• BobCat
    Healthy Rips Fierce.

    You know the deal: HR works with a Chinese manufacturer, the Chinese are free to rebrand, but the HR unit is unique and to HR specs. HR CS is great and they are big on safety. Teardown of Fury 2 on PIU. I have the F2- it's good for $139 USD. Bowl size & batteries would be my primary issues with the F2. Fierce Battery life listed at 110 to 120 minutes at 430°F (221°C) Is that feasible?

    I know MANY who love HR so I thought I'd post.

    Convection Technology
    Isolated Air Path
    Digital OLED Screen
    Exact Temperature Control - single degree increments
    Kirksite Alloy Body (unibody).
    USB-C Charging 2A
    USB-C Charging Dock 2A (optional)
    4000 mAh Battery - safe Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
    User replaceable battery
    Fast heat-up time: 25-30 seconds
    Long battery life: 110-120 minutes runtime per charge at maximum temperature 430° F
    Accessories Attachment
    Borosilicate Glass stems for Accessories Attachment - Mouthpiece and WPA
    Auto shut-off timer
    Adjustable session timer from 3-8 minutes
    Haptic feedback - vibrates when turned on and when reaches temperature
    Set degree display between C and F
    Replaceable battery door (in case of damage or loss)
    Large glass vapor path - very cool vapor
    Stainless steel chamber
    Protective Cover
    Just over 2 hours to fully charge from completely dead
    Run-time per battery charge: 112-120 minutes at max temperature 430° F

    Accessories Attachment
    Glass WPA - borosilicate
    Glass Mouthpiece - borosilicate
    Protective Cover - silicone (same design as the FURY 2)
    Dosing Capsules
    Oil & Wax Pad - stainless steel
    Standard tools and brush
    Extra O-rings and screen
    User Manual

    Size: 2.75" X 1.1" X 3.25"
    Weight: 10 Ounces
    Chamber Capacity: .25 - .29 grams

    Target Pricing: $199 for base bundle. $229 including Charging Dock & Extra Battery.
    Both bundles will include the Protective Cover, Accessories Attachment and your choice of Glass WPA or Glass Mouthpiece.
    Extra Battery: $20
    Charging Dock: $20
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  • VapeCritic

    Coolies :up: Wow yea 2 hours of usage time at 430f is quite a claim!
  • BobCat
    Dynavap induction heater from Phattpiggie at Spannabis 2018. George's Prototype. 3 18650's so portable. No clue about release date. Intended to be open source.

    UiaG6ws (119K)
  • Bruce
    Flowermate Nano just got an email its brand new Nano. I liked the Flowermate vapes, well reviewed on the vape critic, looks great.....

    Someone send out the Vape Signal, A New Vape is out and needs to be reviewed, Where is that Bud? No visible vape has been seen from the Vape Cave, He must be driving around in that dang, Vape Mobile again............

    Heres the link to Flowermates new vape: https://www.planetofthevapes.com/blogs/blog/flowermate-nano-first-look?rfsn=273269.ac4813
  • bobsmith
    Stig Pod is going to be launched on April 1st. It would be a small & disposable pod (270 puffs / Stig).
  • Mary McKinney
    Hi Bud it’s Mary McKinney and I just wanted to see if you had Any issues with the green silicone slipping down or the door on the MV one will not close I really love this vaporizer I’ve been having no problems with it now I can’t use it I’m waiting for response from GHOST please let me know when your vaporizer comes out because you’re probably make one of the best vaporizers there otherwise that’s how good you are thanks bud for all your help
  • VapeCritic
    Hi Mary! Ghost and I have replied on your thread, and I will certainly keep you posted on my vape, I appreciate your support :strong:
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