• Baron23
    Not sure if you have seen this, but this was posted on another forum by the guy that seems used to be 7th Floor:

    Hey there, I am Steve, the owner of what used to be 7th Floor and is now AtomSun. This is the new company that I am 100% owner of and we still build the best vapes on earth right here in Colorado Springs. I had to do this for a number of reasons, but rest assured I am still here. Yes, I am also Elev8 Glass, www.Elev8GlassGallery.com and www.Elev8presents.com , and I am one of the partners of www.Elev8Premier.com along with Matt Z. Glass. My glass crew needed an identity years ago. That later transformed to more than just glass, but a lifestyle and way of life. Elev8 is so powerful to me that I am moving everything to there.Atom Sun, LLC
  • EconMan

    Fantastic review/essay, as usual.

    Question. Did/do you get nervous about the hot quartz??... seems like a high probability of burns..... on the other hand I don't know why I'm being so fearful of it when I burn myself on all my vapes. Wait, now that I just wrote that.. hmmm...perhaps that is precisely why it scares me -- I expect to be burned. lol
  • Alexis
    thanks mate. No Im not concerned about the hot glass/quartz. The sick clip is the only hot part that bothers me and is an inconvenience, but this is when I am using the coil which rests on top of the clip.

    If I want to get into the bowl after a few hits to loosen the often glued together load, I can just lift the coil off and wait a few minutes for the sick clip to cool down (like a sensible man would), or do as I often do impatiently slip-on some finger guards to take the clip off then I take the heater off with a pair of tongs stir the load put it back together and that is the nuisance bit out of the way and I can usually shake the load up for a good while from there without removing the heater.

    But that hot sick clip really bothers me when I'm using the coil. Now if you're speaking of burns and danger focus on the coil because that really is a dangerous thing. It's exposed jangly and light as a feather with no gravity to keep it safely stationed it could so easily get flipped and caught up and fly around the place.
    I'm just very good at being pretty careful most of the time but it still scares me.

    Just torching, as long as you are mindful with the torch then the actual heater itself is not something that concerns me at all except for the fact I need my tongs to remove it for stirring etc but I don't need the silicone finger guards to remove the sick clip when I'm torching so it's really no big hassle and I never really hurt myself with the hot heater which sits stably and securely on the wpa and bubbler.
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