• GhostMV1User
    I ordered about a week or so after Thanksgiving weekend, the pre orders will still open for a bit after I ordered.
  • Cl4ud3
    I think Eric said they had a live stream for possibly the 17th so you might get some news then.
  • katdaddy

    Yeah, hopefully Wednesday.
  • GhostMV1User
    I'm interested in hearing about the desktop unit they have in the works. That thing looked pretty cool.
  • VapeCritic
    I believe a Tera unit will be on its way to me soon (Y)
  • justjustin
    Any updates? Hasn't been a BNDLS live stream in a bit...
  • Comfortably Numb

    Am really looking forward to you review of the Tera. I am considering for my next purchase a mighty, solo 2 or Tera (if it turns out to be good enough)! Am a sucker for removable batteries and 2 18650’s is hard to pass up. Really need a vape that is reliable so am a little worried about the mightys reliability so at the moment the solo looks to be my best bet.
  • BoomDraws
    Solo 2 is awesome. Highly recommend
  • Comfortably Numb
    Yes the Solo 2 is likely to be my next vape, depending on how the Tera performs,
  • keiozpr
    Eric from Boundless told me yesterday, that the Tera will be shipping out no later than the end of the month.(Y)
  • Cl4ud3
    Direct copy or Eric's post from FC:-

    Hey everyone, just wanted to share some information I have received regarding the Tera and CFC 2.0.

    Update I have received, my apologies for the late response. Unfortunately some personal issues came up and it delayed me in responding. Please keep in mind that changes may occur and I am sharing with hopes that these dates don't change as well. The Tera is in the final stages of manufacturing and should be ready to ship to our office no later than February 9th. Once they arrive to our office the units will be put into inventory then proceed to being shipped. The CFC 2.0 has been pushed back because of this delay and it seems at the moment that the CFC 2.0 will not be ready until late February/early March. If there is another delay please note that Chinese New Year will ultimately push the release to early March if the Tera is not ready by February 9th. It is in efforts to make the units the best quality and performance on the first run that leads to these delays. Both of these units are new for us and our factory. They must be tested to ensure that they perform to our expectations and it is important that any irregularities are found, noted, and adjusted before the final production run. In our efforts to be transparent with the community and our own excitement we shared release dates that seemed realistic at the time and had set the Tera to being released months ago. We then announced the pre-order on our live streams in an effort to give our dedicated viewers an opportunity to be one of the first to be a Tera owner with hopes the unit would have been ready mid December. During this time it was decided to switch the aluminum chamber with stainless steel, to add a concentrate mode, and to add an extra safety measure so the Tera does not heat up automatically right when turning on the unit. These adjustments were required prior to manufacturing the new Tera model and set production back. We sincerely apologize for this and any inconveniences this has caused to our community. Because of the long wait time, those who pre-ordered the Tera and CFC 2.0 and would like a refund will be fully compensated. Our team has been anticipating the Tera for quite some time now and it is very difficult and disappointing being notified of a delay and it is even harder sharing the updates of these delays with our community. We have learned that our efforts in being transparent can also lead to unrealistic dates and will plan around this for future product launches. This has also caused a change in marketing direction and will put the live streams on hold until this current situation is resolved. The Pre-order process should not have happened the way it did and we unfortunately must look back at this occurrence for all future products. With the upcoming CFX 2.0 and Core release later this year we will hold off on early pre-orders and will learn from our setbacks with the Tera and CFC 2.0.

    Feel free to email with any questions and I will do my best to answer in a timely manner. Thank you all for the support.
  • jnick
    thanks for keeping us posted,,,