• SirCrackKillaH
    I just got the email today. This thing looks sick man. Makes filling look ten times easier.
  • Smokin60
    Can you use it with the Plenty .... just bought a Plenty new to it ! Any suggestions
  • Kakarot
    I don’t understand why they do not come out with a new vape.. Accessories are cool and everything but damn.. They have Plenty (no pun) really I don’t care for the caps and I sure as hell do not need 40 of them pre-filled, I guess some people may??
  • Steelers
    , aluminum aside, I use them for golf. Picture 15mph wind with 3 other people waiting on you. I tried the mighty with the filling tool and just blew through the pappy.

    Now I just take 10 minutes, fill 8 of them and pop 'em in and out on command. I'm glad they ship 40 as they are like 17 cents apiece. Lose 'em, crush them accidentally, no matter.

    Only use them at home to conserve the pappy when necessary.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    Crafty and Mighty are kinda on their own little island. They've done what they do well for years. Little improvements here and there between generations of units but shoot man.. I would've figured they would've released something new too. I guess making the device easier to use with being able to mass fill dosing capsules was what they had in mind for this year. I understand why they did this too. I'm not sure how many of you have actually taken the time out to fill 40 of these things up.. its a tedious process but worth it once completed, vape for days bro.. but is still somewhat time consuming man. I'd love to see a video of someone using this.
  • Bufatutu
    Purely be chance, last night I filled 14 caps--eight for the magazine, and three each for the little metal cap holders. All for my less than a month old Crafty. Took me less than fifteen minutes, from grinding to clean up. I love these things!: Super convenient. Clean. 15 second vape loading. Refill vape in wind and snow and rain if needed. I too got the email about this new filler. It would be overkill for me, but for folks who blow through 40 caps for partying or heavy vaping or to simplify medical dosing, this looks fantastic. Not only loving the caps, also lovin' my Crafty, alone or hooked to my Sneaky Pete Globe bubbler. Most fun I've had in nearly four years of vaping.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    yeah man, yeahhhhh! When those things came out and I picked up one of them keychain holders, it was magic. No more fumbling with that top circle orange filler tool thingamajig man. I've had that thing shake and dump on my pants a few times. The other thing too is that orange thing will straight blow your ass up man. There's no way to keep the smell discreet when loading. These capsules are awesome.
    Filling all 40 makes it easy to pretty much have an endless supply for a few days. I used to do that but it simply would take too much time for me. I generally only fill about six or seven like you now. Four in the holder, one inside the vape, one or two kicking around.
  • DomIke
    I love crafty! But stainless still ia something that i think that i dont want anymore! I like all these tools, but im stull for a glass storz and bickel vape!
  • Magicman
    This gives new meaning to "going for a fourty"...ieefzi4ftzrabyxz.png
  • Rockytdogg
    They should make one that does 420...
  • Bufatutu
    Actually, this points out one of the minor irritations of the S+B dosing capsule shebang: I currently have four different excellent quality strains. Yet the caps all look the same so how do I load a bunch so I can choose one of the strains when all the caps look the same? I like to tack too and fro. Perhaps someone needs to come up with aftermarket caps in a variety of colors. Need colored finishes that don't outgas with heat. Someone can make a fortune!
  • MAbud
    I want them to sell the plunger separately! I don’t need the tray but I need that
  • Chaotix
    because they are still making a ton of money. No rush here ... they’re vapes sell used for like 2/3 of their retail price. I wouldn’t bring my new vape until a serious rival shows up and just rake in cash.

    Maybe modify my vapes and learn from tons of returns to be even better. Yeah, that’s what I’d do ;-)
  • Chaotix
    Plunger sells for 7,90 Euro without the set... that’s a lot I think. I bet there have like 2 or 3 new vapes ready just waiting...
  • kpx420
    IMO you gotta think, their coming out with something big soon.. Look on their website they moved into new building in Germany in 2016.. they gotta come out with something soon to pay that rent! I'm sure when they do they'll be at least two steps ahead of everyone
  • gpbasso
    Has anyone tested the Tray yet? I would love some feedback on real life use.

    I love the capsules. I only use them on my Mighty, but the "filling process" is a pain.
  • Th3rd3y3
    I love it. I mean you get the loading tool, 40 capsules, a digital scale, a large grinder (albeit plastic) and a 8 dosing capsule tray. Definitely happy with the purchase.
  • kpx420
    how is that scale? lol
  • Vapeacake
    Just arrived, not even going to try it today, as it's one hundred percent humidity and freakin hot as. No good for bud exposure. Between my Mighty, Plenty and Sticky bricks it will be used.
  • Vapeacake
    Yep, hope I can be patient. Seems to be quite a bit of polarity around the s&b dosing caps, maybe they do detract a little from the Mighty, and Plenty, but not too much, and it's the convenience that's good. And as for the Sticky Bricks, they have made charring loads a thing of the past ( well almost). Thanks to Vapelife X for the tip.
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