• Flipz
    The Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter is a nifty little tool good for all waxes and oils, especially the pain in the ass ones like shatter. It's nothing spectacular or ridiculous but it really does help me manage any glass like concentrates.

    They say the pens heat source is carefully calibrated to avoid overheating while minimizing heating time to ensure a perfect cutting/loading temperature. Looks like their regular 510 thread battery to me but can't say what temp setting is actually set to. I did find I needed to press the power button multiple times for many waxes.

    It comes with 7 different heating tip attachments that are interchangeable but I have no idea what each is called or the exact purpose. I just use whatever looks like it'd work the best with the stuff being used. The tips/unit can handle the heat of a actual dab but found it to be pointless since you need a carb lol. :D Trying to swap the tools easily without creating a disaster was too risky & just wasn't worth it (not what it was designed for anyway).

    The Dr Dabber Budder Cutter is what it is. Not too much else to say about it that the pictures can't answer. I did try the heating element tip on a bunch of my other pens with 510 threading. Here's a list of vape pen batteries this worked on although I don't suggest it as the temperature on each varies... and I have no idea if it'll fry with long use. :-O I only powered it for a few secs on each.

    Kandypens Galaxy
    Kandypens Donuts
    Source Orb 3
    Linx Hypnos / Hypnos Zero
    Dr Dabber Ghost
    Vaporbrothers VB Eleven Mini

    Think I did enough testing 8-) That's all folks.

    Be easy!

  • Baron23

    Hi Flipz - thanks for the review! I gather you did use it on hard glassy shatter and it did make it very workable? If you have sticky stuff, will it heat to effectively drip it off or is the heat just low level to soften hard concentrates for cutting? Worth it overall or just a nice to have toy?

    Hey Bud - might this be the answer to your issue with latest concentrate getting glassy brittle when kept in fridge?
    I wonder if the battery they are using here is exactly the same as the ghost battery, in terms of output ? Obviously it looks the same externally, and we can assume this was a very clever way to very rid of old stock of ghost batteries once the Aura was released.

    But this battery with a Gravity Plate, or Hypnos Zero plate, might still get us medicated at an even more consistently constant low temperature than those respective pens each do with their own battery, if this battery isn't identical in its programming as the ghost battery, and has some extra built in temp limitations.
  • VapeCritic
    yes!! I just got one yesterday, its pretty coo, def helps with handling this shiz
  • Baron23
    I just ordered one also from the Touch of Modern site that another poster shared with us which has some pretty cool stuff and all at a discount from retail.

    The shame is that concentrates are not easily had in my area but I get it whenever I can and this looks like it will be very helpful.

    Question, if you have some pretty sticky stuff on the end of one of the tools, will this thing heat enough to drip it off without but not so much as burning up or evaporate the wax? Will it drip it off or does it just get hot enough to make the shatter pliable?

    Ok, I already spend my $29, but I would be curious what your more extensive thoughts on are its strength/weaknesses and uses.

    Cheers and glad you found a solution to your problem
  • Aj85
    Hey there mate, as concentrates aren't readily available in your area are you aware of the Rosin technique?

    It's a really easy way to extract oil from the herb you have, using some hair straighteners (I borrowed my GFs lol) and some parchment paper or a silicone mat!

    You litteraly take a little .1 or .2 sized bud at a time and wrap it in parchment paper or a silicone mat and squeeze it between the hair straighteners as hard as you can for about 10 seconds (you'll need a cloth to protect your hand from the heat) till the oils run out of the herb into the parchment or silicone!

    Silicone is easier to get the oil off than parchment paper!

    Also you can still vape the herb afterwards and it's still pretty potent! It's also quicker and easier than doing an ISO wash! But the flavour isn't as good as an ISO Wash as its a higher heat extraction!

    Obvoiusly if you all ready know of this technique please disregard this post!

    Take it easy!

    All the best,

  • Baron23
    HI AJ - I would never disregard anything you write, mate. haha

    I have not done it, but I have heard of the curling iron or, the one I really like that my mate uses is.....wait for it......this is America after all.....a George Foreman Grill and a couple of silicon pads. Press your concentrates and cook your burger for your munchies, all on one useful home appliance! X-) HAHAHA

    Do they sell this stuff over there...have we polluted the entire world with Vegamatics and other infomercial sundry crap? Has your culture declines as bad as ours...do you even have infomercials? LOL

    I have seen, as probably have you, heated presses they sell for this purpose that are supposed to be fairly efficient and effective but they are a load of money and I'm not that interested in "press your own". I like the like the shatter/wax that I can get occasionally for its potency, ease, and efficiency. Probably can add portability and compactness also.

    I have not ever looked into the ISO as its flammable and I just want to avoid household hazards as much as I can. I have read too many articles about houses in northern California blowing up from people making concentrates with propane/butane.:-O Apparently there has been a rather large epidemic of this happening of late. LOL

    Well, I just have to support NORML and get this stuff handled correctly nation wide.

  • asaidso
    what kind of metal are the interchangeable tip made of?
  • Baron23
    Steel, I believe.
  • Flipz
    Doesn't say anywhere but if I had to guess steel or something similar lol
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