• VapeCritic

    question, how many of you are around during the day to watch a live stream?

    I'm on the east coast of US, trying to figure out the best time to do another stream...

    Do you think it's best if I do it as late in the day as possible?

    I wanna make sure people out west and our mates in the UK can be blessed with my presence too :-! :-!
  • Smokin60
    24/7 make no matter what time ..... always ready ..... go Bud ! Lol
  • Aj85

    I wanna make sure people out west and our mates in the UK can be blessed with my presence too :-!VapeCritic


    You Probably know this already, but you are 5hrs behind GMT in the U.K. if that helps at all.

    All the best,

  • jcrewl

    Damn, wish I couldve watched this one live. Aside from the technical difficulties you had with the lighting and such, great stream! I was the guy who recommended you getting the Vriptech Heat Wand. I also got mine in recently, so I could have helped you through it. I dont have the official bowls for them because they were kinda pricey, so I use the LSV bowl and that works fine. Here are some tips and things Ive noticed that may help you:

    -I also get heat spots, so I dont use max power and I also slowly spin it a bit while im inhaling, so its more of an even heating.
    -You dont really need more than 10 mins of heat up. Turn it up to max for 5-7 mins, and let it heat soak, then turn it to your desired temp.
    -I noticed that my ABV was a lighter brown than other vapes I have. I dont think this means its not fully extracting everything, cause I tried to vape the ABV again in another vape and I didnt get any vapor. I still need to test this out more.
    -The angled bowl you had was an older bowl they offered, the 2 piece bowl with glass screen you used is better I hear.
    -Also they recommend not leaving your wand in the upside down position on max heat for too long because the heat will rise and cook the hardware over time. I actually use a mic stand to hold mine vertically and it works out fine.

    Its not the most convenient vape to use, but the taste on this thing is the fucking tits and its so pure, I never get asthma from it. I like that you compared it to the Glass Symphony, another all glass vape and probably my next vape purchase. Quick questions though:

    1. Hows the taste of the GS compared to the VHW?
    2. How dark is the ABV of the GS compared to the VHW?

    PS: Since you mentioned it on stream, Ive been looking into being self-employed myself and working online, so it would be totally cool if you spoke about it/your experiences and advice to people interested in that.
  • Aj85

    hey Bud, I’ve just finished watching your first ever live stream, and I saw all the trouble you where having with your Sublimator.

    I wanted to let you know, that the white Teflon adapter at the bottom of the Atomizer cone is 14mm and it fits inside a 14mm female glass joint. It’s safe to use in glass because the Teflon doesn’t transfer any heat to the glass joint.

    You can also buy an 18mm Teflon adapter from the Sublimator website, but most people just use a 18mm to 14mm glass reducer instead. Like pictured below.


    That’s the Sublimator Eliminator, but the Atomizers and adapters are the same size on all versions of the Sublimator. It’s usual for there to be a slight bit of movement, but it does make an air tight seal in a female glass joint.

    Also, because the adapter seats a bit differently you don’t get the same level of build up on the adapter. It pretty much stays pristine white and just wipes clean with ISO. IME ISO doesn’t seem to degregate the Teflon, but I don’t soak them as I only get 99% ISO, so I use an ISO soaked cloth to wipe it clean.

    Sublimator also make a nice Stainless Steel heater stand that’s available on their website for around $15.
    This bundle is called the Sublimator Adapt-A-Kit, and its for using with your own waterpipes, it’s also much cheaper than a full kit (I used to own one, but I prefer the rapid 30-60 seconds heat up time of the Eliminator and sold my Adapt-A-kit to a friend) ,but as you’ll notice you’re only missing the stand now.

    A lot of people including myself, prefer the Sublimator through glass. I recommend using it dry, or with just a couple of ice cubes to cool the vapor and to preserve the flavour rather than water, but it’s just down to personal preference really.

    Also, I wanted to let you know you can can really speed up heat up times by using a blow torch near the top of the Atomizer cone where the heater and Atomizer meet. The part of the heater that meets with the Atomizer cone is the main heat mass. It’s a large solid chunk of metal that’s heating from the inside out before transferring heat conductively to the Atomizer cone, that’s why it takes so long for it to reach temperature and then equilibrium.

    It’s similar to the 3rd piece in (from left to right) in the picture below, it’s a solid chunk of metal.


    Although you’re heater is slightly different inside to the one pictured above, because it’s the electrical version and has an electricly heated core, the heater heads are all pretty similar inside by design, because they all consist of a heated air expansion chamber inside the top half of the heater, and a solid metal heat mass below where it meets with the Atomizer cone with directional air outlets below the heat mass.

    By using a decent blow torch like your Blazer with about a 4-5 inch flame, and heating where the Heat Mass meets the Atomizer for around 20-30 seconds on each side of the Atomizer, after the units been on for a good 5 minutes or so, you will drastically decrease the amount of time needed to reach desired temperature and achieve equilibrium.

    DO NOT heat further down the Atomizer cone than where the two pieces join together and the heat normally radiates from, or you may risk over heating the area where you place your material.

    WARNING: NEVER EVER, Blow torch the Atomizer cone separately then add the Heater to the Atomizer cone, or place a cold heater on top of a very hot Atomizer cone!

    If you do, and the Atomizer cone is signicantly hotter than the heater head they will fuse together, and it’ll take a trip to the tool shed/workshop to separate them again. Yes.....I speak from personal experience. Lol

    However, As long as you heat both the Atomizer cone and the Heat Mass while they’re joined together, or only the heat mass and not the Atomizer cone, it’s not a problem you will ever encounter.

    I really hope some of this information can help you to enjoy your Sublimator more, and that it doesn’t just come over as a long and patronising lecture. Lol

    All the best,

  • VapeCritic

    Thanks Aj!!

    Great post and very helpful thank you, i should probably clean my vapes before i put them away like that :-!

    I had the perfect glass rig to use the Sub with and I just broke it the other day :-} I'm hesitant to buy more rigs but I pretty much have to lol

    I like your tip about the torch to heat it up faster, I never thought of that!

    Thanks again 8-)
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