• Bud
    Hey guys I finally have my RastaBuddhaTao (RBT) review done, awesome vapes!

    I should have posted my Milaana review a while ago but it actually worked out because now I was able to include the Zion and the Splinter in my video (Y)

    RBT website: https://www.rastabuddhatao.net

    Thanks for watching dudes!
  • Cl4ud3
  • AsUwish
    Nice review! It's been my main driver for about two months now behind firefly 2 and solo 2 at the moment. It truly is a special vape and the fact that you have to be present while using it adds to the experience. Anyone that enjoys vaping should own one.

    Big shout out to @Sue for putting me on to it! Thanks!
  • Ooziah
    LMAO that's how you usually load it (at 4:11) haha

    MEME material

    @SirCrackKillaH work your magic
  • AsUwish
    *meant with the Solo 2, FF2 behind it.
  • MAbud
    Great stuff @VapeCritic

    I think it you started to have some sort of scoring or grading systems in your reviews it would be great. To help people understand your exact feelings.

    Also, on the Milaana have you tried feathering the button? In your review it looked like you were just doing on or off but I have found great success by pulsing it
  • Kenhof
    Vapecritic, Just as a safety note you should mention that the dual 18650 batteries should be married for the zion. Also what was the resistance reading for the splinter
  • boddhisativa
    There's a coincidence. Mine just arrived in the mail today. Sitting under the tree, laughing at me. Guess I'll have this vid to watch and keep me company til Christmas morning.

    So, that Splinters a nifty thing huh?
  • Magicman
    All these units end up lengthy.
  • Cl4ud3
    Long stems used in the video, there are shorter stems but it comes down to preference.
  • Wayneouk
    haha love your reactions when you try the Zion mate that looks like a big hitter
  • Philly
    Great Vid.
  • Baron23
    HI Bud - thanks for the review. I liked this format as it really gave viewers a good feel for what a session with an RBT vape is like in terms of set up, bits and pieces, and of course vaping. Cool.

    Question, in one of your shots you had the Milaana battery going in positive terminal first (bottom toward the top) while I have been doing just the opposite. I'm guessing that as an unregulated vape, there are no electronics in there at all and its just a plain old switched DC circuit so it doesn't matter.....or does it?

    Also, I have found that I like spinning the stem when drawing for even vaporization. I do it just like a log vape (and got this habit from your Enano review). As a matter of fact, in basic loading and handling of the stem, I do view the Milaana as a portable, quick heating, log vape. I find that after taking a draw, that just like a Nano load, it will go anywhere (as in spill) without some agitation. Its just been no problem at all.

    I shied away from anything 'unregulated' for quite some time but I have found it to be very easy and intuative. I pre-heat for a count of five and then draw. Very much like a VapCap, I can feel in my throat when its producing good vapor and when to let off of the power button. It sounds rather vague and ill defined but, in the experience of it, its rather simple and obvious.

    Thanks again for the review.

    Oh...P.S. - need to see that Splinter running at full 50 watts, mate. Come on now, explore the boundaries of the envelop! hahaha
  • Other Side
    It doesn't matter on the battery but most folks go + down the hatch for safety reasons.

    Spinning the mouthpiece is also a good practice for even vaping.

    And love your comments on working an unregulated vaporizer. It is easier than most people believe. I love my Zion, Splinter, Tubo ect but there's something a bit more fun about working that button (I feather a lot) and controlling your draw to produce those monstrous clouds!
  • Baron23
    Thanks for the informative reply. Really appreciate it. X-)
  • MAbud
    I love the unregulated aspect. It’s quieter easy to control and gives me variability over each and every hit. Maybe one I want more flavor and less vapor and so draw more quickly. Others I want a bigger cloud and ride the button longer while drawing more slowly. Really enables me full control
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