• Russ

    Thanks for the info.

    Google or Ghost, I see no reason for the location services. oh well, welcome to 2018. Moooo.....
  • Alegre

    After 5 days with my new mv1 I tried to do the update thru the app. After pairing and hitting the update button is stuck on the running orange lights like yours was. How did you get out of it? I'm pretty bummed out right now.
  • ghostvapesofficial

    It's nothing to do with Ghost and we certainly aren't collecting data either.

    Google require location services for all Apps connecting via Bluetooth not just ours.

    Hope this helps.


  • ghostdigitalops

    Hey, firstly sorry to hear this! One thing that may help is that the update mode should cut out after a period of time if you leave the battery in the device and the MV1 powered on.

    Can you send me a DM with the following info:

    -Serial number of your MV1 (under the battery)
    -Phone Make & Model
    -Android version of your phone
    -The GHOST Vapes app version - go to settings > apps > look for GHOST Vapes

    Can you please carry out the following steps:

    -Go to the Play Store and look for an app called BLE Scanner (by Bluepixel Technologies)
    -Download the app
    -Open the app and look for 'MV1BOOT'
    -Click the small blue text that says RAW DATA
    -Please provide the number of characters in the string
    -Please provide the last 5 digits of the string
  • Alegre

    Thank you for the reply!

    I left the battery out all night and it's finally out of the loop and it goes to this screen. After I hit update it goes to reset ghost but nothing happens after that and all the lights on the mv1 turn off. I'm not going to lie, this is frustrating. Do you still want me to dm you the info you requested? 391zzx54k0bj8kw1.jpg
  • ghostdigitalops
    Please can you email with the info in the above post. We can not look in to anything without it unfortunately. Could you also please include you order number on Forum name so I can link the 2?

    Really sorry you are having this issue but we will fix it ASAP!
  • Alegre
    Anyone knows what's the latest mv1 firmware version?. I was able to connect to the app and mine is saying version 1.3.4
  • justjustin
    Yeah, 1.3.4 is the newest i believe. I can't get mine to update to that version though, it always tried but never gets anywhere and I can't reset it either. I can usually still use the app but i want the latest version. I'm wondering what the latest version does for the performance of the vape, temp, batt life/performance, humming noise reduction?
  • brustibrudr
    Yup some changelog would be great. I've updated from 1.2.8 but do not observe any changes..
  • justjustin
    Ghost has implemented battery and temperature performance upgrades along the way and other things too, I thought, like reduction of the electronic humming noise, vibration intensity? I have also tried to reset my firmware to try and update to the newest version from that but I was unable to get anywhere with the reset too. I was also curious to see how the vape compared with the firmware reset...? I'd like to be able to control the Vibration intensity and it would be nice to eventually have a dynamic mode where the temp would raise over your draw from whatever temps you set it to.
  • Ooziah
    yiu can update the firmware or revert the firmware upon demand it’s simple if you follow directions. 1.2.3 has issues like level 1 is way too strong and charring is more of a threat. Also less consistent performance at power level dot 1 and 2.

    My recommendation is to stick with latest.
  • Tonuzzi
    A big shout out to ↪ghostdigitalops for the outstanding customer service he providede me.
    Thanks my brother for taking the time to address my MV1 issues.
    My replacement MV1 arrived today and works perfectly with the new firmware update on Android.
  • RolandRock
    I guess I'm in trouble.
    Just downloaded the android app. Synced ok with my mv1. I was not really needing any update, but I finally decided to give it a try. Ok so I iniciated firmware update, yellow lights started to blink in my unit, but in the upp there was just this message "preparing for update/installation". I wait and wait and wait and nothing ever happens so I decided to stop the app.
    I can't use my vape because it's still blinking so I also decided to remove my battery (sorry) waiting that it will be ok latter.
    Now when I touch the mode button it goes again yellow blinking.
    Please @ghostvapesofficial help me!!
  • MustB

    It might come out of the amber blinking light mode after about 15 mins. Mine did. Just leave the battery in and the unit on, you might see the lights go out, if so tap power button they might reappear at this point, as mine did also. I just let them go out again (after about another 5 min wait), tapped the power button, there was no response. Then I held power button down and unit came back on and started working as normal. Try it out. Good luck.
  • RolandRock
    Thanks man! Fingercrossing right now.
  • RolandRock
    It's working again!! Thank you very much.
    Now I'm afraid of trying the update again :S
  • MustB

    Sweet and no probs buddy. Glad I could help you get it up and running again. I'd hold fire on the update just for now until you've spoken to Ghost @ghostvapesofficial about it dude.

    At least you can use it now which is the main thing. :)
  • zelucas
    Hello my MV1 worked normally, downloaded the app and worked very well until the time I received a msg to update, after updated my MV1 stopped heating and the app does not recognize it anymore. I reinstalled the app and did nothing. Is there a way I can get back with the settings it left the factory ... thanks
  • Summer
    @Alegre, that's exactly the message I was getting & I, too, was unable to update. How did you finally get passed it?
  • Alegre
    Hey @Summer!

    To be honest, I'm not real sure how it came out of that loop. I kept playing with the app and vape....sometimes doing nothing but letting the app run and the vape next to the phone. Other times taking the battery out the mv1, re-inserting....put into sleep or vape mode....open then close the app.....then repeat in different order.

    I did this for a couples days until it somehow finished the update. After that, it didn't want to reconnect to the app until I did this:
    1- Open the app and let it search for mv1
    2- remove battery on mv1 and insert it again.
    3- Hold the main button to put it in sleep mode.
    Now it will connect immediately. Has to be done before the app times out from searching, if not I have to start over.

    I really hope you get yours figured out. I can tell you that before the firmware update, my mv1 would scorch the load after a couples of hits......not the case anymore. I'm happy with my mv1 and can't wait for future upgrades through firmware updates.

    Best of luck!
  • BestBuds
    Its now on my phone (nexus 6p) and location services turned off
  • RolandRock

    Hello. I wasn't able to update my vape also because of the never ending update time.
    Finally I decided not to update just because mine is working well as it is, and I'm afraid of a behaviour change in the unit.
  • Summer
    @RolandRock, you should contact @ghostdigitalops to get this resolved as you're gonna miss out on some desirable future firmware updates. So make it right now.
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