• Baron23
    Its kind of an up hybrid...well, the Curio version was. Kind of GSC'ish if you are familiar with that strain. I rather like hybrids that give me a nice lift at first and quickly transition into sedation. Indica leaning hybrids but with enough psychedelic to get my mind free associating.

    Oh, and I also had never heard of Guice before it was in our MD dispensaries.

    Just me. HAHA
  • Dr green thumb
    I'm a big fan of the hybrids and I prefer indica dominant hybrids as well. The ability to have your head clear and body relaxed is so nice. I'm always looking for new strain combinations and testing them as I find them.
  • Baron23
    I have never had Chemdawg before, got some, and like it a LOT. Sativa leaning hybrid...but this particular phenotype doesn't have any jitters or bad anxiety to it as many sativa's do for me.

    I like this stuff a lot....some close up pics...looks like it was grown well.

  • Philly
    agreed great strain. Looks amazing.
  • Baron23
    This is GLeaf but I also like Grassroots which is where I think your buddy works, right?

    Product is getting better and better, prices are coming down slowly.

    Cheers, Philly!
  • Baron23
    MK Ultra, 27%, by Harvest and it looks very nicely grown. Strongly indica leaning hybrid

  • Alexis
    looks and sounds nice Baron. Did you try yet? I see again how they certainly do appear harvest just slightly too early don't they? Actually I prefer that than late, whereby the effect changes and becomes more muscularly debilitating, fatigue/lethargy inducing due to too many amber to suit my own nervous system issues.

    Of course it is not so clear in the photos, which are very good however, but I would think another 3 or 4 days of flowering and a few more amber at least would make for a better all round high.

    But as long as the effect is there, I guess it matters not. I also wonder if you have yet been able to draw a correlation between overall trich colour and rosin yields? No need to answer that just curius if generally, having much clearer, lighter trichs produces less rosin than say, 20% amber.
  • Baron23
    No, not a lot of amber in there or in any other strain that I have been able to get in our med program.

    However, I have tried this flower and its not too immature or racy at all.

    I also wonder if you have yet been able to draw a correlation between overall trich colour and rosin yields?Alexis

    No, sorry but I have not seen this and am not sure my small amount of experience would provide the basis for such a statement if I had been looking for it.

  • juxt

    At least these have a lot of heads left :) and you're legal.

    Early harvest isn't bad, it can turn a heavy body strain a little lighter or more heady. But I do agree with Alexis there's not many even cloudy heads there.

    Edit also meant to say you're doing great with the camera work
  • VapeCritic
    Did you take those pics?? How?? :fire: :fire: :fire:
  • Trix
    . After struggling with good macro shots of flower, I bought a super cheapo USB microscope off of Amazon and have gotten some great pics with it after a bit of practice. Hope you enjoy seeing these
    Posted from Baron23 awhile back
  • Baron23

    $19.95 on Amazon. Also, pull a piece off of the bud and take pic of inside...outside, the trichomes are often battered by trimming and handling and inside you get the goods.

    Stuff like this microscope has gotten so terribly cheap to buy.
    Thanks, Trix!
  • Baron23
    Space Face - 23%. I only bought a gram to try it and see.

    Perhaps @Alexis might like the look of these trichomes a bit more LOL

  • juxt

    Slightly better heads, still excellent camera work.
  • Alexis
    yes I think so Baron, def more cloudiness, I see amber at the crossing too!
    And actually, to be fair, after harvest and dry it is so much harder to decipher trich cloudiness/clearness compared to while still growing.

    They shrink and shrivel up, and I believe appear more clear even when they were seemingly pretty cloudy pre-harvest. I do think this one was indeed flowered a little further though. Still not too far, nice and psychoactive and not lethargic should be the effects.

    I made some errors this year and flowered 2 of our Brooklyn Sunrise Autos for too long. What was 25 grams of lovely, strong uplifting and quite trippy weed, now is simply unappealong and completely unenjoyable to me. Too much CBN really doesn't suit my nervous system and muscular fatigue condition.

    The weed just instantly makes all my muscles heavy and stiff, I cant be asked to move at all and everything is a chore. It still gets me really stoned. As soon as I get in bed, it becomes brilliant dope. I lay there comfortably, sleep well.
    And then, as soon as I get up, it is no longer good weed for me. Heavy and slow the next day.
    So I wont make that mistake ever again. I learnt more than ever this time around.

