• Hazel
    Hey VapeLife Fam!

    So I’m wondering, how many of you vape during the day or while at work?

    If you do, why do you like day vaping?

    Also, a lot of people are coming out in the business world saying they vape and microdose during the day. They say it helps with anxiety and helps get their creative juices flowing. What’s your experience with this and do you do it?

    I can certainly say that Bud and I do our fair share of day vaping! LOL :D
  • Kakarot
    Hi @Hazel I vape during the day so I do not go insane also I flat out get bombed every day about noonish and yes it does help creativity but it also soothes PTSD/Panic Disorder/Pain.. what about you & Budnick? :-!
  • BudsofWar
    All day everyday.... just because I can really.
  • To the Cloud
    Really depends what the task is at hand. Try doing any math or going deep in the excel spread sheets, it's like being back in multi variable calculus. That's what I would like to know, math people who vape at work ? Think it's like you're saying, depends on the field you work in micro dosing can really help
  • kpx420
    I do quality control and work in a lab, where I weigh stuff all the time and run test (ie; viscosity, tensile, caliper, pH, DO, other boring crap) I take my Mighty & dosing capsules with me on my 90 mile round trip commute.. While at work, I'll sneak into my car to use the vapcap.. I tried the Mighty at break but It apparently makes me smell too much LOL... Idk why i day vape.. more like vape 24/7? O:)
  • Alex Hand
    When I was 14 and tried cannabis, it was a twice a month kind of thing. By college it was a weekly thing, then when I lived with a dealer it was a multiple times a week thing. By the time I was out of college it was a regular thing and I've been high at some point almost every day for the last 5 or 6 years, almost all vaping. Mostly at night, but since getting really convenient portable vapes (Grasshopper, vapcaps, Linx Hypnos) it's become a daytime thing, too. Never compulsive, wake and bake style, just like "why not?" It's extremely affordable, I like it and I get away with it because it doesn't interfere with my daily routine. I took three months off to see what would happen, and didn't notice much of a difference, so I went back harder than ever with the new confidence.

    I teach guitar and play gigs. I learned early on not to get high before a high-precision activity like performing difficult music, but I've played musicals, jazz lounge gigs, etc, baked. Keep in mind most of this is "microdosing," as in I'm not giggling and seeing fractals from one bong hit like I used to when I didn't have a tolerance. I have developed a style of doing things that appears normal, despite being stoned, like a sober way of living and a high way of living. They both work, and most people don't notice me being under the influence.

    I've honestly never been able to figure out if it's more good or bad for me, but if I drank as regularly as I vape herb it would probably be considered alcoholism.
  • Lucic and Chong
    I don't mix vaping and my job, I find that it doesn't work for me. But I always bring a packed vape with me for right after my shift, before the transit ride home.

    I work nights, so that means for 4 nights a week I don't have my 1st vape until almost midnight. But on my days off, all rules are off. I love the day vape on my daze off. Something so relaxing about having an uplifting, flavorful sativa and a nice,fresh ground coffee with breakfast.
  • Hazel
    haha yes! We do day vaping as well! Love the first vape of the day especially. But sometimes my starting point will have to wait...depending on what I have planned work wise for the day. Some things i have to do with a very clear head lol but I certainly day vape and find it relaxes me. I wouldn’t say it makes me more creative personally. Bud though, it gets his focus and creativity going. 8-)
  • Hazel
    totally agree! I’m surprised at how many people have come out and said day vaping and microdosing actually helps with their jobs. I’m not a big “on the job” vaper. It really depends what I’m working on and what meetings I have planned. If I have a fairly smooth schedule though, and don’t need a super clear head, i’ll day vape all day. Lol
  • Hazel
    omg 90 min commute!! :-O You gotta have something on hand for that kind of ride.

    Bud loves the vapcap for quick and easy vaping. It’s great for sneaking hits haha.

    Sounds like a job that requires a lot of clear headed focus. But c’mon.. how can we not vape 24/7 LOL
  • Hazel
    I've honestly never been able to figure out if it's more good or bad for me, but if I drank as regularly as I vape herb it would probably be considered alcoholismAlex Hand

    Sooo true! Good thing we don’t drink like we vape! lol
  • Hazel
    I so agree! I love having a vape packed and ready to go after certain tasks.

    I work for myself, but interact with clients a lot, so a lot of the time day vaping is not good for me. It’s just better to get through my appointments / meetings clear headed. But the second I’m done with the tedious tasks, it’s onnnnnn. Crafty goes on and I unwind. If I have no face to face work or am doing things that are more low key, I can usually day vape and work no problem. It all depends what I’m working on that day and how I want my day to go.

