• Hazel

    Oh nice! Fellow New Yorker!!! 8-) So you know the deal over here.
  • Dazza78
    @Hazel that’s ok hermana I’m sure your know it, I vape all day from waking till slumber but different strains and vapes
  • jcrewl
    Lately Ive been vaping too much. Idk how some of you do it but after vaping daily for weeks at a time, my lungs start to feel a bit achy (its hard to describe the feeling). I guess its time for a short health break.
  • juxt
    I've only been vaping a week and a half or something like that, but I've gone through nearly 28g of my stuffz :/ Not sure if that's normal on the vape side, but that would usually last me like 2&1/2 or 3 weeks with a dugout/pinch hitter that I previously used as primary. It has been a wild week or so...
  • Hazel
    Omg guys! I found myself vaping ON THE WAY to the gym today. Smh. I did that when I was like 21! I’m 10 years older now and rarely ever do that kind of day vaping activity pre-workout. As you’ll see me mention in the workout thread I started. LOL the time has come to re-assess my day vaping habits. #vapelife
  • Hazel
    lately I’ve been coughing up a storm when I vape. Seems to happen when I vape on a higher setting or when I overdo it with the vaping too.
  • Hazel
    hmm not sure. @VapeCritic does that sound right??
  • Hazel
    Yessss! I do know this!!
  • midas
    What I used to be able to do all day long now takes me all day long to do.
  • Dazza78
    I do normally vape medical and Sativa dominant strains in the day and indica at night
  • Philly
    24/7 for over 30 years. The best all day strain for me is Jack herrer. Like lots of mostly sativas but some are better all day vaping strains.
  • Philly
    Quick question, are all mostly/pure sativas have high CBDs?
  • BestBuds
    I work in finance and I micro dose at work for back pain. I am extremely picky with what strain I will use to during working hours. I don't want a big heady herb while at work, I prefer a high CBD strain. It helps a ton with my back pain and I remain clear headed. If anything I become more relaxed and jovial with my clients.
    I think the key is MICRO dosing.
  • Dr green thumb
    I vape during the day. It helps maintain my pain. I vape much more in the late afternoon evenings. I like higher cbd stains during the day as my head stays clearer.
  • Paxhead
    I like a vape with my coffee in the morning. :up:
  • bum karacho
    start vaping at 5.30am every day.
    today tutankhamon up to 30%thc uhh yeahhh.....
    than coffee....
  • EconMan
    What an interesting and thought provoking thread.

    I partake during the day but when and how is dependent on what's going on responsibility wise. I never vape and teach.... The one time I did I don't think I gave a very coherent lecture. "Look! Squirrel!"
    For me, it's an extraversion vs introversion thing. When I need to be more introverted (and I often need to), self-medication in this regard is most useful. Likewise, when I need to be really extroverted, I abstain. Of course, my "low extroversion" times are probably more extroverted than many people's "high extroversion" times? lol

    I'm constantly analyzing my day vaping and how it effects me. This topic actually gets pretty deep, because day vaping can then be broken down into what style of vaping you're doing.....However, once the evening comes there is less of a discernible difference to me and it really doesn't matter what I vape, the effects feel more similar at night between vapes than during the day. I also don't get tired if I just wait until the afternoon to start with the hybrid vapes.VapeCritic

    Deep indeed. Pondering my own usage now. I JUST realized I only use my FF2 and SBj almost ONLY in the daytime. Never realized it before. And I agree, different vapes can have amazingly different effects from the same flower.

    Also, everyone is different. I'm still pretty much *me* high. Some people do change personality attributes significantly. I know a woman who is a total chatty cathy but put a bowl in her, and she just loses her otherwise impressive verbal ability. She's in sales and obviously daytime consumption would be a CLM for her.

    Hazel Really depends what the task is at hand. Try doing any math or going deep in the excel spread sheets, it's like being back in multi variable calculus. That's what I would like to know, math people who vape at work ? Think it's like you're saying, depends on the field you work in micro dosing can really helpTo the Cloud

    True. If I am inputting your bank codes into the payments gateway so your business can take CC's and have revenue, it is doubtful you're made to feel good about me if you believe I'm going to take a 1g dab right before doing so With personal freedom comes personal responsibility and "sorry, I was high" is always a lame excuse for failure. So in the daytime I'm more of a micro doser.... a slight buz going, but not blown away.