    You dont actually NEED amber. And clear and cloudy is okay in fact.

    Great shots again Baron.
  • Alexis
    Edit to above post- not 25 grams, but 250 grams that was overflowered on those 2 amazing Sunrise plants. Just saw the damn typo now. Quite a big difference!
  • Baron23
    Blueberry Skunk, love indica at night - oh, I got a new stand for the USB microscope. The one that came with it was thin plastic and it would flex when trying to focus. So, bought a metal one from Amazon...cheap metal, but its stiff and works much better, IMO. I think I'm getting better with the macro shots.

  • Alexis
    yes very good shots Baron. Again I do think the trichs look clearer on dry buds, but are cloudier than they appear. A good proportion of amber there as well, which for an indica is plenty but not overkill.
    So no way too soon a harvest for me personally. I still like my indicas to be fresh and energizing to an extent.
    Anyway take good care over the hols Baron, have a lovely Christmas and time with friends and fam. Huge huge thanks for all you do here there and around, being your honest, unrelenting (in a good way lol) self, offering consistently sound, accurate and trustworthy advice (repeatedly to your own infuriation at times :lol: )

    And especially for putting up with me and my peculiariatues and obsessions. (Sorry mods you might want to move this post...I kinda just got into it when I replied. Lol, I hope @Cl4ud3 moves it before Baron finds it. ) haha, just one final joke Baron, can never help myself- the good cop, bad cop theme!

    Big love to @Cl4ud3 too (shoot, might as well throw the book at ne now :smile: ), I can't express how nice it is that we have you all over the place. I feel your presence as a kind, friendly, open minded, accepting, and caring guardian role watching over us like a shepard. I know, I have an imagination haha, which I like.
    Full respect and appreciation anyway for everything you do and the way you do it. Have a great Christmas guys you deserve it. :up:
  • Baron23
    My most sincere wishes for you and yours to have a joyous, healthy, and safe Christmas. Thanks for the kind words.

    Good Cop/Bad Cop....so, which do you think is @Cl4ud3 and which is me? LOL

  • Baron23
    Purple Punch - another very nice indica

  • Alexis
    Lol. Good question. I think you are the responsible good cop who is by default most qualified to take on the bad cop role when it us required, for public law and order and peace of course. I like to tease, but don't get us wrong ever. I think it's great how you always share your mind and feelings, and even when you feel annoyed or impatient, you keep that door open, never bear a grudge and I have certainly never felt at all judged by you ever. Okay sorry, last word. Gitta check out new post below....
  • Baron23
    Oro Blanco.....White Gold. I believe I posted an example of OB earlier in this thread, but this is from a different grower. This is Heritage in MD's product and it looks pretty good to me.

  • juxt

    You bad cop, dude ... stop pretending
  • Cl4ud3
    Damn I thought I was supposed to be the bad cop, have we both been the bad cops all this time ? were we taking turns ?

    Edit: What I should have said is "There are good cops?!!!?" :lol:
  • juxt

    yeah, the edit was better.
  • Baron23
    I may have posted some pics of an earlier version of this Gorilla Glue by the same grower....but wow, this crop is sooooo much better. I try to keep in mind that our program has only been open for a year now and we are indeed seeing improvement in product....particularly quality of flower....over time.

    Leafly says what Leafly says.....but I think we all know that crops of a given strain, grown by different companies perhaps on opposite sides of the country, may well have varying effects. This GG is somewhat heady but mainly body and sedation. Not racy at all.

    I replaced the cheap plastic stand that came with my...I think $19 USB microscope with a cheap metal stand..haha. The metal stand is more rigid so I can get better focus, I believe. I think these came out nice...what do you think?

  • ChlorophyllMan
    that looks extraordinary, super shots!

    Edit: Will you press any of it?
  • Baron23
    not sure. Bud structure is not real dense. Maybe w a filter bag.
  • EconMan

    These would make nice artworks for a home :)
  • Baron23
    haha...thanks. I used to see all of these great pics and wonder how the hell they got them....then I discovered....NOT with an iPhone! haha

    Really good cheap USB microscopes out there to be had.

    That, and pull the bud apart and take pics of the inside surfaces as the outside is often manged by trimming.

    I really do like this GG and they are let it mature a bit more before harvesting now that the state's industry as kind of caught up. Supply is there and now quality is rapidly improving.

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