• BudsofWar
    available in the UK/EU for under £200.
  • Bruce
    Available in all countries with adapter for different countries. Dont forget about the Good Vaping Seal - Certified Vape Critic Seal.

    The audio alert when finished "Your Done Bitch" And of course "Clean Me Bitch".
  • Brian23

    I'd deffinalty be willing to buy a desktop vape I do most vaping at my desk and i already have a few portable vapes so this is no issue, although you are right portables seem to outsell, maybe a vape that can be both? Powerful vape that might get 2-4 bowls portable but can be used while plugged in? Just throwing ideas around. Also if it's desktop somthing to keep in mind is possibly make it be able to stand up on its own?
  • BouncingOffClouds
    Dibs on testing it 8-)
  • VapeCritic
  • shani
    How about a modular vape? It would be a large desktop vape with a portable part that you can just take out and take with you.
  • VapeCritic
    I'm reading everything thanks again everybody!
  • smsofies
    I would like to see a small portable that medicates like the Mv1, replicable batteries, and does not get hot like IQ and airgo. Also s smooth vaper
  • oddjobold
    • Replacable standard batteries such as 18650.
    • Convection
    • Size matters! for a portable. Pocket sized
    • Wide open air flow, with the option to restrict the flow (the vivant alternate did this in a neat way)
    • body made from quality materials (metal, wood) not cheap ass plastic.
    • degree by degree temp control controlled on the vape. No app!
    • interchangable stems / herb pods that you can carry preloaded.
    • WPA
    • Smooth vapor. Maybe some built in cooling mechanism.
  • Seantagon
    I would like the heating element to be made out of magic
  • VapeCritic
    Stocking up on supplies 8-)

  • Kinick23
    @VapeCritic just thought I’d share this, a few nights ago I was running through a session with my girl using the mighty and crafty and at one point ended up with both in my hand .. so naturally started drawing from both straws and bam! Huge clouds with a short draw. I know you mentioned this was a key deliverable for designing a vape. It got me to thinking about having a dual chamber inside a vape with air paths that converge to one mouthpiece for max vapor with minimal effort, wouldn’t be conservative on herb per say but you could prob make the bowl sizes .15 on each so collectively it’s in-line with other vapes or the user doesn’t need to fill both chambers if they choose not to. I really like what Haze did with putting a tray with 4 cans inside the unit and making it super efficient to swap through Bowls without wasting time popping dosing capsules or crucibles in and out of the unit. Having a similar option would be another direction to take your vape
  • VapeCritic
    Oh snap I never thought of two chambers going at the same time! Fun to think about, thanks 8-)
  • Tekno
    @VapeCritic, I have been enjoying your reviews and this forum for a while, I also have enjoyed the contribution of others on this topic, so I decided to sort of put some substantial "meat on the grill".

    I have more than a little background on creating devices of similar nature, so here are my thoughts and ramblings, if money and time are not an issue:

    Form factor and aesthetics: Portable
    I would suggest a form factor similar to the Mighty, but I feel that with some smart air path routing you can trim about 1 to 1.5 inch in height, making it a little more compact and easier to pocket.

    Air path: Convection
    If, you really want to revolutionize the portable vaporizer industry, you will need four things
    1. Use glass "ala vapexhale", get a craftsman/artisan and create a single tube twisted in a way to create three passes inside the body of the vaporizer. paying special attention to the diameter of the tube; 16 to 20 mm would be ideal, but very difficult to achieve (see the included rough drawing in PDF format)

    2. A power coil that is easily malleable and can be integrated into the glass and therefore into the air path and that is made of a metal that will last and will not create an adverse catalytic conversion of the material vaped.

    3. A dosing capsule inside a glass tube; the capsule similar in shape to the ones from the Mighty, but partially made out of the bottom ceramic material used for the MV1 crucible.

    4. A small Peltier generator device at the end of the air path to simulate the cooling effects of a water pipe/bong. If properly designed, you should be able cool the air/vapor 30 to 50 degrees F, literally eliminating the need for a water pipe. The peltier device can be used on the front side to heat assist the power coil and on the back side to cool down the exiting vapor.

    Should come from 2 18650 batteries, Preferably LG or Samsung brand and to control cost, use a balance of cost vs. performance, a good choice for Up To 20Amps discharge rate would be = LG HG2 3000mAh and Samsung 25R 2500mAh.

    Note: 26650 batteries are slightly bigger (wider) and are available with larger capacities, but the cost vs performance value have not reached what the 18650's can offer at this time. Also, in my opinion/experience most 26650 manufacturers bake/fake their capacities/ratings.

    Electronics and power controller, I would suggest:
    1. A low cost, low power 16 bit micro controller, with enough memory, 2-4 Analog inputs and at least a combination of 20 digital inputs and outputs (A microchip brand controller would be a good choice)

    a. Most micro controllers have libraries that include:
    - Proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID) algorithms, so you can easily control temperatures with .1 degree accuracy

    - Code to facilitate the generation of display outputs to small LCD displays and will provide very good parameters and graphical feedback

    - Read/write memory that can be used to store user profiles, settings and even historical smoke sessions that can then be downloaded to a computer.

