• Karec
    The only boundless i tried was the CFC and was the worst portable vape i tried.... Cheap construction, harsh vapour, really disappointed...(Spirit, IQ, Crafty, Mighty, FF2,Dynavap)
  • BudsofWar
    I wont buy a boundless again, i also wouldn't buy a flower mate or haze again.
  • Jack-vic
    I feel the same for the Boundless vapes. :-)
    I have the CF and the CFV and they both perform great. The CFV actually performs awesome other than the battery life.

  • BudsofWar
    i've just put my CFX up for sale lol.
  • Aj85
    well I’m glad your Boundless experiences are better than mine.......

    You don’t have to agree with me.

    Two people can look at the same painting and view it very differently.

    You know I respect you and value your opinions as a long term member on F.C. and as a moderator here.

    Those are just my personal feelings and experiences of Boundless products.

    As someone that’s been solely vaping over 5 years and has 50+ vaporizers, maybe I’m just really spoiled from having so many great vaporizers. Lol

    I am a bit of a vaporizer snob these days if I’m honest. lol

    Im really sorry though, but I actually disagree with a lot you’ve just said. Lol

    Especially this bit:

    You have to also remember prices, when the Boundless vapes dropped and were those prices the majority of established vapes were well over the £200 or £250 mark and subsequently have dropped a lot.Cl4ud3

    This Simply isn’t true sorry......all the vapes I’m thinking of that I like better and I like a whole lot more including the desktops (I could list them but it’s a big list) where cheaper than the Boundless vapes when they where first released. In fact none of them where ever priced between £200-250 before the Boundless released, not even the desktops. In fact due to brexit etc some vapes are more expensive now then they where back then and they’ve still never ever been £200-250. Boundless didn’t make some kind of pricing revolution which drove other vaporizers prices down.

    There was already a lot of good cheaper options that I still prefer over the boundless even though they’re older.

    I personally, think the CFX vapor sucks, it’s scratchy and taste like crap compared to a lot of other vapes. I really don’t like the airflow either. I’ve had two CFXs due to faults and both have had pretty mediocre performance at best.

    I’ve also had two CFVs due to faults (battery related) and both performed the same way and I was told my second unit definitely wasn’t faulty by Boundless. Both my CFVs had crap battery (3 bowls maximum) and didn’t extract properly and only produce visible vapor over 200c.

    Boundless themselves, in a couple of livestreams, admit (or they did when it was first released) if you take the ABV from CFV and put it in a CFX you’ll get more out of it.

    I’ve never had near black AVB from a CFV at full temp. I even use the quartz ring to add some conduction.

    So clearly, Boundless where lying to me when they said my second CFV wasn’t faulty and refused to change it.

    Anyway, that’s the last I’m going to put Boundless down. Especially as it’s off topic. Lol

    Maybe we should PM if would like to discuss it further.

    I do know a fair few other people that also don’t like or recommend their vaporizers much.

    I’m glad you like the company and their vaporizers and you’ve only had positive experiences with them.

    After all, we’re all different and thats what stops things from getting boring. lol

    All the best,

  • Cl4ud3
    Yeah we are all different and have differing tastes and needs, I could list a lot of vapes here I don't see the appeal in and it would cause controversy I'm sure >:O

    I'm not knocking your experience what I am saying is that you should get vapour from a CFV (or a Swiftpro for that matter) at 350. If you weren't then there was a fault and it won't be unheard of, I don't think Bud would of given it a review if it only had a 30 degree usable range.

    Boundless didn’t make some kind of pricing revolution which drove other vaporizers prices down.Aj85

    I'm not saying they did, what I am saying is since these inexpensive vape companies caught on and grabbed a share of the market the larger vape companies have dropped a 1/5 or a 1/4 off their prices. Remember the CFX was selling for £155 when the PAX was over £250, the Crafty was close to £300 (I'm not comparing vapes here just pointing out how prices have dropped a lot). Now that shows how much these guys had available to play with profit wise, so whether you like the products or not these companies have done good things indirectly.

    And sorry but comparing a desktop and a portable isn't strictly a valid point when you consider most desktops beat portables.

