• Philly
    yeah Gabe is the head cultivator at grassroots. He has some strange fruit and Willie's tour bus coming up that is looking ridiculous. He was just here for the Eagles parade.

    I am hoping to head out in the spring. Possibly do some fly fishing out that way as well. We should totally meet up. Vape forum field trip!
  • Baron23
    Definitely.....wow, your buddy is head cultivator. Tell him I said he did the best job of anybody in MD at this early point. Great looking Triangle Kush!!

    Sadly I'm down for the count with the respiratory virus from hell and can't even vape right now.

    But your buddy, Gabe, is the man!! Looking forward to more Grassroots and Harvest product.

    By the by, Grassroots is the trade name for Maryland Compassionate Care and Wellness and in addition to having a dispensary they also have a processor license but I haven't seen any Grassroots 'trates yet.

    I have a good friend, 11 time World Champion Skeet Shooter, who is from S Philly....I mean on 2nd right off of Front St. Love Johnny's Pork Shack down there. Anyway, yeah.....I think he is STILL nursing a hangover from the parade! LOL The whole bowl we were txting back and forth as he's an Eagles fan and I'm a fan of anybody who beats the Patriots. haha

  • midas
    I'm assuming that this is in the grow as no dispensaries can have un-packaged flower right now except for display purposes and all that needs to be tracked.Baron23

    Here in Illinois they don't even have anything for display. Everything is pre-packaged. One of the brands is finally putting their bud in clear, but heavily colored, plastic. But most product is bought completely blind.

    As far as carts go, like everything else here, very expensive. 500 ml (½ gram) run anywhere from $50 to $65. There is one company that sells 600 ml carts and they are $50 and $60. Cart prices pretty much mirror the price of an eighth of flower.
  • Baron23
    I have only been in one store that had display carriers (look and smell) and yeah, it’s acPIA for them as every crumb has to be tracked to sale or disposal.

    Most are like you said, packaged and not visible.

    Still better than scurrying on grey market, I believe.
  • Gman
    CO2 oil is a bit of a sham. They claim solvent free extraction but then they winterize it using alcohol distillation... It's horrible in it's wax form. Rosin is the future for purists.
  • Baron23
    feeling pretty firm in your views these days, eh? ;)
  • Gman
    I've been researching all the different current and historical extraction techniques for future business plans. So I've thoroughly investigated Co2 oil. It pulls way too much in the initial extraction and decarbs so it'll never be "solid" again. The wax it does produce is scrapped from around the inside of the cylinders. It should be considered waste product. It's so useless in wax form they HAVE to winterize it and remove all the extra lipids and repair the color damage. This is why 99% of CO2 oil is in prefilled carts or syringes.
  • Gman
    And BHO/PHO will be illegal here (canada) so it's off the table. All the big companies are all doing CO2 oil but then they only make it edible, they can't sell it as pens. So like I said before, the future is...? :)
  • Beamer
    @Gman dude have you checked into radient technologies to see what there process consist of?
  • SirCrackKillaH
    Good god, I’m looking through all these pictures and it’s making me wanna reach through the screen for a sampling to break up >.< wowwwwwww
  • Gman
    No it looks like they have only done "non mj" extractions. And by the looks of it they often still required some solvents.
  • Gman
    also I may have posted this before, but I'm big on variety. At the moment I have, Flower; Jack H + NL#1, Blue bubble, MKUltra. Then in concentrates, GOD, Pandoras Box, Pink Kush and Incredible hulk, Pineapple express Live resin, and everything listed below here from a picture I posted about 3 months ago. I keep samples of everything;

    On one donut;
    Pineapple Express Live Resin
    Rockstar Kush live crumble rosin
    Whiteberry live budder rosin
    Incredible Hulk shatter
    QWISO rosin puck shatter
    Green Krack full melt bubble
    Skywalker OG distillate
    CBD bud strain rosin #1
    CBD bud strain rosin #2

  • Cuckfumbustion
    Any other lemon lovers out there?Baron23
    Does vaping lemongrass or lemonbalm count? I have a copper pot for my UD that has beeswax and Lemongrass oil for aromatherapy. I'll have to settle for Lemonheads candy until I go East.
  • Baron23
    Hi Guys - below is some pics of Harvest of Maryland's Holy Grail Kush, hybrid testing out at a whopping 29.28% THC/THCA.

