• Bud
    VAPE 101 Part 4 - How You Know When Your Herb is Spent

    Knowing when to stop vaping comes intuitively to some, but for some people this can take some practice. You can't really use just one factor to determine if your herb is spent, so here are the main areas I look at:

    • Look
    • Taste
    • Smell
    • Clouds


    Spent herb won't look the same from every vaporizer, there will most definitely be some variations in the color and how even it is. AVB (Already Vaped Bud) is another term for spent herb, or what's left over when you're done vaping.

    Usually, and this is a general statement, your herb will darken considerably after being fully vaporized, and most often it will appear "dark brown" afterwards. However, some vapes don't get the AVB quite as dark, and there are also variations between conduction and convection units, as well as between strains of herb.

    Check out the pic below, these are all different loads of AVB from different vaporizers, and all of these are what I would consider "spent" even though there are variations in color:



    The taste of the vapor is another way you can tell that your vape session is nearing the end.

    Typically, when bud is completely vaped, it gives off the flavor and aroma of "burnt popcorn". However, before it gets to that point you will usually notice a gradual decline in taste throughout your session.

    As your material gets close to being spent there is less and less good stuff in it to be vaporized, so what also usually happens is it will start to taste or feel a little hotter or harsher towards the end. This is because you still have the same level of heat going through the chamber but now there's less stuff turning into vapor, so you end up just breathing in more hot air at the end.

    Taste is another area that will vary a lot between different vaporizers and strains of herb.


    Just like with taste, the smell of your herb after vaping will typically resemble that of burnt popcorn.

    A good way to quickly get familiar with how the smell of your herb changes throughout your vape session is to take a whiff of it after each draw (if possible).

    Each hit you take will slightly change the way the herb smells, and you can sense it going from sweet to spent as you vape through a session.

    Now to take it one step further, if you really want to know how spent your herb is just by smelling it, simply pinch a small amount between your fingers. If it has a "sweet" smell then there's still some good stuff in your herb and you should probably vape it some more. If the odor is bitter or sour then more likely than not the herb is completely spent, and if you try vaping it more it really won't do much for you and it won't be super pleasant.


    Also known as vapor production, you can usually use the amount of vapor you're getting as an indicator of how spent your herb is.

    With most vaporizers this is what a typical session looks like:

    First 1-2 draws: Minimal vapor
    Middle 5-10 draws: Good vapor
    Last 2-5 draws: Minimal vapor

    They're not all like this but typically it takes a hit or two for vapor production to really ramp up, and then when you near the end of your session the clouds will start to trail off.

    It's pretty much a no-brainer but if you vape an entire session and then you stop getting good vapor production it's safe to say your herb is spent.

    The way this gets a little tricky is that some vaporizers don't consistently produce large clouds of vapor, so you may get a big hit, followed by a small hit, followed by a big hit. With a unit like this it would be hard to use vapor production as the only indicator of how much you have left.

    Some vapes also seem to produce vapor forever, meaning you have to use the other indicators because vapor production doesn't drop off sharply at the end. However, even though vapor is still being produced you will typically know your herb is spent by the way it looks, tastes and smells.


    More confused now than before you read this? 8-)

    Feel free to add your own tips!
  • Baron23
    Anther great reference for the board's newer members.

    I absolutely agree that different vaporizers will yield slightly different looking AVB. Seems that Volcano "poo" is consistently fairly light (no liquid pad or dosing capsule) with little green flecks that I am convinced are tiny pieces of bud stem with chlorophyll showing green (gotten there during grinding).

    I find that in general, conduction vapes or vapes with extra conduction added (e.g. Mighty with liquid pad on top of load) come out with a darker, more consistent brown and that true conduction vapes can continue to provide wispy but visible vapor for far past the point where anything useful is being extracted. That is, IMO its brown because all chlorophyll has been consumed (which has nothing to do with canabinoids) and the string of wispy draws at the end is just from heating up the matrix of other plant material.

    Of course, I have never paid to have my AVB tested so this is all subjective opinion but my view did arise as a result of my experience of effects, etc while vaping.

    I have often thought that the chase for consistent coffee brown AVB to be a bit misguided as color relates more to the chlorophyll than anything we view as medicine. Dont' get me wrong, I have chased AVB color with the best of them...just don't think that color has a 100% correlation with degree of extraction.

    Thanks for the primer on AVB
  • Rockytdogg
    Thanks, Bud!

    Do you also vape while consuming said tea?

    I gotta admit, even tho the thought of what it must taste like makes me kinda shiver and feel a little nauseous... I still want to try it...
  • Gonzo
    Awesome information....thanks much!!
  • Timbo
    It would be very interesting to know, how much thc ist left in avb..also from different vapes. There must be some investigations about that...!?
  • Timbo
    Ok, Kool. Thx. I will read them later....
  • DregerUS
    Bruce did you have to buy that refillable Keurig cup or did it come with the machine I have a Keurig machine but I'm not sure if I got one of those

    Can I break open a new one and use it or is it much different than the standard cups

    Darn I wish I didn't throw away all my AVB I just got so mad last night and fed up with everything.... but making avb is easy from what I understand ... I just need BVB
  • DregerUS
    thank you sir
    I added it to my Amazon shopping cart
  • EasyToSlip
    How much ABV do you add in the K Cup? 2 or 3 MV-1 crucibles worth? Or ?
  • ViperEye
    In the process of buying my first vape device. What is the purpose of listing volts, ohms, watts, and temperature?
  • katdaddy
    Has anyone made a tincture or butter/oil from ABV?
    I'm thinking the tincture would be simple and work fast (I'm looking for medical effects for pain & anxiety)
    Anyone with experience and/or a good recipe?
  • Steelers
    Hey tinctures are great. Simple version...

