• EasyToSlip
    Seems like a ridiculous amount of concentrate loaded in those side bowls... Doesn't make sense. Need real life reviews. Something is not right with this one.
  • VapeCritic

  • Futurevapors
    All I'm going to say is, Something is being cooked for all of us to enjoy and I don't even know how it's powered.......Watch this StickySpace :victory: :starstruck: :victory: :flower: :fire:
  • Drew420
    all the manufacturers are waiting you and your new vapes so they can take your ideas
  • PAM
    Yawn... @VapeCritic, there still are new vapes you could fully review for what they are or can offer in general , even if they aren't "your" idea of good , some are decent and can still be good to others. .. your attitude towards today's industry makes me wonder what I get from reading or watching you. What's the message ? That no vapes are good enough for anyone because they don't rock your world . That the VapeCritic as gone obsolete because he ain't finding no mojo in today's vaporizers? Lol .. is the YouTube banning spree bothering you or something? What's up man, cheer the fuck up :rofl: or concentrate your efforts on Project A , the forum , spreading the word of vaporizing in a positive way , etc... :victory: constructive criticism here , I love what you do , would just like to see you loving more what you do too !
  • ChlorophyllMan
    He's a vape critic. I agree with his criticism of the current state of vapes. We should all want better.
  • Mtbowls
    What's the word between passive and full blown agressive? I believe he is talking about tip of the spear creative game changing inovations. Its about evolution.Don't worry I'm buying a Lil Bud, figured out I wanted one all by myself. Batches are filling up just fine all by themselves. Let the market and users determine it's fate. Just to be clear, you are not being positive or unbiased yourself in your questioning of the VapeCritic. Cast no stones lest ye be judged. Light one up Francis.
  • PAM
    of course we should all want and deserve better . im all for progress and innovation , vaporizing herb can be further devolped. That said , there are still good options out there for me as a end user to enjoy rather then pout the perfect vape hasn't been invented yet . I'd like to see Bud highlight what makes a good vaporizer , be more proactive about the positive things of vaporizing in general . Reinvent himself, even if repetitive to experienced users. for new comers it perhaps be more interesting or encouraging to hear some positive too then hearing the industry is a stale.. just my opinion, knew some would make more of it then it is.. lol

    Hahaha @VapeCritc , i was gonna suggest maybe you need to switch to concentrates (as a joke) but ic you got it all figured out , lol, please don't do that!
  • Baron23
    there are still good options out there for me as a end user to enjoy rather then pout the perfect vape hasn't been invented yet .PAM


    Let me ask you, Pam....do you find you have trouble making and keeping friends? Cause saying stuff like that tends to make people tell other people to kiss off and similar.

    Yes, there are good vapes out there in comparison to the industry offerings as a whole.

    But there really hasn't been any significant improvements in technology and most of the latest vapes are adding bells and whistles (apps and ancillary functions) rather than base technology or are "me too" type vapes.

    I can't think of a new vape I am really jones after. Either its the same old/same old or execution has issues.

    I can see where Bud is coming from, personally.
  • PAM
    I can see where he is coming from too and agree with you @Baron23 on the subject. Also knew criticising the VapeCritic wouldn't be popular. That said , I'd still prefer a more enthusiastic Bud , I find it could be more encouraging for newcomers who are thinking of giving vaporizing a shot.

    As for making friends, nice personal attack for a moderator ;)
  • Baron23
    As for making friends, nice personal attack for a moderatorPAM

    Well, I dispute that it was a personal attack at all but rather a question aimed at that particular piece of condescending rhetoric.

    You can play the "oh, but you are a moderator" on someone else, I'm guilt free and tough to manipulate.

    If it bothers you enough, flag the post to Bud as he is the ultimate authority on this board.

  • Bruce
    It looks awesome. But since I don't buy unless reviewed by a pro and have at least 100 comments. I call it my FF2 policy....

    The only thing I can see is cool. Whats its made of, how it feels, performance, etc... can only be known if you buy the thing. There are no refunds on these products....

    I love the Vape Reviews sites, The first place is the Vape Critic review on youtube (like and subscribe) his reviews are conducted in an analytical factual rating system.

    I would wait for the Vape Critic to stop vaping for a few moments and do the dang review. At least he cant vape while he sleeps, although I wouldn't be surprised if he tried...)

    Peace, Love and Vape

    ^ ^ ^ T h e V a p e M a s t e r ^ ^ ^
  • Futurevapors
    :rofl: :rofl: that was too funny my friend!
  • Futurevapors
    I think we're all way to deep into this to not need/want new ideas bringing to Life by our favourite manufacturers on a more regular basics but it does also makes it that bit more special when they do.
  • Mturner7
    I get why dynavap is dropping the anonized ti the way they are but they’re sniffin their farts a bit by making them even more expensive + overpriced, for a limited time.....woo..... :down: but I do still think that everyone should own one of their vapes........
  • MAbud
    We need a new S&B portable
  • Bruce
    Yo Vape Boy, What does the future show for the electronics devices for dry herb? It seems like 99% of anything 420 is dabs and concentrates.

    What do you call the Vape Critic with 2 spliffs in one hand ? (Double Jointed)

    Peace, Love and Vape.

    PS - Hey Bud "the dry cleaners said your cape is ready to be picked up".
  • grizzlybear
    nomads batch 1 are out
  • PAM
    @grizzlybear yeah , it's cool how it can come with 2 different heaters you can swap , one med-low , other med-high or something like that , it sure is meticulously crafted and a real piece of vaping art , hands down .

    As @MAbud said earlier too, FW5 is coming out , I seen photos of Peyton on IG with the trial or "beta" unit he received from firewood. Looks very interesting with its 5 preloaded "pedal shaped like" bowls (for lack of better description ) and completely new look.

    Edit : Link to 5 bowl cartridge pic

    And general look of FW5
  • Futurevapors
    Yeah I mean you have to hand it to them, they keep things very fresh but you're right maybe the anodising should just cost the same but at least it's not that bigger difference and unfortunately Money always stands in our way.
  • Futurevapors
    Be interesting to see them produce an on demand portable as I feel that's the Future of Flower vaping? The Crafty and Mighty fit the portable and home needs already but my gut feeling is once the new THC liquid cartridges are available the battery Flower vapes will slowly fade or be made so they can take a liquid cartridge as well as Flower.
  • justjustin
    anymore pics of the FW5? I need to see more before I purchase...
  • PAM
    @justjustin I'm not sure if other pics are out , someone would have to ask the IG guy or Firewood, I'm not sure if any have been posted to FC ...
    Here is another one shared by peytonpenn on Instagram that shows the difference in shape between the FW4 and FW5.

  • justjustin
    thank you, I've seen a few pics of the FW5 but not everything....I am still having a hard time figuring out how it works exactly but I like the concept
  • justjustin
    Any news on the ModPod vaporizer attachment? I can't send a message on their site...I thought the pre-orders were scheduled to ship in July? Anyone know more or have tried one?
  • PAM
    @Other Side had or has the "prototype" which is supposed to be shipped to AJ afterwards and one or two other people as such afterwards as part of prototype test run ... From what I understand ..
  • GhostMV1User
    @PAM So the site is just taking Pre-Orders?

    Shipping of units is on hold until testing done?

    Do you know if that is correct?
  • PAM
    I don't know , let's ask @SuperShredderDan, he's the creator. Dan, please see last few posts, couple of folks have questions and problems with pre-orders.. wish I get to try a ModPod some day :)