• artv4nd3l4y
    UPDATE: I received my new CCell custom batteries today, including the pen and Palm. Thanks to Vape Parts Mart for the prompt service once again.

    I can't believe how small the Palm is, people said it was small but it is tiny:

    CCell Pen Battery REVIEW: There's not much to say about it. I can tell you this thing can give nice clouds, and it's quite smooth. I believe I am noticing an improvement in quality from using a $15 pen over the Predator 228, which definitely costs more than that. Overall, this CCell pen works great and I highly recommend it to anyone that doesn't have one. It's inhale activated and super discreet, really a great design. I'll have to update how it holds up, that would be the only issue is how long it lasts. From the build quality however, I don't see it having an issue anytime soon.

    CCell Palm Battery REVIEW: This is truly a great design for under $30. Also inhale activated, this unit produces some nice clouds. The vapor produced is very smooth, similar to the pen where it's noticeably better than other batteries not specifically designed for CCell. Others have reported the battery lasting a few days with a 550 mAh battery, for the size that's just incredible and I would be ok with charging it every night but not even necessary. The best part about inhale activated, is there's no turning it on or off. That truly adds even more discreetness. For anyone that plans using CCells, I highly recommend both of their vapes.

    While I mentioned CCells being inhale activated, I didn't mention that eliminates the need to set wattage. This is nice because you don't have to worry about adjusting anything. We do know CCells TH model carts shouldn't go above 10 watts, but I love using the CCell vapes also knowing they're not going to damage the coil. The convenience is just great not having to click five times just to use it, I really love the CCell Palm now.
  • artv4nd3l4y
    Found a new cart that looks pretty good also, came out before the CCell actually:

  • juxt

    The max vapor is interesting, notice how the oil port is at the very bottom of the cartridge not 1 or 2 mm up as in some of the others. I am no sleuth as you seem to be, but that's a design I'd want to confirm and explore :D
  • artv4nd3l4y

    They are under $4 also, from the good reviews I would very interested to hear how they compare to the CCell tanks.
  • artv4nd3l4y
    Woah look what I just found about the Max Vapor 3c tanks on reddit:

    anotherbrokephotog asked: Anyone tried the new Max Vapor 3c carts yet?

    OilTycoon replied: They're made by TRANSRPING and they're the upgraded ceramic version of their popular A3, these new ones are called the A3-C.

    Well it just so happens I ordered three sampler Transpring A3-C's from Vape Parts Mart. I will have to see if they are the same, but it makes a lot of sense now.
  • artv4nd3l4y
    I finally decided to try ordering the Vaporesso Veco tank, with some .5 ohm SS316 CCell coils. I saw enough recommendations to convince me to try it.
  • artv4nd3l4y
    I already received my A3-C tanks thanks again to Vape Parts Mart. They not only shipped before estimated time frame, but also picked up these tanks specifically upon request. I haven't used them yet so the review is yet to come, but I will give some pics for everyone interested in them.

    So far I think the build quality is excellent, one complaint I have about the CCell for longevity is the plastic caps. Some argue plastic is better for teeth, but metal will last much longer and don't bite them... I dropped a CCell cap and it shattered, though the rest of the tank can be dropped and usually be fine, the caps really break easily so I will be strongly considering these as my main portable/disposable tanks.

    Here's the A3-C torn apart so you can see the inside up close:

    Not sure if you can see, but a unique feature of this tank is the rod does bend to make filling even easier:

    Another pic all together, I love that the holes are at the very bottom of it:

  • artv4nd3l4y
    Ok I finally was able to get the Transpring A3-C filled up to do a quick review, and already I am very impressed. I did turn the tank upside down for a couple of hours prior to using, they actually recommend for 12 hours upside down just FYI.

    Interestingly my CCell pen didn't work with the Transpring A3-C, it heated up but seems to not do anything and no vapor was drawn. I grabbed the Predator 228 which had no problem, I read Transpring does 3.5V which ends up being about 7.4 watts on my device (3.49volts). I don't recommend going above 7.4 watts until we can get a better answer on wattage with non Transpring batteries.


    What I did:
    For this review I mixed some new Green Crack CO2 shatter, 1 gram into the usual .4ml of Connoisseur Concentrates. This is the EXACT same viscosity that has been used in many CCell tanks, the only difference is the strain but still uses the same extraction process.

    How the A3-C tank did:
    I love the adjustable rod, it makes a huge syringe able to fit in, and this design also is more leak resistant... Also why it's patented.

    When I used the Predator 228, I got vapor quickly and it seems to be a decent bit smoother actually, and even more flavorful though could be the Green Crack being good. I think already I like this better than the CCells, I have noticed some burning because of restricted flow although it's minimal. This tank seems to just run smoother in general, I also believe the five holes in the ceramic heater make a difference as well.

    The cap is basically indestructible which is a massive advantage over the CCell. Also I filled this tank to the absolute top, and capped it without ANY even leaking out. Try that on a CCell and it will ooze right out, honestly my biggest complaint about CCell tanks are their stupid plastic caps.

    I did two back to back ten second draws, and damn this thing still hits hard at even lower wattage. I just looked up on Maxvapor which has the same cart, says it goes up to 8 watts. Overall I am extremely impressed with this cart, and it looks to be a major competitor to the CCell, and has some apparent advantages to them.

    Highly recommended at this point, but I will need some more time to further evaluate. The longevity seems like it will be great though, so I am really looking forward to using these new tanks.
  • artv4nd3l4y
    I also want to compare this mix to the Brass Knuckles cart I tried yesterday. The only difference I note is the Brass Knuckles tastes a bit sweeter, but also tastes like you're smoking chemicals (gee wonder why). My carts taste good even with CO2 and natural terps (Brass Knuckles adds fake terps so that doesn't count as CO2 taste really in my opinion), but the terps I have actually make it taste worse the more you mix. Even using .4ml (fairly thin viscosity, I consider this a lot of terps to add) still tastes better (in my opinion because of chemical taste) than Brass Knuckles and that's just sad.
  • artv4nd3l4y
    Just smoked a bunch through this cart again and it hits so well. I hit it like 10 times in a row to really go crazy with it and test it out, only a tiny little burn spot on two of the holes were noticeable. In comparison with the CCell, usually a line of fluid actually mixes into and darkens the liquid so this is a big improvement it appears. Of course I need to do some more extended use with this, as it's only a .5ml tank. So far I am loving the Transpring A3-C tank.
  • AlfaRomeo4c
    Has anyone heard of AVD carts? Some guys dropped some off and they look identical to a CCELL. We put some distillate by CannaOrganics and they rip just like a CCELL. The only difference is they are dirt cheap at $1.60 each. Can’t find any details on them though.
  • juxt
    I actually just got my hands on an "Amber Industries" prefilled cart today. So far so good, but the flavor is crap. I don't know if it has fiber wick in there, but it seems so to me just from the taste...worries me that I'm going to have to create my own to get a setup that really works for me...and I have none of the skill, drive and passion of @artv4nd3l4y
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