• Hitz
    So I got home and charged my FF2, loaded to the top of the bowl and made sure everything was clean. Take long slow draws and very little vape or no vape at all. The unit is both lighting and heating up but no dice. I even bumped the temp to high (not concentrates) and still the same results. All I get is the taste of somewhat warm or kinda burnt popcorn. What am I doing wrong?
  • Aj85
    hey there, make sure you use a medium grind and slightly overload the oven just a tiny bit, but don't tamp it down let the glass lid do that for you! Then press the buttons/sensors and let it heat up and don't begin to inhale till the light stops flashing and goes solid green. Now take a very slow practically sipping draw for a good 10-15 seconds!

    I hope this helps!

    Take it easy!

    All the best,

  • Baron23
    Just a thought, but is your herb nice and dry?
  • Hitz
    Thanks guys for your suggestions I really appreciate any help I can get!

    I've tried loose filling to the top of the bowl with scoops from my grinder as well as broken up with my fingers and nada :’(

    the sour diesel I have is pretty crumbly and isn't sticky so I think it should be fine.

    I still think it's something I'm doing wrong or missing and doubt I have a defective unit but even with a few errors I would still get some vapor right?

    The herb is getting warm because I can see it changing color (some did turn a dark brown/black) and the lid does have some tracks/residue from the small amount of vapor it is producing. I do want to note that I used a whole fully charged battery to get the bud to change color which is strange since 1 battery is supposed to last 6-8 bowls.

    @Flipz how's your ff2 treating you?
    @VapeCritic Please help take a noob to the promised land!

    After I get done pouting in bed (and waiting for my batteries to charge) I'll take some pics of what I'm doing and hopefully you guys say it's totally wrong!
  • Hitz
    So I completely cleaned, brushed etc and made the unit like new. Grinded up some bud and put it in the bowl. Here's some pics:


    Last pic is the window after my second hit. Consistently got baby clouds (like when a bowl smokes after you take a hit, very tiny) which is slightly better results than last night when maybe after 5 hits or so I would get one. But I have the heat on HIGH, shouldn't I be getting noticeable harsh vape?

    xkmu8kmeuzgyqb0k.jpg looks browner to my eye than the pic shows

    What am I doing wrong and why don't I have better vapor production :-# ?

    Thanks for the help guys, if I can't figure it out there might be a firefly for sale :s due to me being completely inept.

    Also my unit flashes red three times intermittently when it's bumped but when I check the battery level the light flashes blue 3-4 times so I know the battery isn't low on charge at all. Also after charging on the dock and the light turns solid blue when I check the battery level it only flashes blue 4 times instead of 5. I didn't know if any of you guys that own a FF2 noticed that behavior or not.
  • Flipz
    hmmmmm - i have noticed the FF2 is meant for small packings and works best loosely filling chamber than very lightly pressing down the herb with finger.

    when i overpack it or compress the herb too much - seems like that's when i'll notice less vapor. im still figuring it all out myself but like others said... grinding the herb really fine so allow enough air to pass through it all really helps. you can also try grinding some up than leave it out to dry for 10-15 min on printer paper (or whatever paper).

    i haven't tried any concentrates yet with it but so far the highest heat setting used was medium (medium high once but liked it better on medium with the herb im using).

    im sure the @VapeCritic will chime in with tips n info when he's able to. still think there's a good amount of info we haven't learned about the FF2.

    hoping between everyone we can all find a middle ground that works 8-) its funny cause for me it seems like i keep not vaping enough even though im getting a bunch of hits off such a small amount. here's what my vaped herb looked like after about 6 hits on medium low and still doesn't look fully vaped :-O

    i kinda figured there would be a slight learning curve with this vape. keep us updated but between everyone, we'll figure it out.

    Be easy!
  • Flipz
    can't say if this is the reason or not but looks like the chamber is packed to much. it needs the space on top for the airflow to travel through I believe. is your herb dry, a little wet or anything like that?
  • Hitz
    It's pretty dry and not too fluffy. I diced some up and let it dry on paper and put the AVB next to them for comparison.


