oh, and the ability to personally block specific forumers would probably go a long way in keeping the whiners at bay, too...

    “All through the day
    I me mine, I me mine, I me mine”
  • frandemarco
    The self promotion part most can agree
  • oddjobold
    On the whole i agree with duff.

    I use FC multiple times a day. Vapelife forum i use once or twice a week.

    Any usefull information is very difficult to find. Its nice to have a more free and easy forum but i think its hindering it as a usefull resource.

    Personally i would like to see 2 sections. A free and easy anything goes section like we have at the moment. Also i vape specific discussion section. Any vape specific discussions in the free and easy section should be moved.

    I would like to thank vapecritic for all his hard work for the community. I dont know you, but i get the impression your a good guy.

    Anyone that disrespects anyone else on this forum, cant be polite - should be instantly banned in my opinion. These losers spoil the forum for others and stress out the vapecritic. Everyone should enjoy using this forum - and that includes you vapecritic!

    I think its time to play hardball with the undesirable element.
  • Sue
    I've been around here quite a while and I have to agree with ... the forum has turned into a free for all. I've lost interest in it. It started with the MV1 taking over the forum for the most part. For whatever reason it then quickly descended into chaos. I miss what this used to be.
  • Summer
    Yeah, this is no place for the sick or infirmed, young or old, poorly or never educated and people with a broken grasp of English...? :-}

    How about a little empathy and compassion first, you know, the shit that separates from beasts?

    “All through the day
    I me mine, I me mine, I me mine”

    I have no idea why you would even be thinking/saying this; it came out left field. No one said anything about anyone being excluded from participation. It's all about members participating in a beneficial way that enhances the forum.

    And it is gonna require stiffer rules & stricter moderation initially to get it into shape. Once things are going smoothly, the rules can be eased up on. If you think about it, it's not up to the mods on how strict rules are enforced, but, rather, by the members respecting & adhering to them.

    And, you have to admit, that there is a fair amount of "I me mine" whining.
  • Namekian
    I agree with Duff and I think Bud kinda proved his point by closing the comments last night until he calmed down. He gets so angry so fast if you question the MV1 or this forum. :/
  • Rockytdogg

    I don’t agree with pretty much everything you posted there. And that really takes all the patience and energy I have to say about it with you out here right now. You don’t like my words? Don’t absorb them.
  • Temple ov truth
    . Don't expect these people to proofread or spell-check what they write, & many can't even spell ,,,,,,,,,,some of us shake really bad typing our name is a chore and spell check well it would take me all day to write one post and I am sure there are others temple ov truth.rave on.
  • MustB

    post writing is comprehensible

    Fire your proofer. ;) Seriously though, I do agree there are quite a few expletives thrown around even though it does state in the rules to keep it to a minimum and whilst I really think too much enforcement of rules stifles flow of conversation, some polite reminders from time to time might help. Swearing doesn't bother me at all but it obviously does others and I think that's fair enough, everyone's different. In the same way, people engage with others in different ways also and this will always lead to threads being derailed at some point, but they can then lead to the next relevant discussion being started. I suppose either members try to keep the rules in mind during chatting and if it swerves head for another more relevant thread or get posts such as these flagged for Admin/Mods to move. I do think a huge Big Brother type environment would be detrimental though and not really necessary.
  • Summer
    @rocktydogg, I'm not absorbing them, but I am reading them as you posted on a forum that I'm following. Do you not expect your post to read? And for another member to reply if they choose to? I posted because I don't understand where you're coming from. That's all.
    Edited to add: Since you cared enough to post, I would think that you would want to be understood, hence, my question to you.

    @Temple ov truth, point taken, you speak the truth. It's not an affront, but there's a portion of members' posts that are difficult to read (who speak English natively). Too many to simply be attributed to a medical or physical disabled in my opinion.
  • Karec
    @Summer Well there are people in the world that speak other languages so i bet my english is way better than your Portuguese and i apologise for all of my english errors... i agree that the 1st thing i notice on this forum was that its wasn't so organised by threads like FC so yes i agree with @Mouette so theres space for improvement hehehehe.
    What i like it here is that i can learn for other users about vapes and experiences and then buy a vape totally based of their reviews, never tried before buying one so you can see the importance of forums like this to other people. So lets be friendly to all respect and with a little organisation everything well be nice to all. Cheers Peace
  • Temple ov truth
    thank you a big rave on for you lol, temple ov truth rave on.
  • MMongo
    While I agree this forum could use some organization I will also remind people this is just a guy. Some of you ride his jock super hard and seem to get way too personally invested in a rapid response or if you don’t somehow sway him off his stance.

    Obviously hindsight is 20/20 so the Ghost thing is going to be a sore spot as I’m 100% positive his review and unit were working that well as sometimes mine does, I just think when they ramped up production a lot of variables got introduced into a very complicated device. Lot of variables and obviously all it takes is some things out of tolerance and the whole thing crumbles. I bet if Bud could go back in time he would say and do some different things about a lot of things. Point is he is still a top tier reviewer and deserves some respect and some time to get this forum to the next level as it has grown.

    Peace and love.
  • Baron23
    I deleted my original comment here, I responded emotionally like an a-hole, I’m sorry guys.

    I’m gonna work on straightening out the forum.