    But yes we are spoilt, would I pick one over one of my RBT's or similar no but they have a place as entry level or mid range devices for a lot of people I think people need to look at them in the right category.
  • justjustin
    Unfortunately, the Vapium MNML is no longer in the works....I was interested in the vape after I saw Buds video of it at the Champs Trade show but when I contacted Vapium, it sounded like they scrapped the idea....looked really nice too, CNC aluminum body, straight through vapor path with medical grade materials, full temp, 18650 batt and ability to use 510 vapes as well. Too bad, we need more CNC / Aluminum type vapes that are modular and built to last
  • Baron23
    Not trying to stir any controversy as I am dear friends with both of you and highly respect both of yours opinions. Just thought to share my small experiences with this company's vapes.

    I have had a week or so to use a CFX and actually found that it vaped very well and I almost bought it instead of the Mighty (but I am VERY glad I went for the Mighty). I liked it, personally. Load size was a bit to large for me, but other than that I thought it was a pretty dang good portable when it was released.

    I did own a SwiftPro which I also enjoyed. Nice sipping vape for watching a football game and the like. I never felt it totally crushed the flower, but it was well extracted and it was a modest priced vape (although a number of decent (or at least usable) lower priced vapes seem to be on the market.

    Yes, battery life was good for only 3-4 loads...very inadequate...and the battery died on me and would no longer take a charge. But it worked well for what it was at the time.

    I'm ok with Boundless and their products. Middle of the road quality and not top drawer pricing.

    Now, this is in the USA and not UK or EU so that must be taken into account. 250 pounds is about $340 and I believe that this is much more than CFX was priced in USA when it was first released.

    Cheers guys
  • Aj85
    From what you have told me, I’ve probably got a faulty CFV but they wouldn’t exchange it for me and told me it wasn’t faulty. lol

    So what’s a guy to do but think the product sucks if they’re told by the manufacturer it’s not faulty. Lol

    Also VapeCritic said at the time of his CFV review

    Yes but it only produces light vapor at temps below 400F, which is a little atypical, so I find myself always using it between 420-446F for good clouds. Even at the higher temps the vapor isn't harsh, and my AVB does not come out very dark, so it kinda feels like it runs cool.VapeCritic

    So that’s why I think the way I do about the CFV. lol

    Also, I wasn’t comparing the Boundless to premium top tier vapes like the Crafty and pax2 of course the Boundless vapes where cheaper and there is no way they can compare to the vapour quality of those top tiered vapes.

    I was only comparing them with other lower tiered vapes like the whole older Arizer range up till the OG arizer Air.

    I feel they all out perform the boundless units and even the arizer desktops and 2 of the 3 7th floor desktops where all already cheaper than the CFX and easily out perform it IMO. There’s many more vaporizers I could add to that list though. Lol

    Im very lucky, I purchased my Crafty a week after it was released and it was only £220 direct from S&B. My Mighty direct from S&B 3-5 months later was only £240 but prices did go up not long after that but I honestly don’t remember them ever being that high.

    also, I was only comparing desktops at the price of the CFX or lower. Obviously desktops outperform portables like the CFX but that’s kind off my point. That you could already buy a home unit which obviously outperforms the CFX for cheaper than the CFX when it was first released.

    So, I don’t feel they’re good value and I don’t enjoy using them much at all.

    I know other people who have been very disappointed when buying Boundless products also.

    But yes, we’re all very different people and all like different things from our vapes.

    All the best, mate.

  • Aj85
    that sucks. To me it looked like a good step up from the Summit and Summit+ Vapes.

    All the best,

  • Aj85
    No mate, no controversy to stir at all.

    We are very far from having an argument or disagreement.

    I also have very high regards for our friend @Cl4ud3.

    We’ve clearly just had very differing experiences with this particular company and it’s vapes. lol

    I remember In our private conversations we worked out that I felt the CFX was hot and harsh with bad flavour and I didn’t like the filter system. However, this wasn’t your experience and that you liked the CFX much more than I did. Lol

    So your FSP is no longer with us? RIP FSP lol

    I just personally feel, that there are quite a few cheaper products than the Boundless range that provide much better vapor quality than I’ve experienced from the Boundless vapes.

    All the best, mate.

  • Baron23
    So your FSP is no longer with us? RIP FSP lolAj85

    Nah....tits up, too bad but all things come to an end.

    With the FM SP, I would agree that it needs to run at higher temp. My starting is 385 and then I bumped to max to finish off the bowl.