    I'm going to give it a go again here in a sec and see if I get better results.

    @Flipz thanks for the advice wish me luck.
  • Flipz
    good luck my friend! don't get me wrong, i still don't think i've gotten the most possible out of mine yet either. think im going to give concentrates a shot next since i heard they vape great in the ff2. lemme know how it turns out.
  • Flipz
    Just curious which grinder your using or if just breaking up by hand?
  • Hitz

    American grinder.... Made me laugh at a head shop so I bought it. Liked it had a kief window too. It's funny that the manual says coarse grind and to break up by hand but so far I've had better luck grinding it up fine and spreading it out on Paper and chopping it some more.

    Also though I noticed mine when it's working right it makes this distinct whistling/drafty sound and that only happens when I wrap a hair tie around the bowl to the clamp the lid down. I've tried putting less in the bowl and clamping it down and still am getting somewhat satisfying clouds now with much more even vb. If there's no pressure on the unit it sounds airy and I get little to no vape. So maybe the unit isn't sealing properly?

    I'll post a pic after my battery charges and give another sesh a go
  • Bud
    @Hitz Try pulling hard and taking a FAST draw for 15 seconds

    Draw speed can influence vapor production so try playing around with that and lemme know if it makes a difference
  • Baron23
    Hi Friend, I'm guessing from afar but I have watched this thread with great interest.

    I think you and Flipz already went through the; 1) is it dry enough; 2) is it ground enough; 3) is it too much in the bowl.

    But what you have said in your last post is very telling to me. I have not yet seen a really good view of the air path was (or just didn't understand it when I saw it). In your 1st pic above, it would appear that the air path from bowl to mouthpiece is the entire width of that recessed area on the top piece...correct?

    If so and from this pic, it would appear that the surface area outside of the air path would to need to meet in a VERY good seal to prevent outside air from penetrating to the air path and diluting your toke (sorry, I'm old and I love this old term. We invented it so, WTF, I like to us it).

    Question: How does top and bottom seal together? Is the surface areas (top and/or bottom) any sort of soft gasket material or what? How does the top surface and the bottom join so that the only way air can get in when sucked upon (can't believe I wrote that) is from bowl to mouthpiece? See what I'm saying.

    If you are telling us that you are getting diddly squat out of the vape until you rubber band (or zip tie or whatever) the top and bottom and you hear the sound drawing on it changes when you squeeze them together, then maybe you found your problem.

    I would love to see one up close. I would love to understand how top piece meets bottom and seals along the edges of the vapor path to the mouthpiece. If these are hard and polished surfaces that meet and seal, then I should imagine they would be very sensitive to any sort of dirt and detritus getting in there.

    If you still think this still a valid issue, can you take some close up pics showing how top/bottom meet to form air path.

    Thanks mate.
  • Hitz
    Thanks for all the support guys, haven't given up yet.

    @VapeCritic I've tried pulling extremely hard when drawing and fast but still getting tiny clouds unless on high heat which kinda produces more visible vapor but nothing like you were getting on the low setting. I've actually drawn on it so long that the green light went out and still had no vapor.

    @Baron23 I'll take a close up this evening but there's a little gasket on the lid that supposed to seal the unit and guide the vapor to the mouthpiece. Only when I press down on the lid over the bowl is when I can start to see the bud bouncing and spinning around and actually starts to produce vapor. Everything is super clean and free of debris so as to why it's not sealing properly I haven't got the faintest idea.

    For anyone that has a FF2 I noticed that when I tap the left button 3 times the light blinks red 3-4 times and when I tap the right button it flashes blue giving me the battery percentage. Does anyone else's flash red when they tap the right button and does anyone know what it's supposed to mean. At first I thought it was just flashing red on its own but I realized I was tapping the left button against my palm while stirring the bowl.

    I'm going to try a few more things this evening any pointers are welcome and if all else fails I'll reach out to firefly in the next couple of days.
  • Chandler
    @flipz, @hitz. I see the issues you guys are having. I'm a little dissapointed your not giving raving reviews... I hope y'all figure it out....

