• Magestral
    Hi everybody! First time posting. I need some informed advice from the Vape community. Really torn between buying the Errlectric Concentration Station with herb nail or the FlowerPot. I'm only occasionally into concentrates as I don't like that it tends to make me immune to cannabis in its unaltered state. From what I've read they're both great vapes. I like that on the Errlectric the controller box is made in-house, is UL certified, has built in timer & all the other safety features. I also like that it has borosilicate glass for the herb chamber & the vortex "self-stirring". Flavor profiles are high on my list of priorities! What I don't like is I've read the glass handle gets pretty hot & the glass dry herb attachment is a 14mm male joint. My two glass pieces: mobius ion matrix & DH Gate GB187 mobius knockoff are 18 mm. Not sure if either of my WP's are appropriate for either of these vapes? I like that the FP for herb works with 18 & 14 mm. Can I use a 18/14mm reducer for the Errlectric or would that be too flimsy? Anyone compared the flavor between these two vapes? Do you lose too much flavor with the all titanium FP? I prefer small to medium clouds with more flavor over huge clouds with less flavor. Although nothing wrong with a real lung buster now & then! One of the things I really like about the FP is their bundle includes almost everything & it all fits into the carrying case, even the GP that comes with it. Any one used both of these vapes that can provide me with some insight would be much appreciated!

  • LabPong
    I can't compare to the Errlectric one....but you can use a glass bowl with the flowerpot for optimum taste potential. You have to source one 3rd party right now, but easy to do. The NewVape is cool because you have so many options to build a setup as needed or to have options. The machining and build quality is over the top on the NewVape stuff.....it also is currently and continually updated.
  • Magestral
    Build quality does look exceptional! I already have a Pax 1st generation, Herbalizer, Vapolution 3, Enano, Firefly II, Ghost MV1 & Ed's Tnt aroma log. I'm not sure if I'm just going though another case of VAS or if this will add something new to my arsenal. Looking for thorough extraction & good to great flavor. Thanks for responding LabPong & vape on! :)
  • welshman
    I have the FP showerhead but haven't tried the Errlectric one so am no use for a comparison.

    I do however find that the first draw through the FP panhead or even the non-adjustable bowl is really tasty even through water (although it surprises me somewhat to type it, possibly tastier than my mighty or plenty), then subsequent draws have larger amounts of vapour but less taste (tbf I think this is to be expected in various curves for all vapes due to the time to heat up and various generally lower temps flavanoids, terpenes and terpenoids sublimate at... but I could muddle through that science further for hours).

    You can however just load a tiny like 0.05g amount and hit mostly anything worth while in one and therefore get all the taste and effect without the subsequent less tasty draws and then if necessary hit multiple bowls. The other thing is playing with the temp, I think 600f on the controller equates to roughly 374f convection air depending on how fast you draw so you can set it even lower for tastier and less tear-inducing clouds and then cap it to finish off.

    I've had my FP since early Dec and its basically become my go to for home use and extended sessions at mates using the ryot duffle bag thing. The only downsides really are inevitably crossing the medicated vs safe to be around really hot bits of titanium threshold and having to wait for it to cool down to pack it away. I find at around 600f its effective pretty much from when the controller gets back to the set temp after overshooting, which can be around 2-3 minutes but have now started setting a 5 minute timer while I get stuff ready so I don't forget I turned it on. Not quite sure on how long the cooldown takes, its not massively long but requires some forethought that I find I don't always posses at that stage haha

    But however much I rave about it, I haven't tried several of the vapes you have so I don't know if it would fill a gap/add to the collection or purely sate VAS :-!
  • lazylathe
    I have the SH and i "rented" a herb nail for 2 months to test out to see if i would like it.
    I still own the SH and at that stage i had the original 16mm Flower Pot kit.

    The herb nail is super sweet in it's design and looks! Love the swirling air path but the vortex part did not work that great for me.
    The flavor on the Herb nail is superb and lasts a long time but i found the vapor to be on the thinner side. If i set the temp too high, sometimes stray bits of herb would get stuck to the heater and burn and affect the taste of the bowl. You need to use very dry material for it to work optimally.
    It was a great vape but it did not fit my requirements which are:
    Micro doses with great flavor and thick clouds.

    My SH provides that with every hit, not matter what material i place in the bowl, dry or hydrated.
    Thick, great tasting hits every time.

    I use my Errlectric station for concentrates only with a quartz drop in dish!
  • Magestral

    Thanks for the honest & straightforward info Welshman ☺. Glad to hear you really like the FP! The one hit at a time for optimum flavor sounds like an easy enough solution. I'm really tempted to buy the Showerhead Flowerpot Twax Bundle to have an easily portable desktop setup. Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  • Magestral

    Wow! You hit on some really great points Lazylathe. I was wondering if the vortex air path worked as good in real world as intended. I really appreciate the heads-up about the stray bits burning on heater potentiality. Sounds like you get great consistent results with your SH! I really appreciate your informative comparison of these two vapes. LabPong, Welshman & yourself all have me seriously leaning towards getting the FP! ☺
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