I think by now that safety issues would be dealt with clearly and comprehensively concerning products . Materials, Temperatures and anything else that can impact our health ,concerns me more than how thick I can blow smoke . The issue about how unsafe Ceramic can be I read here first. It was brought up by a subscriber. I don't recall it ever being mentioned in your reviews about any products using ceramic. For the long run of using Cannabis , especially for medicine, I hope this becomes an obvious priority of your reviews. I, like many others here are drawn to your reviews because we like how informative and candid you can be . I would like to see Health issues with these products become a consistant, thorough part of your reviews. Will you make this a priority ? Thanks.
  • Gonzo
    I think that's a little tricky, since some of the health concerns are subjective, depending on your take on different materials. I have seen many things addressed especially in regards to health, based on reviews in the forum (many times directly with the manufacturer). I'm all for being healthy, but it's up to the end user to decide if the materials used in a product are something they are willing to write off as just that.
  • Baron23
    And I would go further and say that there are some folks with allergies or autoimmune diseases and the like that have VERY specific material substance issues that are very critical to them.

    There are also some who seem to me to lack perspective and go ballistic about some minor material in their vape without consideration of how minuscule the impact of vape materials may be in comparison to what they are ingesting every day in the air that they breath (like standing on an urban summer street corner or breathing in the dust and dirt on a farm tractor) and from other sources.

    Then there are folks like me....no, I don't want shitty glue or other chemical off gassing in my vape....but on the other hand I try to not be too anal about it. For example, for me....ceramic is not an issue at all.

    I do agree with Gonzo that its really up to the user to decide safety for themselves and where their own personal boundaries are set. Reviewers can't make that decision for anybody.

    On the other hand, I have seen Bud go after materials info on vapes with the Square, I believe, being one of the latest where it was determined that the MP was indeed a ceramic and the capsules were SS but I believe the question is still open as to what they are coated with to make them black.

    , I'm not taking a shot at you....you concerns are your concerns and not mine to parse and criticize. Its just not my biggest worry and I am concerned with how effective my vapes extract as demonstrated by the vapor density it can produce.

  • Gman
    is it's shiny black ceramic it was most likely cooked that way and would be safe.

    Just going to the beach once in your life will accumulate more silica than a lifetime of sucking on vapes. Own a sandbox as a kid? ya, gl with your lungs when you're 70 :(
    For me, the info on ceramic health hazards was compelling. I just don't know if it is a problem with most Ceramic or 'cheaply made' ceramic. I use Arizer Solo2 and Lynx Hypnos Zero- both with ceramic bowls. You may want to read the scientific study yourselves. Also, from my understanding, big smoke rips tell you nothing about how effective extraction is...low temps -lighter exhales -destroy less Terpenes . I would like to see consistant , complete material descriptions in each review.
  • Baron23
    Also, from my understanding, big smoke rips tell you nothing about how effective extraction is.SFSFSF

    I don't agree with that at all but we are all entitled to our views and opinions. To me, cannabis vapor is most definitely visible and the more visible vapor the greater the extraction.

    For me, to view it otherwise is like the story of the Emperor's New Suit of Clothes.

    Have a great day, guys.
    Nah. Smoke can be stuff burnt at higer temperature that is bigger smoke but less effective medicine . But of course you have a right to your opinion. The Ceramic report is a scientific study so may not appeal to some.
  • Gman
    that old ceramic report going around is based on ancient coils that were soft and brittle and still have little proof of damage. Honestly, just going to the beach once, ever, will accumulate more silica dust than a life time of coils.
  • Magicman
    I am glad you are here gman.
    Yeah that ceramic report IIRC is referencing respiratory disease rates in several groups:

    1. Rats whose air had visibly thick clouds of ceramic dust in it

    2. Humans who worked in factories with ceramic dust in them.

    Even at temps far higher than I would ever vape extracts at, ceramic is safe.

    I use both Quartz dishes and ceramic ones. Never a coil since late 2014
  • Alex Hand
    I use both Quartz dishes and ceramic ones. Never a coil since late 2014AVENTUS

    What is your favorite wax pen? My Linx Hypnos Zero atomizer seems like a bad design to me. I'd like one that had the lowest surface in the bowl be the heating element so nothing can drip below it.
  • VapeCritic

    Your feedback is well received, I've been thinking a lot about this and how to start addressing it. Many vape manufacturers aren't upfront with this info themselves so I'll have to do some research & investigative work, I just have to figure out the best way to do it.

    I'd love to be able to easily test the purity & safety of materials used in vapes - the metals, the ceramics, the plastic, the silicone - but I don't believe there's a simple way of me doing this so I'm thinking hard about what I can do.

    Generally I would never recommend a product that I wouldn't feel safe or comfortable using myself, but that doesn't necessarily mean I can say they're safe products.

    In my personal opinion, stainless steel, ceramic and quartz are materials we don't need to worry about. There's been some chatter about the safety of ceramics but I consider it very low on the list of concerns. Silicone is also highly debated but it's used in almost every vape, my opinion on that is if you can't smell it or taste it you're good to go.

    I'll meditate on this and see what I can come up with, thanks for asking.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    yo, what effect would making a Pepsi can into a bowl and smoking off it? What chemicals you think are in the paint they spray on there? Ya think the weed’ll kill it? Shoot man, I wish I never did that when I was younger
    1. Source Orb4 w/ removable dish Quartz SourceNail
    2. Source Slim4 w/ same atty^
    3. Kandypens Prism+
    4. Kandypens Prism
    5. Linx Hypnos Zero
    6. Modified Puffco Plus

    Those are pretty much the only 3 I use anymore.

    Kandypens regular Prism is like a better flat bottom version of the Linx Hypnos Zero like you said, same good airflow, glass mouthpiece, but also a lightning charge port for us Apple people.
  • LabPong
    Only way to analize any vape for chemical saftey with use......is to have a expensive lab and tools. It also helps to have a credited chemist in the mix.

    All this means someone has to put up some significant $ and time....who will that be? If it at all happens anytime soon...it will be a 3rd party private org. FDA may at some time do this....I just do not see it happening anytime soon unless we see lots of health problems and death associated from using vapes of many types......dry herb, concentrates, or e-juice types.

    No way you could ever trust 100% what any manufacture states as they have probably not ever gone to or attempted to fully analyze this to the level of clarity as we can tell using our current technology and science. I would go so far as to say most vape companies have little care to even attempt this....as they just go with the flow of what is currently used.
  • Philly
    I used to keep a safety pin on my shoe so I could make a tin can bowl, back in the 80s....
  • Philly
    On FC in the Haze Squared thread the haze dude said that they are one of the only companies that go through FDA testing and that 95% of Vapes companies do not submit theirs to the FDA.
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