    Besides not getting heavy clouds of vapour, how does it taste? Flavour in comparison to the Crafty/Mighty?
  • Hitz
    the flavor for me kinda tastes like cooked popcorn lol. This is my first vape ever so I could be doing something wrong which is what I'm guessing. As far as comparing it to another vape maybe someone else could chime in.

    But don't let my experience I've had so far tarnish this unit yet.
  • Bud
    oh snap i didnt realize this is ur first vape ever!

    It sounds like u might just need a little more practice and experience with it, the firefly happens to be one of the slightly more finicky models when looking for visible clouds

    I have a friend who recently got his preorder also and im gonna try his unit later this week just to make sure its working exactly the same as the one i have, im sure it is but just to be certain i'll test it.
  • shaolinmilk

    This will definitely be interesting! All of the early reviews are certainly different from what users who just received theirs are reporting.
  • Hitz
    do you have a guide for vaping101? I'm completely clueless so maybe it's the prep I'm screwing up. Any suggestions/best practices would be a huge help and greatly appreciated, I really want to try whatever I can before I start blaming the device. Can we have a group webex lol?!

    I picked the FF2 cause I thought it was going to be the easiest/most user friendly device (it's super easy to clean and maintain!) but I guess each device has their own learning curve.

    I'm glad I got you guys to lean on and appreciate the time your everyone is taking to help me figure things out.
  • Hitz
    are you just referring to me and flips or is there another forum of users having issues? The Internet can be deceiving and just because a few users have gathered in one place doesn't mean there's a wide spread issue
  • shaolinmilk
    There are others who have reported similar results on FC and vaporents.
  • Hitz
    thanks for the heads up (Y) , I might have to see what others are going through
  • Hitz
    thanks for that link ;)

    Well night 3 with the Firefly 2, I'm lifted. Wish I could say it was with a perfectly working unit but at least I'm a god damnd believer! I got to pinch the frontcenter of the lid down while taking a nice long slow and easy draw and am getting great flavor and production (no huge clouds but . No-pinch and there's just not enough force/pressure going thru the unit to pull hot air into the bowl and heat the bud. What really made the difference so far was to grind up the herb, chop it up more on paper and let it sit out for a few minutes. Then put it in a tiny travel pill container and used that to pour and overfill the bowl (just a tiny cap, enough to make the lid smush it down) and enjoy.

    NEVER TAMP THE HERB DOWN!! I just dump it in and drop the lid, whenever I mess with it when loading the unit just doesn't produce.

    Hope this helps lead someone down the right path for this vape. Going to try and see if I can find a solution for my lid not sealing I'll keep everyone posted.

    Please share any experiences you guys are having too!
  • Baron23
    Please do come back and tell us more. If indeed it is as we have corresponded, that your problem is a fit issue between top and bottom killing your suction through the bowl, then I would find that unacceptable were it me.

    I have wondered about how they is done on the FF2. You said that there is a very small gasket, very understandable.

    But they will set themselves up for quite a challenge in manf these parts to sufficient tolerances so as to avoid fit issues in production qtys.

    Send pics, send more info, send in the cavalry!! Somewhat inquiring (but always baked) minds want to know! LOL
  • Hitz

    I just figured out what the flashing red light means when you tap the left button 3 times. Just like when you tap the right button to check the battery level with the flashing blue lights you can check your heat setting when you tap the left button.


    Red Flashes
    1 = Low
    2 = Medium Low
    3 = Medium
    4 = Medium High
    5 = High
    6 = Concentrates

    Also when changing temp in the app the number of times the light flashes corresponds with the temp setting.

    This might be old news but it was a discovery for me :P .

    Also I noticed the ring in my lid is off center

    Prob doesn't affect anything but it was something I noticed.

    So far my only gripes with the unit are my battery indicators and the unit not sealing. The battery level always reads full in the app (never changes) and the light always flashes 4 times up until the battery dies. Also the unit has to be pinched shut while using so my fingers look like the dude's from American ninja. But even so this vape is so easy and relaxing to use that if those are permanent issues I can live with them.