    Harvest is big in AZ and is vertically integrated in Maryland. They grow (and this their flower), have a dispensary, and have a processor's license but I don't believe that operation is yet up and running.

    Now, they only had pre-packed grams of this variety left so I bought a few....nothing larger so you get small buds (larger buds exceed the weight, right?) so this is probably not the best example of this strain from this grower. But, it tests and its sticky as can be. I kind of think the trichomes are a little bit on the clear side, but once again these are the first harvests for our MD growers and they are trying to get product out as soon as they can. I am already seeing quality improvements and price reductions. Some dispensaries are offering up to one once purchases with commensurate pricing (I think I saw $340 or something close) but most strains at most stores is still 1/8's and 1/4's.

    I think I'm getting a little better with the photog skills on the macro shots. What do you think?




  • katdaddy

    Looks fantastic!
  • Smokin60
    Maybe one as in VA LOL
  • Smokin60
    One day *
  • SirCrackKillaH
    Holy grail.. niceee!
  • Baron23
    Hi folks - some Delahaze by Harvest. I believe I may have mentioned Harvest in an earlier post. They are big in AZ and have a Maryland associated business here. They have cultivator, processor, and dispensary licenses but I believe that they have not yet started shipping any product under their processing license.

    Its not clear to me if they will be selling product from other cultivators. I do know of at least two other dispensaries that have their own cultivator (or, more like it, the cultivator has a dispensary) but they also carry other growers products. So far, I believe that Harvest is just selling Harvest.

    Good news is its pretty dang good bud and they have a wide variety of winning strains.

    Its early in the program and I have not made enough purchases to have firm views on brands, but so far Grassroots and Harvest grow and ship the best looking bud that I have seen so far.

    Picked up Delahaze...sativa coming in at 21%. Haven't tried it yet...pics first, then grind, then vape. haha

    I think I'm still improving a bit with the pic quality.
  • katdaddy

    Looks beautiful!!
  • Rockytdogg
    Hey man, I thought you might be interested....

    My favorite dispensary opened a new location less than 1/2 hour away from my basement! Previously it was a 2 hour roundtrip toll road drive to their Cambridge, MA location even though all of it is grown a few miles away. The only problem is that this new town will not allow them to have any weekly specials (usually some strain for $70 a 1/4)! You can get quantity deals but no discounts... weird. And everyone’s pissed! They also have to ask you to call ahead before you come in, even tho they’ll take you right away unless it’s too jammed, then you might have to wait. Anyway, figured you might wanna checkout a menu just for the hell of it:
    I ended up just getting 2 grams of Durban shatter there yesterday:
    And hoping to head into Cambridge for that quarter this weekend!
  • Baron23
    Very nice. Glad your buying commute is much shorter now.

    Little difficult for me to read, but those menus and prices look very nice.

    Here are a couple of menus from my most local stores...prices are high but starting to get a pretty good selection and many of the growers and processors are not shipping yet so expect it will get even better.




  • Baron23
    Ok, still working on my MJ photog skills. Better but still not those crystal clear focus macro trichome shots. Got to keep working at it.

    Still using the iPhone, may try a small portable Nikon I have and see...I believe it provides more features to help me get that macro focus.

    So, its 24K Gold....60/40 indica leaning hybrid. This is Harvest of Maryland bud and they seem to be doing a pretty good job of it. They, G-leaf, and my favorite...Grassroots.

    Here they are:

  • Baron23
    Didn't have a lot of time today to set up the whole photog rig, but these are quick close up shots taken with my phone of Verono's (brand name) Gelato which really does taste creamy and delicious.

    Again, its too dry for my taste for grinding so its into a mason jar with a Boveda for a week. Dry but beautiful nonetheless.

    This flower runs right at 26% total THC/THC-A which ain't shabby.

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