    - Code that can be used to drive either an USB port, a Bluetooth adapter or even a WIFI transmitter

    - Code that can generate a fully customized pulse width modulation (PWM) signal within the range of of 2kHZ thru 32kHZ that can drive a power module

    - Code and logic to do battery management and to control the batteries charging cycle and a pass-thru cycle in order to use the vaporizer while charging.

    2. A switching C-MOS or N-MOS power module that can handle 20-30 sustained amps with the appropriate heat sync to dissipate the heat waste.

    3. A couple of inexpensive sensors to monitor and regulate temperature and air draw.

    4. A Solid state Peltier device with the appropriate shape

    5. A LCD display with at least 64x64 dot matrix, maybe a little larger like to one from the Mighty

    6. A Combo-communication module which supports concurrently USB, Bluetooth and WIFI transmissions

    I apologize for my long rant, I will get off my soapbox now.

    Tekno, out.
    Glass tube (303K)
  • DregerUS
    I have tried the Dual'ing Mighties
    Though I have never tried different strains at the same time, but that s*** is mighty wicked
  • VapeCritic
    Awesome post thank you for your thoughts!!!
  • TheCannabist
    .....old people get nostalgic and long winded sometimes........

    Computer geeks can argue about the best uses for computer and try to justify multiple cores, faster speeds, higher resolutions, more ram, and whatnot (anyone get that whatnot reference lol) for all kinds of bullshit scientific reasons, us REAL computer experts know that the only reason for ANY technological advance in the computing world is to further enhance the performance of first person shooter games. Anything else is an unplanned consequence or a bullshit excuse we used to get funding so we threw it in. (and no consoles are NOT cutting edge anything, they detract from real games..... hence real computers)..........

    ........ and at the end of the day we want to get high and do it in a cool way....... and with FRIENDS

    Yes, cannabis saved my life. Literally. Yes Cannabis does amazing things to my nephropathy but damn i miss the days of passing the bong.

    A joint or blunt doesn't have the same flavor.

    How about a nice party bong? nice liquid chamber, big bowl, big 'fing on demand heater that can PROVE in a one hit contest who has the lungs and who needs to suck back on the porch with the girls....... (yeah and in my days women won too and made us ALL their bitches, and we all laughed and no snowflakes were melted. I don't do PC lol,.).

    The quasi portable thing has been done, over down, under done, and even been done in an ok fashion...... but until you discover a new battery source (which would revolutionize all markets not just vapes and be worth trillions) vapes aren't what I would call reliably portable for any period of time or number of bowls). Everyone is repackaging the same things and the differences are small.

    But where is the party bong? The volcano? Oh yeah, lets all sit around and suck bag....... that's cool.

    Dude!!!!!!! Check out that cool looking LIGHTED party vape!!!!!!!!! On Demand like ALL the good vapes, but if it was plugged in it could have a bigger, better motor, better electronic. cool stoner lights. Hell, multiple tubes and different settings for the bowl.

    I need to medicate. I HAVE to do it several times a day.

    I LOVE to get high. I do it a couple times a month maybe, less now that i HAVE to medicate.

    I hate getting high with the same thing I use to medicate with.

    I think there are enough vapes right now, What the world needs now is a PARTY BONG VAPER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Baron23
    My one thought (well, maybe two thoughts) is:

    1. I beleive that a Peltier device will suck up current. We used them to tune laser diodes for long haul optical telecom and if my memory serves, they consumed a lot of juice (as did the lasers themselves).

    2. I'm always concerned about too much complexity in a device that has a simple purpose of putting hot air through a load of botanical. I almost view the EVO as the apex of vape design elegance...ain't much to it but it delivers consistently and excellently every time without much to break or be buggy.

    Interesting thoughts. Thanks for posting.
  • vbow
    I don't post much here but i do follow the youtube channel so I hope im welcome to chime in
    im current using sbjr. sb hydromaxx, omnivap, davinci iq, arizer solo 2, e nano, wispr

    just preferences I like.

    1) on demand like the stick brick or at least as short as the dynavap
    2) butane powered or plug in to the wall( only because I hate batteries, prefer butane )
    less tech the better imo.
    3) feels more like a joint
    4) can micro dose

    the hydromax, i use dry and its perfect only because theres no wait time. I want a hoot I get a hoot.

    I feel like omnivap (with dug out), the elev8r,sticky brick lineup and davinci iq.... if some how the best of all 4 could be combined it would be the best thing out there.

    1)portability of a omnivap with dug out
    2) the potency of the elev8r
    3)on demand like the sticky brick
    4) the ease of use of the davinci iq (turn on choose path or temp and forget)

    Things I Dont use on the davinci,

    1) the app, used twice to change the smart paths
    2) flavour chamber
    3) I dont use it for microdosing because its annoying to use it with such low amounts

    Do you want to make a high end unit ($300+ or sub 150?)
  • Tekno
    @Baron23 My original thought about the Peltier device was that although it would consume current from the battery, it would add heat to the heater coil and therefore reduce the current consumption of the heater.