    I am slightly disappointed I haven't heard anything from Firefy yet, I emailed them 3 days ago. And I understand they're probably getting bombarded right now so I can reset my expectations to something more realistic. It just sucks due to the fast and punctual same day responses I got prior to shipping and pre-orders. But we shall wait and see.


    Stay Tuned
  • Hitz


    Here's some AVB toasted on the default Medium High setting. Man was it tasty!

    And here's what the device looks like after a night of fun!


    And 3 mins later (I move slow :D )

  • Hitz
    Whoops double post :-!

    See folks the Firefly works :P
  • Baron23
    Hi Hitz - thanks for the added info and pics.

    On FC, the issue of battery level monitor malfunction seems to be somewhat common and according to some, FF is aware of it. Bet its just a firmware problem but I don't believe these things are firmware field upgradable.

    The issue with sealing between lid and bottom is a serious one and were it I, I would insist that FF address this.

    Your AVB looks great, mate, and it sounds like it gets you were you want to go! Just need the sealing issue fixed and it sounds like you are in business!!
  • Hitz
    i just received a response back and sent them a reply:

    Re: Case Update: 235269 - Re: Important Firefly2 Shipment Information

    Thank you for your response, I've waited months for this unit and having to send it in because out of the box the unit is having issues is very disappointing. And now I'll have to wait even more time while the unit is being re-diagnosed (I'm a computer technician that repairs sophisticated equipment where every small detail matters).

    The unit also does not report the battery level properly. It always flashes blue 4 times and the iOS app always reads at full but when checked after every 2 draws the unit still flashes blue 4 times until the battery dies and flashes red. Could this be a firmware issue?


    Also is the ring in the lid supposed to be off center?

    Please help me find a solution that allows me to not be without my unit, please do right be me as I have only been speaking highly of your product.



    J (Hitz)

    Sent from my iPhone

    Below is the email chain:

    Message History
    -----Original Message-----
    From: Firefly Support
    Sent: 05/05/2016
    Subject: Re: Important Firefly2 Shipment Information

    Dear JJ,

    Thank you for contacting Firefly. I am so glad to hear your unit got to you early and that you are able to enjoy it.

    We have yet to hear anything along these lines of the top lid not making a proper seal. If you'd like we can have your unit set up for warranty to be sent in for the technicians to examine.

    At this time, we do not have top lids in stock for purchase, we are expecting them to arrive in a few weeks.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us!


    Firefly Support

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    -----Original Message-----
    From: Firefly Support
    Sent: 05/03/2016
    Subject: Re: Important Firefly2 Shipment Information

    You guys are fantastic! I received my order earlier than I anticipated and am currently loving your product. I suffer from insomnia and being able to vape before bed is amazing since I'm not coughing all night. I've had your product for 3 days so far and tonight I was finally able to experience it for the first time. The last 3 days I've been on forum after forum trying to understand how to use your device. I carefully followed all of your instructions and having the unit not perform was extremely disappointing and frustrating. But I kept blaming myself and not your product. This is all because of the device's lid not seating/sealing properly. In order for me to get vapor production I have to pinch down the front center of the lid for it to seal. If I don't there's no vapor production. Even with this issue I still love your product. I assure you that the product is super clean and free of debris and properly filled. To be honest I have no problems using it with any amount as long as I pinch the lid down. Now I don't believe this is how the unit was intended to function and was hoping someone can find a solution. I would be more than happy to put down a deposit on an advance replacement or if you guys wanted you could send me a replacement lid to try first (I would even pay for a blue lid if possible).

    I appreciate your assistance,


    I believe in them, I know they won't let me down
  • Baron23
    Hi Hitz - good correspondence and they certainly seem responsive. I fully understand your view but I was afraid that RMA was going to be their reply and without advanced shipment.

    Hopefully it won't take weeks and weeks...shipping of small item is quick and hopefully they will look at your vape, see air leak, and just send you another.

    Let us know how this plays out.

    Have you shipped it back to them yet?
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