• Bud
    Hey guys, a little update for ya 8-)

    New Forum Categories

    The main forum Categories page is here: https://forum.vapelife.com/categories/all

    That is normally the page that most forums use as their homepage, but for the time being this site will stick with "All Discussions" being on the homepage, which is a list of the latest forum activity (threads with the most recent posts).

    Up until now we've only had these four categories here: Portable Vaporizers, Vaporizer Pens, Desktop Vaporizers, and Everything Else.

    Now that the forum is loaded up with great content from you guys it's time to start categorizing the threads to make it easier to browse the site. I also have taken your valuable feedback to heart, I know you want this place cleaned up a bit!

    However, I only created a handful of sub-categories under Portable Vapes so far, and I'll explain why.

    As I was going through most of the threads I made a tally of what vapes they were about, and the categories I created so far are the vapes that have the most threads about them, at least 25 or so.

    If a vape isn't on the list of categories yet that just means I didn't find enough posts to make a whole page for it yet, I don't want there to be empty-looking categories on here so for now all of these "other" vapes will still appear in the main Portable Vaporizers category.

    Portable vapes & companies that now have their own categories are: Crafty, Mighty, Ghost MV1, DaVinci, Arizer, Boundless, Grasshopper, PAX & Firefly.

    I also made a category called "Butane / Torch" which includes vapes like: DynaVap VapCap, Vapman & Sticky Brick Labs.

    So from now on when you create a new thread try to choose the appropriate category from the drop-down list it gives you, and me and the other mods will also try and move threads where they're supposed to go if they're mis-categorized.

    The other categories, Desktop vapes & Vaporizer pens, don't really have enough posts in them yet to start breaking them out into sub-categories, so those are staying the same for now.

    Now if you own the DaVinci IQ for example, you can go to the DaVinci category page and see all the related threads.

    There are a TON of old threads that have some REALLY good info in them, many of you guys take a lot of time to respond to people thoroughly and that content needs to be easier to find!

    Last tip - if there is a particular vape or company that you DO NOT want shown on your homepage anymore, as in you don't even want to see threads about it, you can un-check the box next to the name on the category page. This will prevent all threads in that category from showing up on your homepage (All Discussions)

    The things I can customize on this forum are pretty limited so this was the only/best way for me to start categorizing content here.


    If you're looking for some specific info, or if the vape you want to know about is not in the list of categories, the search function here is pretty useful.

    However, you really need to use the Advanced Options function first to make it easier to find things.

    When you go to the search page there is a little blue button labeled Advanced Options, click it.

    On the right side you'll see a checkbox labeled "Titles only", check that box.

    Now when you enter your search term it will show you only the threads that have that term in the title. This is useful when looking for threads about a particular vape.


    You can thank @Baron23 for that gem :-!

    If you're looking for a more specific piece of info, like maybe the weight of a vape or something, you can uncheck that box and then it will search through the entire content of all threads to find what you're looking for.

    Any questions or comments about this stuff?

    Thank you all for hanging out around here!

    Stay up!
  • katdaddy
    Nice job Bud!
    Sounds like changes for the better. ✌️
  • Baron23
    You can thank Baron23 for that gem :-!VapeCritic


    hehehe....I forgot about that....you were SO high making that review it is was hilarious.

    A suggestion, don't use that pic on you and your wife's annual Christmas postcard. LOL
  • SirCrackKillaH
    Nice! Pretty cool man!
  • FrankyItaly
    (Y) very helpful
  • LabPong
    I agree with the statement below......from another category or something....lol Hard to follow threads with in the current state. Hope Bud can get it more organized.

    I think if you click on "Forum", it should automatically redirect to Categories instead of All Discussions.shaolinmilk
  • SirCrackKillaH
    I agree with this too. Landing page with categories would be great man
  • SirCrackKillaH
    Vapcap trying to find info on. When I get home later I'm buying one of these things
  • Bud

    Thanks for your feedback my dudes, there are two main reasons I don't have the forum setup that way right now: 1) There aren't enough posts yet to make categories for all of the different vapes, there would be a lot of empty-looking categories, and 2) I'm currently unable to customize the Categories page any more than it already is, and I'd really prefer if that page showed the thread count numbers for all of the sub-categories too and not just the main cats (but it doesn't, yet).

    But if you do prefer the Categories page as a landing page I added a link to it in the main nav menu at the top, and this would be the URL to bookmark: https://forum.vapelife.com/categories/all
  • John Waltrich
    Hey, Bud! Just got my Rubi. Love it. What’s going on with the blinking white light when inhaling?
  • Bud
    Hey John! That sounds strange, is it still heating? Please send an email to and explain your issue to them, mention that you asked me about this already and I told you to email them, they'll take care of you. Please let me know if they don't (Y)
  • John Waltrich
    Hey, Bud! Got in touch with KandyPens support. Rubi has a kill switch after 8 second draws.
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