    However after I saw your comment, and since I also agree on the elegance of the EVO simplicity in design. I do agree that the Peltier device would add too much complexity to the design.

    This weekend, I was lucky enough to visit a friend that has access to a full scale thermodynamics lab and with his assistance, we performed several experiments with real glass tubing and some with the use of a software simulator and found a a couple of modifications to the design of the glass tube path that will help on the efficiency of the heated air to the vaped material. It also showed us how to use the natural tendency of heat to rise, to improve the placement of the air entrance, air path direction and to improve the convection effect during the travel of the heated air.

    Notice the modified drawing that I am attaching. (In PDF format)
    1. If the heater is on and there is not air or vape draw, the heated air remains inside the A and B sections , without touching the vaping material, at most some heated air escapes back thru section A.
    2. If the heater is on and there is air or vape draw the air travels from A to B, it gets heated and then vaporizes the vaping material and then continues thru the glass tube to Section C and eventually to the vaporizer's mouth piece.

    Tekno, out.
    Glass tube 2 (302K)
  • Cuckfumbustion
    A little late to the conversation. But I saw the parts and tools that VC was pooling together, So anyway....

    I would avoid trying to find an ideal parts list and combine them thinking you are making a well designed vape. When you might end up making some sort of vape homermobile.

    If you want to design a 'joint pull' experience, maybe deconstruct what it is you like from that and aim at getting from that which is desirable. Like how much materials are needed to be consumed as a baseline for what a chamber size should be as one example.

    I do think pre heating and a certain amount of heat after the pass thru matter if you want vapor and not reclaim as one poster pointed out.

    There are different design sensibilities and subtilties.
    The Ghost vape tries to utilize as much passive cooling and heating in it's design as possible, it seems. You need a schematic to understand the air path.
    Where the vapcap is a cylinder telescoped in a cylinder held in by rings to do it's thing.

    Neither bad but there are considerations meant for both.

    How it is powered and the interface is almost secondary if your aim is the ideal joint pull experience. IMHO.

    As for me. I like modular. More choices. But a Joint experience type vape has a different set of demands. Vape Critic you might want to look further into an induction heater portable as an option.
    It seems to fit the bill. Drawback being the size of the actual heater.

    Thing is, you would be designing around the limitations of the heater. And therein lies the challenge.
  • Baron23
    @VapeCritic if that mofo ain't laser powered, don't talk to me again! hahaha (jk LOL).

    I mean, if I can't vape herb, do the light show for a Pink Floyd tribute band concert, AND cut steel with it, what do I need it for? >:O

  • VapeCritic

    I got this under control (Y) :-!

  • VapeCritic

    Good points thanks! and I'm gonna use that Homer as inspiration!! hehehe

    I know where you're comin from though, I will be following the KISS principle in whatever I do, I certainly don't want to end up with a Sublimator! (or do I?) lol

    Yes the J experience will be extremely difficult to replicate with a vape, I might not be able to achieve it in my first attempt but I actually want to make a few different models if I can, so I have a few ideas floating around.
  • VapeCritic
    Like I'm going to be experimenting with both plug-in and battery-powered designs
  • VapeCritic
    Induction heaters are very interesting, I started messing around with one already, it's literally perfect for the VapCap, if they don't make a desktop heater then I'm gonna LOL

  • Baron23
    I think you know this, already, but Pipes on FC does indeed sell induction desktop heaters for VCs. I think this was brought before...yeah?

  • VapeCritic
    Ah nice I didn't know somebody made them and sold them! I came across a guy on youtube who had a homemade one when i was researching induction heaters, i'm guessing that's the guy lol.
  • Cuckfumbustion
    KISS, indeed.

    Oh the Sublimator. When I saw the pic in your vid of the misaligned power brick and the lack of anything precision and the amount of funky awkward parts. And then compare that to the verdamper. An elaborately heated coil in a mason jar.

    Pipes from FC has worked out a lot of the electrical issues. And more recently came up with a mini portable vapcap IH.

    And there are tons of IH vids ranging from Radio shack experiment to practical 'from the ground up' heaters.
    I can't read a schematic or anything, but there is some electrical considerations when designing an IH from the board up. From what I gathered watching youtube vids.

    I did look at the Loto Lux and trying to imagine the IH being inside the body. It might still be in limbo, tho

    What might be the smallest copper coil amped that would cause say an ELB to heat up? Thinking about the mass of metal that would be needed to heat up to release enough energy to vaporize your materials.

    And thinking about some of the IH that are meant for dental pics and wax that weren't strong enough to work well enough with the vapcap as one example.

    There isn't a US bulb vape either and there has been an improvement on led bulbs and car bulbs are quire powerful.

    VapeCritic if that mofo ain't laser powered, don't talk to me again! hahaha (jk LOL).Baron23
    That might be do-able.

  • VapeCritic
    What might be the smallest copper coil amped that would cause say an ELB to heat up? Thinking about the mass of metal that would be needed to heat up to release enough energy to vaporize your materials.Cuckfumbustion

    I'm gonna post a short clip about this in a few, you'll dig this.

    Maybe I'll live stream it, you around to watch in a little bit?
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