• justjustin
    Absolutely! I totally agree. There are definitely different grades and qualities of plastics but for goodness sakes, vape companies, please use odor free, heat safe and non toxic plastics please and by now, I think they all do, at least the "good" brands or well known brands because they know they will not make it with unsafe materials in their products, we will not stand for that shiz. After all, we all choose to vape not only for the many added advantages but because it is the healthier alternative.

    I wonder if BNDLS recommends "burn offs" and I wonder if they will make an appearance and attempt to explain the smells, tastes and reasons why some of these vapes are gassing? I really enjoy my Tera and it tastes pure but that doesn't necessarily mean I am not inhaling harmful fumes...

    S&B says right on their site that they only use food-safe, heat resistant materials that are FDA approved. Does that mean they are safe? I have no idea but it sounds safe, especially if they are food grade to begin with and the FDA has approved these materials but what goes into an FDA approval, I have no idea?

    Are all vapes required to be FDA approved? I doubt it but they should be. Anyone?

    I have faith that BNDLS plastic is safe but it may not be the same quality as S&B...I wish we could get all the specifics about the materials in these vapes to assure the user that they are in fact safe, don't off gas, fume or whatever. I really would hope so anyways, and the Tera has been certified RoHS Compliant as well as some other certifications ( CE ) but I think the RoHS just applies to the electronic parts and they must use non hazardous materials, non leaded solder etc but that may not apply to the other parts, ie the Mouthpieces, Silicone etc. I think future vapes need to go through rigorous inspections and must be certified safe and free of dangerous materials!

    Can anyone describe the CE Certification and how it applies to vapes? I don't think it has to do with using safe materials but something else???

    I really hope you get a chance to try a working Tera! Yeah, Volcano has an aluminum heating block with a Ceramic Cartridge I believe? I don't claim to know anything about chemistry and I wish I did because I would like to know more about this stuff and what happens to these materials when they are heated, if they create gasses or fumes or by products etc. We shouldn't have to research this stuff, these companies need to provide proof that their products are safe but I'm sure they aren't required. If I had a vape company, I would want only the best materials and I would want to show the consumer that
  • GhostMV1User
    Yeah, I heard from Eric too.
    I'm completely fine waiting for a replacement. I've wanted something like the Tera for awhile, so I'll wait for a good unit to get to me. Boundless is really good with customer support, so I'll just wait for that to kick in. Only bad thing is they really don't have a time frame yet and it might be awhile before they do.

    Oh well, patience is always something I need to work on, this will be good practice. :)
  • katdaddy

    Yeah, I’m ok with them correcting also, and yes, the big suck is not knowing when we’ll get to try a replacement.
    On the bright side, I didn’t really expect to have it until after the Chinese New Year anyways.
    First world issues, lol. I’ll use my vapcap for now. Big deal, lol. I’m sure we’ll survive the wait
  • Kuzko
    I just shipped mine back to puffitup for a replacement. Not sure what my options are if the next one is bad too.
  • justjustin
    Uh just saw a pic of a new BNDLS vaporizer from the Champs Trade Show....Its called the Uno and is a successor to the CFV but with a better price tag than the Tera...Anyone know anything about this?

    BNDLS UNO Vaporizer
  • katdaddy

    Interesting I guess, but I want the Tera, not a CFV 2. Thanks for the pics, I knew they were at Champs but hadn’t seen any info or pics.

    They’ll work the tera out. I have faith.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    Boundless.. hmm... lemme check this
  • justjustin
    I got 9 sessions @350t for 5minutes / until auto shut-off with the Tera. That's pretty respectable, given its a powerhouse and heats up fast. I'm trying my vivant alternates batts. Now to see if there's any differance. Is anyone else using the Tera or is everyone experiencing the smells?
  • justjustin
    you at champs? I bet your gonna figure out the Uno and post some pics!
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