    Cover AVB with the strongest alchohol you can find, preferably Everclear. We use mason jars. Just cover the AVB about .25" above the ABV line. Store in a cool, dry place, shaking it everytime you think about it. Let sit for as long as you can. We usually store for a few weeks though this seems to be overkill.

    Strain through a few coffee filters. Pick up some eyedropper bottles, work perfectly. Drops under the tongue work faster. Drops in beverages are super stealthy. Try only a few drops first to get a feel for how strong it is. If it needs to be stronger, evaporate it by 1/3rd and try again.
  • katdaddy

    Awesome. Picking up some Everclear today!

  • Rockytdogg

    Screw it, I have a mason jar with some homemade everclear and a mason jar full of avb, neither of which were probably ever gonna get used... I’m gonna try it right now..!
    I have some wads of reclaim saved up too, should I throw it in...?
  • Steelers
    if you want some stronger stuff, barely cover the ABV.

    I had some moonshine once had no clue what to do with it finally just threw it out. Now I wish I still had it.

    Edit: I have never tried reclaim but if the alcohol can dissolve it, sure why not? Especially if you're not going to use it.
  • Steelers
    I evaporated this baby down to only needing about four drops for really good feeling while out and about....

  • Rockytdogg

    Cool... it keeps sucking up the booze, like my buddies, I mean, a sponge... looks like mud.

    “Hey, you got your Everclear in my ABV!”

    “No, you got your ABV in my Everclear!”

    “Oh well.....!”
  • Steelers
    Yeah, , it's a muddy mess. You can soak the ABV ice water, using cheese cloth a bunch of times to remove the black but I'm not looking for Green Dragon, just the effect.

    Fair warning, 1 person out of 8 tried sublingual and she said a red blister appeared (like a burn) and won't do that again.
  • Rockytdogg

    Meh, I don’t care what it looks like... thanks tho.

    Green Dragon? Funny you say that, that was some of the better indica I’ve purchased recently...:

    I decided to melt all my reclaim separately in everclear, then I’ll dump it in when it’s mostly dissolved.
  • Rockytdogg

    Remember this?:hib570ryjq2vaoha.jpeg
    I just took that pic.... and I’m still skeered!

  • Steelers
    Yeah, you just never know what's going to happen! Your choices are...

    • 20 drops in a cup of water. (Weak)
    • A dozen drops under the tongue. (Fast)
    • a teaspoon in a beverage, do it like a shot (strong)

    You're probably going to have to leave the lid off for a few weeks to evaporated by 1/3 to a 1/2.

    looks just like our stuff! Good luck LOL
  • Steelers
    Drops in a drink, an hour to an hour and a half for effect. Sublingual, 30 minutes.
  • artv4nd3l4y

    Have you tried using coconut oil to mix with your AVB?
  • Rockytdogg

    Nope. I've never done anything with it in the past... This "tincture" vat is mostly just a little bit of curiosity mixed with a whole lot of laziness... who knows if ever end up actually doing anything with it.

    Meanwhile, it just keeps getting bigger...
  • Futurevapors
    Yeah I've been throwing away my AVB like a total idiot!
    So since 2 weeks ago I've been smearing peanut butter all over a teaspoon then swirling that around my jar of AVB and just eating it straight. One thing that really surprised me is that it really isn't bad tasting and i think i've started to enjoy the peculiar taste, it certainly isn't horrible, dirty or harsh!!
    as much as you can possible fit on a tea spoon will give you a nice warm feeling, one thing that happen witch does not happen when vaping is that you actually get visuals? i was typing on my Iphone and i could see through my phones keyboard and there's was this complex geomancy going on? I instantly recognised this was the avb kicking in as my mind never gives me visuals like that unless I'm on mushrooms. It was crystal clear, enjoyable and in no way over the top.

    So Now after using my SB OG i empty my spent material into a jar and get this, I now just inhale what ever's left in my bowl straight into my mouth and it's lovely! I'd never thought of doing that because you would think that that was dirty but it;s not and is a brilliant way of getting all the goodness into your body.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    wow man, I also think peanut butter gives avb a cool flavour but sucking it up raw like that, respect! Don't forget, though, that the oil in the peanut butter should be helping your body absorb the goodness. Line of avb, anyone? :wink:
  • Futurevapors
    The first time I tried AVB I decided to stupidly inhale the whole spent bowl from my SB OG and boy did i regret that, not because of taste but it made me wanna couch my ring up as it was dry as hell.

    in regards to emptying my SB OG bowl i use to put one finger on the carb hole then blow into the other hole to clear all particles out of the bowl, but now after i've emptied the spent bowl into my AVB jar i then literally cover both carb and vapour holes and suck up the bowl into my mouth whilst let go of the holes, then i will blow into the carb hole with the vapour hole covered leaving my Bowl super clean and particle clear.
  • Kakarot
    Yuck, making anything with ABV is disgusting if your going to make edibles,creams or tinctures use good herbs. I guess it is a good option if you running low or out BUT if you have some Pappy Passion Flower to spare throw a little fresh in there :sweat:
  • Bud
    I just did a very rough calculation and have probably thrown out about 15 pounds of AVB since I started vaping :groan: LOL

    The thought of eating it makes me wanna :vomit:
  • Dapieguy
    make some Canna oil out of.
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