• Baron23
    Bubba Kush. I'm a big fan of indicas....well, good strong ones. I rather like how this was grown. Nice dense buds and I have kept a couple of large ones to squish.

  • EconMan
    Commenting on this thread to revive it, because, although I am not in MD, it is a very interesting thread with some beautiful pics and info worth seeing and revisiting. :)

    Edit: it was already revived.... my error. But great thread nevertheless.
  • Baron23
    Thanks, glad you like it...I'm not photog but thru trial and error I have gotten better at the pics. I felt challenged by I'm Ron Burgundy on Vape Asylum who takes amazing pics with a hand held phone. I don't know how he does it.

    So, prices are coming down in MD. I just picked up an once of Blue Cookies, 31% THC with nice terps, and one of my favorites so far in MD. I bought a qtr previously, chewed right through it and loved it, went to get more and there was none in the entire state for sale.

    Well, it came back into stock a couple of days ago and I ran (don't walk...run, Forrest, ruuuuun!!") back to get more.

    So, with my veteran discount at Peake Relief, an oz of this wonderful indica leaning hybrid for $280.

    Now, to those in WA, CA and other states with large and established cultivation, that may still seem high.

    But to those of us on the east coast used to paying premium just to get grey market flower before the med program opened, this is a good price on truly top shelf herb.

    I will take pics later and update this post.
  • Baron23
    Here are pics of the Blue Cookies by MD grower Evermore. 30% THC, indica dominant hybrid. Personally, I would like to see some more milk in the trichomes...another week or two of flowering before harvest, maybe?

    This stuff sold out VERY quickly a couple of months ago and was not to be found anywhere in the state (yes, I looked LOL). I suspect that Evermore pushed the following crop just a bit to get it back on the shelves. But it hits hard, no doubt. One of my favorites so far in MD.

  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Hey @Baron23 I know all the mentions of lemon strains are from a year ago but I thought it was funny because every grower in Southern Oregon I know says "I wish people wanted lemon strains because it is so easy to grow".
  • Baron23
    haha. Here they tell me it’s low yield. Haha.

    LOVE super lemon haze I got in WA. Really fun and up stuff w strong lemon effects.
  • Alexis
    @Baron23 hey man, great shots again. Superb detail and focus on the trichs. And yep, Im with you, again a bit more flowering called for I think. I mean, I see zero amber. To see no amber at all, to me that indicates a substantially premature harvest. So yeah, another 7-10 days minimum for better potency, all round effects and yield increase too.

    Still, as you say it hits hard, no great matter this time. And I know you like your meds for their sedating, pain numbing, sleep aiding properties, which would be noticeably greater with longer flowering.

    But pros and cons. I find it a lot easier to get up and going in the morning from earlier harvested flower vs higher in CBN, but this will be an individual thing.
  • Baron23
    DoSiDo #9 from our MD grower, Culta. 24% THC with good terps. Its been marinating with a Boveda in a mason jar and I have not yet vaped it...but its on tonight's menu!! :-)

    @alexis - better color on these trich's I think.
  • Azn2101
    Damn dude these So Cal prices are killing at around the same for %30+ and watching/listening to you guys is half jealousy half amazement =D

    Cali used to be so much cheaper before I quit in 2012 and came back into this 2 years ago.
  • Alexis
    @Baron23 yeah, much better. And still not too far at all. I hope it goes down well and really hits that spot even more so regarding fullness of effect, relief and just sheer enjoyment.

    However- that bud was freaking me out, and then I realised it looks like a tarantula! :rofl:

    Haha, for real. I hope you like it Baron have a good night.
  • Baron23
    haha...it is rather arachnid isn't it? haha

  • Startedat52
    Sorry, I ground it without taking pics.
  • Baron23
    I seemed to have missed your post. Is this a product you got in Maryland? Are you a MD boy. And wow, 33% in a Lemon strain...that's really good in my experience.

    So this is Birthday Cake (aka Wedding Cake) from Grassroots. 32-35% THC and sticky as can be. Cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie and is a strong indica leaning hybrid. AND, the price was right at $60 per 1/4 which is pretty good for our highly regulated med market in Maryland.

  • UbarDog

    Really uping your mirco shot's game!
    Will you do me a favour Vape that bud and show up shots of the glands "nuked" please
    If you would be so Kind :D
  • VapeCritic
    Holy shit killer pics!! and the bud over 30%!!
  • Baron23
    haha...thanks. Yes, I have gotten MUCH better than my earlier photo attempts.

    But I have never photo'd AVB to see what was left of the trichs...I suspect, nothing at all is left? Maybe?

    Thanks Bud....yeah, come on down and try some....bring Hazel. We will tour the city of Washington. But I'm navigating and driving this time! :sweat: :rofl: :yum:
  • UbarDog
    But I have never photo'd AVB to see what was left of the trichs...I suspect, nothing at all is left? Maybe?Baron23

    I dunno ,I presume nothing but shrivelled up husk's . Would love to see thou :nerd: .
  • Startedat52

    Wow what great photos!!
    No, I’m in Colorado. I threw out the other bottle of Chemmy Jones that was 36%!!! From the same dispensary.
  • danielblakes
    i know you're near me from past posts. saw some chemmy jones at 39% the other day at Complete Releaf Lafayette and had to double take!
    But man judging from some shots in this thread i'm gonna have to take a vaca from the mile high and get out to MD!
  • Baron23
    Come on down! I live right outside of DC. :blush: :lol:
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