• LabPong
    Who else has the new quartz heaters? What are your opinions so far?
  • juxt

    It's better for sure, doesn't take as much heat to get there, stays there longer, works well with the coil, but is it enough of an upgrade? I'm not sure on that one, but now that I hvae it on the coil I won't be torching it again so it may not match your requirements.
  • LabPong
    juxt....I have 2 quartz heaters.....and have been using them mainly with coil.

    Just seeing what others are experiencing......on the FC I post a lot on this vape as it is my fav. All over there think the same as me.....does not hold heat well compared to the glass heaters. Some find the taste different......me as well. But if it does not break....that is it's strongest attribute to far it seems.
  • mustypipes
    How our your guy's coil's seating on the new quartz? I too have a quartz heater but i have noticed,mine at least to be a decent amount smaller and in thickness due to this my coil with ease slides down will stay on but propped up by the sick clip. My glass heater i had to really stretch the coil to get it to fit now its almost as though i need a coil 15mm heck maybe in 14mm for it to rest right in the middle of the intake and sick clip.

    Reason i bring this up is if i were to multiple bowls it would be nice to not be heating the kickstand (heater stand really) if i want to get the nice bonus of quartz being able to cool much faster then the older glass heater. I did see older solutions to this using leather pad,tongs,ect i was just hoping to rid those of the process as now we don't have to wait as long for it to cool down. Perhaps this cant be entertained due to the nature of how the vape works and is designed nonetheless i figured i would ask the pros.
  • LabPong
    musty.....you will have to re-bend your coil to fit the quartz heater properly. It is a bit smaller in diameter than the glass heater. It is the big negative for me if there is one. I do not want to have to buy another coil to use both quartz or glass heaters.

    If you leave the heater in the rig for 5-6 mins....you should be ok to touch the quartz one easily....might be about 135 at 5+ mins or so. So if you wait for that long of time to stir or load or what ever, you can get away with having to take the hot heater off for what ever reason.

    Glass heater will take 7+ mins to get down to 130 degrees F. No way could I use like this as I need to stir after ever draw, I do not shake the bowl unless it is near the end of the draws. When you take the first few draws....the screen holds a lot of stuff you need to clear/poke/stir around if you want every draw to be the possible best taste and vapor.

    One other thing I just noticed yesterday after using my rarely used Big Buddy's.....it is way stronger at the minimum setting compared to the main one I use 99% of the time. So now I understand why some others have mentioned that my normal 45 second heat up time would be too much for them. Instead 30-35 seconds worked with my other BB torch with the stronger flame. I ended up making a dark spot on the load.....this is when you know your torching was on the hot side. If you torch it just right.....you can keep the color of the load even across the top after a nice draw.

    I got very used to the even extraction/coloring with using the coil....now using the torch after taking a break from it......it was hard to dial in the right timing to heat the heater up without getting too hot. I hate toasting the bowl on the 1st hit........the following draws all taste half spent when that happens. Which is why I always stir after every draw with the strong vapes like this.
  • juxt
    So, I've been using the quartz for a while now, and I do like it. I seem to get a better volume of vapor, bot otherwise it's really pretty similar to the boro. I have it on a nail to maintain temp, but I can't tell that the quartz has anything to do with the vapor production...I really do think that the vapor is better because of the configuration of the 'nibs' or whatever they are called in the air path. They are fatter at the base, and pushed in more, if that makes sense, they have more surface area on the inside this way I think.

    I also don't know if this is just a variation between each unit, and you get what you get, or if there's more of a factory line to it.
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