    When I was little, I would love to watch static on the television screen.... for hours.... I just loved it.... it relaxed and soothed me. But my nutty mom thought I had a demon in me .... seriously.... because I claimed I could see things... patterns, images,etc... I was little then and had no power or knowledge, just a brain, but I stuck to my guns -- "you're wrong mom and I'm right". Years later I would learn, not only I was right but would make a career out of that passion. As a grad student I accidentally turned my dissertation into a software product that forecasted net demand for Bank Branches and ATM machines, and created orders that took into account lead time, safety stock, denomination, etc. I was the first company to really do that. EVERY line of code was written high. Today, that code runs the logistics of over 800,000 ATM machines across six continents. At one time, I had as clients EVERY single bank in the UK, Australia, Indonesia, Greece, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, and 19 of the top 20 USA banks (Chase never signed)

    I sold it to Fiserv a decade and a half ago. I have some money today because my brain loves to get high, get all unusually introverted, and get on a white board and do math. The next day my extroversion takes over, and I think "wow, I might could sell that".

    When I retire, I want to write a book called, "I did it stoned". :nerd:
  • DatDus
    Well, I do vape in the morning, I love to 'wake and bake" with coffee. Then at 07:00 am I go off to work and get back at 4:20pm :halo:
    For me it takes the edge off.. I have regular nightmares, PTSD and depressive disorder.
    Weed helps me sleep and it helps very much for the anxiety, makes me less vigilant.
    Having said that, I still don't see myself as a medical patient

    I do think I am addicted, started 20+ years ago, never really able to quit :worry:
    I used to party and drink alcohol too, in the last years I totally quit with all those things, it's just weed now. Smoking weed is still not socially accepted the way alcohol is, if i smoke weed at a party some people judge me for that (with the 7th beer in the hand) I think it's not fair, sadly the way it is. People do look strange at me when I try to explain that alcohol is so much more dangerous than having some weed.

    I started to grow my own, because it was getting really expensive to buy it all the time. It's really fun to do, my favourite strain at the moment is the pineapple express,I'm growing it again :love:
    For me the quality is good, does the job...
    At the moment I vape about a gram a day, always wondering; is this too much??

    I don't like getting the munchies all the time, I stopped smoking Indica's because of that, but the sativa's also make me hungry. Not having too much bad food in the house is the only way to manage it for me.

    To get back on topic, I do think smoking weed during work is not ok... (But I do it too) the same way alcohol is for after work. I don't mean to judge, especially people who need it medically.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Like @DatDus says, the munchies are also a problem for me.
    They are made much worse by starting vaping earlier in the day. If I spend the whole day with munchies then I will eat up to 5000 calories of cereal or bad food that day, it's really a problem for me. I maintain a healthy weight but only by fasting after big binges. I find if I don't feed the munchies then they don't get so strong.
    Nevertheless, I try to avoid vaping during the day and leave it until the evening when bedtime can sometimes stop the crazy feasting.
    Also, like @DatDus, I stopped heavy drinking a few years ago and I think my addiction to alcohol has been replaced by food a bit so I have to be very aware that overeating is also one of my coping mechanisms with life. I also live with complex PTSD and the anxiety/depression that accompanies it so I wish I could vape all day! But then my tolerance would be screwed :sweat:

    So if it weren't for munchies and tolerance I'd be day vaping for sure :smile:
  • DatDus

    "I find if I don't feed the munchies then they don't get so strong"

    That's also the only option for me!!! And having late dinners, also helps
  • Tdog420
    I have 2 vapes packed on my night stand so the second my alarm goes off i turn on a vape for my fiance and i lol. Then i proceed to smoke pretty much the entire day including at my job which it has never effected negatively. Iv been smoking 18 years and have always smoked all day everyday from day 1. I found it never really held me back or made me tired just calm and focused lol.
  • LabPong
    start vaping at 5.30am every day.
    today tutankhamon up to 30%thc uhh yeahhh.....
    than coffee....
    bum karacho

    Bum.....are you training to be an astronaut? :sparkle: haaa
  • Baron23
    I don't like getting the munchies all the timeDatDus

    The person who creates a strain that eliminates the munchies will make a fortune!!

    GSC will make me eat like a zombie...two week old cold Chinese food at 2 am...no problemo! haha
  • Pakalolo2

    Been there like this last weekend! Too funny Baron but soooo true my friend....
  • DatDus
    The person who creates a strain that eliminates the munchies will make a fortune!!/quote]

    I've read something about this.. https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/10-cannabis-strains-that-wont-make-you-as-hungry

    All strains give me the munchies :scream:
  • meeemeee
    Vape all day every day and be thankful. Jah bless
  • LabPong
    I don't like getting the munchies all the time — DatDus

    The person who creates a strain that eliminates the munchies will make a fortune!!

    GSC will make me eat like a zombie...two week old cold Chinese food at 2 am...no problemo! haha

    Yes...funny how we quickly loose or food ethics with good flowers!

    What ever you all do then.....do not...and I repeat do not ever get this strain.....

    check out the Effects and Attributes ratings.....first time I have seen the top ones pegged full on for effects and medical..lol :starstruck:
  • Dr green thumb
    Top three strains that make you eat: girl scout cookies, diablo, pineapple Express. That's according to leafly. I use gsc pretty regularly and damn does it make you hungry. I have to try this pineapple xpress.
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