• benbar21
    Hey all!

    I thought I'd post this because I just had a super positive experience with Bud, and he's been getting a bit of negativity lately that I think is undeserved.

    I bought the MV1 right at launch and live in Canada. I tried it for a few months with the hope that the new firmware would make it the right vape for me, but sadly it did not. So, I messaged Bud asking if I could still do the buy-back and he said of course.

    I shipped it to him last week and it arrived on Monday. He picked it up Tuesday, and sent me a refund today for the price of the vape + return shipping. So, in other words, he completely lived up to his word despite us having no formal agreement and despite my having 0 recourse if he were to decide to not buy it back. He was incredibly communicative the entire time, completely understanding, and just generally nice to talk to.

    So yea, at least to me Bud is a genuine guy. Some people (like myself) don't love the MV1, but that in no way means he is a 'shill' or whatever some call him. I now have full trust in him, and if in the future he offers some similar guarantee with a vape that he recommends (maybe the MV2, or maybe the vape he is planning to build?) I will likely get it as I will know that he will abide by that guarantee.

    Also as an aside for any Canadians here yes, I did lose some money from taxes and shipping, but Bud was very clear when he offered the guarantee: he would cover return shipping up to $20 US and the vape. In fact Bud even went so far as to refund $25 of return shipping, covering the insurance that I told him was entirely optional.

    Thanks for being so honest Bud, and thanks for the fantastic guarantee.
  • bener
    I am not surprised at all that you had such a positive experience dealing with Bud.

    Glad that despite your not liking a vape, you still like the person, and were kind enough to post here to tell us about your positive experience. (Y)
  • benbar21
    I'm not surprised either! I've just seen a fair bit of negativity lately, so wanted to share my proof of sorts that he is, in fact, a good person.
  • Kakarot
    I really cannot stand the Mv1 but Bud is a cool dude... He has always been really good to me on here and I would stick up for him in a heartbeat if anyone was talkin ish....
  • Baron23
    Well said and thanks for taking the time to say it.
  • Rockytdogg

    Always nice to see a thoughtful, rational, well articulated post anywhere... thank you!

    Now post that on reddit or FC.... whoops! I see someone else already took it upon themselves to do that....
  • Bud
    Thank you for making my day! Respect!
  • benbar21
    Someone did? Wow lol. Can you send me the links? I'm curious

    No problem! Thanks for being so great!
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