• Cl4ud3
    I see so many people posting pictures of rigs everywhere so it might be nice to have them all in one thread.
    Going to start it off with a piece I got from Mitzelglass
    https://www.instagram.com/mitzelglass/ http://mitzelglass.bigcartel.com/
    Lucy UV reactive, 14 mm.



    So as the title says, show me your glass (Y)
  • Baron23
    Glass I have right now








  • Cl4ud3
    lot of different styles there :) I don't actually own any glass that doesn't have a female joint.
    Got a favorite ?
  • Baron23
    Yep, the last one....the Phatt Ass Glass Hover Perc.

    I also use the Mobius dewar style joint knockoff (DHGate glass) as its just very, very useful.

    Yep, I prefer females also but for a while male joints were preferred for oil rigs....with a direct inject tube to keep reclaim from sticking the nail in the joint. I use the male joint glass mostly with my Liger (it has male and female) but I also often just use a female-male adapter on them.

    The first piece...the C2 65mm stemless can...I use this mainly as a flower vape piece...in particular, I use it with the Flower Pot.

    The TAG one...the clear recyler with the male joint and the stem going straight up...this was given to me and is never really used. I will probably give it away to a fella I know who works with indigent MMJ patients.

    I love the function on both of the Bates but use the small rattle can more just because I use a big, heavy Liger Ti banger and the tall tube is not stable enough for it. However, the tall external diffusion rig does get used with my D-nail Halo which is much lighter.

    Haven't bought any glass for a while....I certainly don't really need more.
  • Joey
    Hey guys, any good glass around 50$...?
  • Spog
    Dhgate for 50 and under
  • BoomDraws
    - check out sneaky pete also - he got some stuff on there.
  • BoomDraws
    speaking of which - that was the glass i was referring to a while back if that was a convo between you and me - its sneaky pete's globe one.
  • Baron23
    I have seen the SP Globe and it looks like a nice piece....good size.

    I don't know him personally, but I rather like SP. He presents well and seems very positive and upbeat.

    Refresh my memory, you like your Globe a lot? (sorry, I have bad CRS LOL)
  • BoomDraws
    lol naw - i dont have one yet. I will get it later on down the line when the opportunity presents itself. This was the kind though that i said i would want - small to put off to the side on the desk like a little teapot. =)
    And yea - I def agree - Bud's Canadian counterpart is SP. I go to these two first by default. Great info and reviews.
  • Joey
    Thanks! Will do! And the quest begins...
  • LabPong
    The first piece...the C2 65mm stemless canBaron23

    Baron....do you have a link on that one? DHgate?
  • Baron23
    nope. UDA made but very affordable.

    Google Custom Creations.
  • elykpeace
    @Baron23 Dablab charging $$$ for china glass. Just got a 9in Sol made by ccg for 42$ shipped

    Dablab wants 100 for the 7in .... Talk about upcharge holy canoli
  • katdaddy

    Love dhgate for glass!!!
  • elykpeace
    Snagged it off another vaporist off entexchange :P shipping two days instead of 2 weeks 8-)
  • Baron23
    Dablab charging $$$ for china glass. Just got a 9in Sol made by ccg for 42$ shippedelykpeace

    I was asked about my Custom Creations (C2) glass which is most definitely made in CA of the USA.

    I do not recommend any particular vendor in that Google return link, just showing the inquirer where C2 glass is available on-line.

  • Bud
    Check out this dhgate beauty, my latest victim :-!


    P.S. if i ever come over your place hide all your glass
  • Baron23
    Ah man....stevenlmz79 FC-186?

    Order a new one now...you will have it by new years (or later haha).

    Seriously, I love my Mobius Ion knockoff and use it with herb vapes constantly so I am sorry for your loss. But really, order another....glass was made to die! >:)
  • LabPong
    Baron, thanks for the info! How do those side car's hit? I keep opting out on getting one because I dont like the mouthpiece being off center. Luv my D020-D, that C2 one looks nice. Out of all those you have....which one hits the smoothest with the least draw resistance?

    Bud....ouch....dang that sux. :’( At least you can rig it to be usable.
  • Baron23
    which one hits the smoothest with the least draw resistance?LabPong

    Wow, that's hard to say. As you may have seen above, I have the Stevenlmz79 version of a D020, a Mobious Ion knockoff. I use this a great deal with herb vapes (Enano GonG and the like).

    My best and most loved piece is that green and red hover perc by Phatt Ass Glass but this is an expensive hand made piece.

    Least draw resistance are perhaps the Bates diffusion rigs...particularly the short rattle can internal diffusion piece (shown above) but its really an oil rig.

    I'm not the most knowledgable about glass. As far as draw resistance, put the least amount of water you can to cover the perc (assuming its not a recycler or other exotic). This will lower resistance but to tell the truth that's not something I notice very much. I stay away from fritted percs and high diffusion pieces (e.g. multiple perc pieces) as I think they take away too much flavor and add to draw resistance.

    I like the side car and got it for that reason. Gets my nose out of the way...LOL
  • Jack-vic
    Just ordered the same one a few days ago. :-)

    9 inch Super Thick Mobius Matrix sidecar glass bong birdcage percolator glass Bongs thick glass water smoking pipes 18.8mm This on yeah?

    How did that happen? :-(
  • elykpeace
    @Baron23 I understand now (Y)
  • Lucic and Chong
    I was looking at my collection, trying to decide which one I was going to use, when like a shining beacon, I got a knock on the door- my new piece from DH Gate had just arrived, decision made. First run with my Solo 2 was a smashing success.

    This is my 1st DH Gate piece, and I can sure feel the difference. My other pieces feel thicker and more solid. That said, I dropped one of those more solid feeling ones last week and it still broke, saving money matters.

    The happy family, with one more expecting. I ordered 2 at the same time, so another will be here soon.
  • Cl4ud3
    My expensive heady bits, Matt2000glass (USA) 14mm fumed sidecar, El Barto (UK) 14mm Banger hanger, and the Mitzleglass (USA) 14mm Lucy dino. All cleaned this weekend with PBW so they had a group shot.
  • Lucic and Chong
    The new addition to my family arrived today. The 2nd of my two DH Gate pieces that I ordered on the same day

    Updated family photo, with better lighting.
  • Karec
    dam now i feel naked.... :cool: DH Gate here i come! Very nice glassware guys!!! :up: :100:
  • juxt
    Here are all the ones going into storage ... my favs are all in separate spots so i'll save those for later.

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