• Gman
    They are STILL scamming peoples visa's. This has gone on long enough. It's bad enough that Canada Post warns people about them.

  • Gman
    bud, as longer you support this shady company the more you only hurt yourself. Your rep will be tarnished from the storm they are causing themselves.
  • Cl4ud3
    Going to tag @VapeCritic so he can see this.
  • VapeCritic
    I'm going to respond to this as if it was my own company being accused of this, because it very well could be.

    This is not a KandyPens defense, I've already thoroughly investigated claims like this one the last time this was brought up about them, this is a general defense for any company that takes credit cards online...

    I have experience with e-commerce shopping cart systems and selling products online, and nowadays almost no software out there lets the merchant see the customer's full credit card number, there are rules now against that, they only show you the last 4 digits. So it's virtually impossible for an actual online store to steal your cc info.

    The only place your number is ever seen or stored is through the payment processor, sometimes called a payment gateway, and these are third-party companies that handle the transactions, for all online stores.

    I'm personally on my fourth credit card within the last 12 months, and I don't shop from KP with this card. I will randomly find charges on my account and then have to get a new card, or my CC company will just mail me a new card out of the blue with a note saying my last one was compromised somewhere. I was never liable for the fraudulent charges, and you should never be either or else you need a new credit card company.

    These credit card hacks happen literally all the time to even the biggest companies out there, like that whole Target fiasco not long ago. People are connecting it to KP because they google it and find other posts and figure "Aha!"

    I'll probably be selling my own vapes in the near future, and if this happened to somebody after shopping at my store and then they went online posting it everywhere I'd be pretty upset.

    I never want to put anybody at risk so in regards to KP I've been regularly checking with them to make sure they're on top of things. I have verified that they spend quite a bit per month on website security and it gets scanned for hacks every day.

    The payment processors are usually the target of hackers and that's really the only place your cc info is. It's very unfortunate that we live in a world where we have to accept regular credit card fraud as "normal" but there's really no other explanation.
  • VapeCritic
    Please post this on that reddit thread for me if you can
  • Baron23
    Thank you for a reasoned, informed, mature response to this....well, internet hysteria.

    Much appreciated.
  • Gman
    Kandypens is obviously using a 3rd party cc company from some 3rd world county that's STILL ripping off credit cards. They even admitted to it in the past, yet it's happening again, how is that fking possible? How you can defend them at this point is upsetting. You should be putting a boycott on them until they fix their shit. They have DOXed customers in the past as well. So the longer you associate with them, the more tarnished your rep will be once they finally get charged by the feds. It's really only a matter of time at this point. But enough on that topic.

    Mod Note: Vapecritic tag added @VapeCritic
    This sucks for them to not fix this, their Prism+ is a really great pen.
  • ShooterMcDabbin
    You are so misinformed it's hilarious. You must live in a small town where everything you read on the internet is true.
  • Gman
    The last time this happened Bud actually said their words to him were "We fixed the problem and everyone was refunded". Which means they knew their credit card system was compromised once before. I'm just warning people it's happening again, take it or leave it, like I give a shit. Keep supporting a company that has DOXed it's own customers in the past roflmao
  • Baron23

    Mod Note: please keep it friendly. Debate the facts all you want. That's what we are here for, but please let's keep it polite and not personal.

    Yes, you guys have not yet gotten into a flame war, but we are seeing more interpersonal insults and arguing on the board lately and are stepping up reminders to "keep it friendly, please".

    Your local friendly mods will thank you for it. :up: :cool:
  • Gman
    this guy was completely insulting and he's done it before. I've already held back.
  • Baron23
    I've already held back.Gman

    And its a great job you have been doing of it. Keep it up!! :up: :grin:
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