    Cheers, back to packing up for trip.
  • jcrewl
    Really excited to hear any news about a portable from VapeXhale, but where are these rumors coming from? What is the source?
  • Aj85

    Nah....tits up, too bad but all things come to an end.Baron23

    Such a shame! This is why all vapes should have user replaceable battery’s by now. It’s ridiculous that they don’t really.

    I don’t think user replaceable battery’s should only be for top tier portables either as it really wouldn’t cost much extra to make it happen.

    Have a great trip, buddy!

    All the best,

  • Aj85
    Im not sure of the source recently. However the CEO of VapeXHale Seibo Shen has been saying for a while now that they’re developing or intend to develop a portable as well.

    All the best,

  • VapeCritic
    I've been researching to see if I really have to work with 18650's or if there's anything better, but it seems 18650's are the only economical option. However, I'm now learning about how to wire them in series and parallel and it's pretty interesting
  • Jack-vic
    RBT Logo

    "Happy New Year!

    We are gearing up to begin our initial Splinter run and wanted to update everyone with their spot in line.

    You are number: 222.

    If you were in the first batch that went out, congrats and we hope you're putting them through the ringer!

    The first 100 Splinters will primarily consist of walnut with a few maple ones in the mix as well.
    Once full production begins, walnut will be the default wood choice. After that, we hope to add exotics to the mix.

    We will follow up with a link where you can select your wood and verify your address.

    We hope to get the remaining pre-orders out by February 1 and quickly start on the waiting list.

    As always, thanks for your continued support!"

    I know Bud already showed this one of but they are taking pre order of sorts now.
    I have not payed anything but Im in the line for 1.

  • EasyToSlip
    VapeXhale needs an updated main unit. No plastic. No beer cozy so you can hold it comfortably during use. The core log design is big enough that there should be a built in heat shield. Digital temperature control in one degree increments... etc.
    I've been holding off on getting the VapeXhale until they do something along these lines.

    Any news on that front?
  • Other Side
    Rumor is VXL is more focused on a portable unit right now. Other than that I think the next desktop from them will be a digital unit instead of the analog knob.
  • Baron23
    haha...I sort of like my simple analog EVO! haha

    I have also thought that it would be nice for a one digit resolution, digital temp setting feature.

    But then I thought of the added circuitry and failure modes and to tell the truth, I'm not sure a digital EVO will give me much I don't already enjoy.

    Be interesting to see what they come up with.

  • Other Side
    I agree. I don't see this as a big deal but some are all hung up on precise temp control so you know...

    I would rather see them release a portable.
  • Baron23
    I would rather see them release a portable.Other Side

    Me too.

    I have to say that as an MMJ patient, mostly for pain and sedation at night, I LOVE my EVO and am finding it the first vape I reach for. Not portables, Volcano, or Enano but the EVO cause it hits like a 9 lb hammer. Do it and done.

    I also have come to like its simplicity and reliability. It just performs the same time after time.

  • Other Side
    Yeah mine sits on the shelf for the most part. Don't get me wrong, I love it and even have a couple hydratubes to go along with it. It's just that portable performance is getting better and I value the convenience over a heatup wait or being tethered to the wall. I do make exceptions for the Woodscents because I appreciate the beauty.

    More times than not I am reaching for the Milaana, Splinter, Zion, Tubo or perhaps something from the Stickybrick lineup or possibly the Vapcap.

    I like to mix it up and keep the EVO for occasional use. Actually makes me me appreciate it that much more!
  • MAbud
    Nice to see this turn back around. Seemed like it was becoming a Boundless thread....

    I think a Firewood5 is in the works for late spring
  • Mc69
    Vapium Medical:
    Dont think these are related: vapium medical
  • G-love
    Puffco just today announced the Puffco Peak for concentrates. They are taking reservations. Looks very interesting for concentrates only though.
  • Cl4ud3
    $380 is very very expensive for a vape, I hope it's good. 1 year warranty too :(
  • Karec
    Looks good, great design, its a portable unit but not that portable to carry around, but the price only for concentrates is..... uau expensive to say the least.... would love to try it lololol thats a good-looking unit btw
    i got a Puffco Plus and its my favourite concentrate pen, the sash mode is awesome
  • VapeCritic

    I've been talking to these guys it's possible I might work with them and review this.

    I did just find out the price today too, premium! :-!