    Terrific move, mate!! (Y)

    True character is not a matter of never making preciptous decisions or mistakes.

    True character is shown by a willingness to review your interactions with others and when you make a mistake, admit it and amend it, which you did wonderfully.

    Cheers and keep an even strain, my friend.
  • Heroin Batman
    I used to lurk, and ya the mv1 and just endless paranoia fights. I know weed makes you paranoid but wow. A vape company asked a prominent vape critic for advice on a new vape. Scandal of the year, how dare they. It really blows my mind how this is a huge deal for people for months of trolling. It's like when I was a kid and ppl would fight over sega and Nintendo (yes I'm old). Smoke some weed who cares? Read about your own vape. My first vape was the summit, glad I didn't get butthurt over ppls online opinion of it.

    Let's just have fun on this forum, I still do. Stay out of threads you don't like, the end.
  • Baron23
    To all - just my thought but I really don't think @duff, @Summer, or tbh honest my own view is about non-native or less educated people's posting at all.

    Matter of fact, most times I see a non-english speaker post and say something about English not being their first language, the response I mostly see is people complimenting the poster and saying things exactly like "well, your English is a LOT better than my Portuguese".

    To my mind, this is not, and never has been, the issue. Its a red herring to me and distracts from the very real issues we have with this board currently, resulting from the structure of the BBS software Bud uses and the often complete thoughtlessness and inconsideration of some of our posters.

  • ZRN
    I just came to this forum with the sign up list for the MV1 so I'm new here, new to vaping and new to the concept of being a MM patient in spite of living in a backward state. I've said before I've been favorably impressed with how helpful most here are. There is always someone in a group like this that gets diarrhea of the keyboard. Sick people are especially wordy, just ask someone about their symptoms and be prepared for a 30 page document with footnotes and a bibliography. Every forum gets it's share of jerks, they don't usually last long. Periodically an organization just needs to be changed. Just my opinion but it does not seem to me that Bud and the Moderators need to feel too bad. I've seen much worse on line behavior. That said I do think I know about some of the behaviors listed by others above and will fully support any efforts toward improvement.
  • Rockytdogg
    Please, I would like @duff and all to know that if I could slightly edit my post I would, and add a “To all” or whatever, after my first paragraph, so as not to imply what was said was in direct response to the quote or otherwise... the rest was nothing more an overall humble appeal for thoughtfulness, followed by a personal suggestion and then a criticism...

    (I really don’t like using “imo” or “imho” either, I mean, if I don’t quote it, who else is saying it...?)
  • Bud
    Thanks guys I always take your input to heart.

    What they end up getting is poor treatment and "buy a Ghost."duff

    He gets so angry so fast if you question the MV1 or this forum.Namekian

    The reason I get angry at comments like this is because I really don't feel it's true, I defend my integrity I don't defend products.

    I think since I worked with Ghost people just assume I have a stake in it and I'm being defensive, but all I really care about is people attacking my character.

    Do I get excited when I like a new product? Yea, who wouldn't?

    Do I make it super easy to see through me and get all the info you need despite what I personally think? I believe I do.

    Do I host an open forum where my viewers can openly and actively discuss my reviews and criticize me? I sure do.

    So that's why I get angry when people make statements like the above.

    In the past Duff posted a similar thread but with the title "Why does this forum always come down to S&B", and this one just seemed like another "Why does this forum always come down to Ghost" which I feel is not very fair to me or anyone who contributes really.

    Why does it seem like it's all MV1 on here? Because it's the only big time vape release recently, and there's not much else to talk about, so of course it's going to take over the forum. The same thing will happen when S&B releases something new, but hopefully without the snide remarks.

    No favorite vape manufacturers that can't be questionedduff

    This doesn't exist on here and I'm just being honest when I say it offends me to hear this.

    but for me, this forum serves no purposeduff

    I don't understand this statement really, no forum has a purpose other than chit-chatting right?

    That means one thread per vapeduff

    You go to FC for that and then you read through 100 pages looking for your info

    When all is resolved with the device, I'm out of this spit-ball forumSummer

    Not really necessary but I get it

    the forum has turned into a free for all. I've lost interest in itSue

    Everyone needs to do their part to help, we're a community.
  • Bud
    The main way I'll be cleaning this place up is by being present more, the biggest problem is things not getting nipped in the bud before getting out of control.
  • Bud
    I don't have any problem with people who can't speak English either, I didn't like that comment.
  • Bud
    I'm also going to work on better organizing the content here too, forgot to say that.
  • Smokin60
    Bud a lot of us have had issues with the Ghost , that's not the problem ! What is ,is the way the people handle them Yes there are those A Holes that attack the messenger ,those that ,rant ,rave and throw pissy fits and act like spoiled brats ! Those folk will never get it right ! App or not ! Then there are grownups like Rockytdog,Tazza76,LabPong ,Kakarot , Baron 23 that are there to help you during your " crisis " People need to use this forum to learn and help themselves as I and many have . Learn about your vape Try patience ,trial and error, and most of all ,common sense. Reach out to those " in the know " I still have issues BUT I'm also enjoying my Ghost regardless .....Live and learn .....it's your choice ! If you don't you'll be missing a great experience ! Bumps in the road , a normality in life !
  • Kakarot
    Thank you man, always here to help anyone that needs it :)
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