    I love the rewarding feeling of a good day vape session after the “hard” tasks are completed. 8-)
  • MAbud

    VapCap is my go to for day vaping as well. Easy access and microdoses well. It also doesn't leave a lot of odor transfer on my clothes so it helps reduce potential paranoia. Especially if I am locked into spreadsheets and headphones for a few hours then it helps me
  • Baron23
    Hi Hazel - we are such a varied community that its very difficult to talk about my personal preferences without giving the impression that I'm throwing shade on somebody else habits and preferences....but I assure you that this is not my intention.

    Beyond the distinction of med patient vs rec user, within the category of med patient the scope of ways and reasons that people use cannabis is as wide as the Grand Canyon.

    Like many above, I was a teenage rec user when the summer of love was going on (look it up...ancient history! haha).

    Then college (in FL where yes, we smoked lots of herb) then into the USAF to fly (where I definitely did NOT smoke a lot of herb LOL) and afterwards lots of family and professional responsibilities. So, for a very long time, while I was fine in keeping a bag of weed in the nightstand with a pipe, or taking a hit at a BBQ or party if it came by, cannabis was definitely not a priority. Too damn much to do.

    Fast forward to back injury and only somewhat successful surgery and I became a daily med user ten years ago. Now, for lots of folks, medication means small doses throughout the day but this is all dependent on the nature of the medical need. For me, I vape for pain and sedation and what I desire is a good knockout punch at night...so, that's what I do.

    I still don't get up and get ripped during the day. I'm retired now for a bit over a year and thought...oh, heck...its winter, there will be some really crappy weather days to stay in the house, maybe I should do the wake and bake thing. But I find I just really don't want to. I think I rather enjoy my days and, unlike some people, cannabis is almost always sedating and makes me lazy AF.

    I never got high before work....for ME....not any of YOU but for ME....there is no mental or physical activity for which getting high improves my performance. Not driving, not competitive clay target shooting, not interpersonal interactions and conversations. Nada. For me, cannabis is mainly a solo activity at night and I'm happy with that.

    Great question and thanks for stimulating some conversation on the board.
  • welshman
    I’m a computer programmer/database developer and although I probably could vape during the day, I find it difficult to keep track of multiple different sets of data in my head while high. I do however start the flowerpot heating as soon as I get in haha
  • welshman
    Ooh probably should add though that I’ve started occasionally hitting a CBD + terpenes full spectrum extract in the mornings on the basis more cbd to counteract high thc intake would be beneficial. It does seem to reduce my anxiety massively but then it’s still somewhat the honeymoon phase and could be placebo
  • Heroin Batman
    it basically keeps me from quitting, but ive been reducing. also if i need to spend time and money on weed to do my job, maybe i need a new one. its a big debate. i vape 24/7 tho, so thats a thing too.
  • tacit0ne
    High-CBD, low-THC flower during the day and right before bed.

    Doesn't really give me a buzz, but there are benefits to having CBD in your system before consuming THC - i.e. less anxiety and agitation.
  • Hazel
    I really gotta try cbd!
  • kpx420
    I wish 90 mins!! 45 miles each way..But yes Vapcap great to sneak in a hit.. Yes my job does require clear headed focus but obviously I do not practice that >:)
  • Hazel
    haha just realized I misread that 90 miles roundtrip part! LOL
  • Kinick23
    @tacit0ne I’m w/ you in cbd, tried for the first time a few months back. I’m not in a legal state yet but got my hands on Cannatonic and it’s been amazing for anxiety and pain mgmt without being groggy or giving me any physoactive effects to where you still think clearly. I work in investment banking and use it now late afternoon when I’m winding down and find it takes the edge off without impacting efficiency / performance
  • midas
    Hello, my name is midas, and I'm an addict. Since I received my medical card 16 months ago I have never 'run out'. I carry a vape pen with me when I leave the house. At home it's the MV1 all day. I'm sort of retired. I go out and drive for Lyft 2 days a week.

    I have a back problems. The weed helps a lot. I have what is called, though probably not spelled, osteophytes. The weed helps keep the muscles relaxed. It's also supposed to help with my cancer, but I'm skeptical on that.

    I couldn't drive for more than an hour at a time without the weed. The alternative is what I take at night, cyclobenzaprine. I'd much rather drive with a few hits off a vape pen compared to what those pills do to me.
  • Bud
    LOL this is great, you guys are awesome :-!

    I'm constantly analyzing my day vaping and how it effects me. This topic actually gets pretty deep, because day vaping can then be broken down into what style of vaping you're doing.

    For me, I notice more a difference between the various heating methods during the day. There is a noticeable difference in how I feel when I vape a pure convection unit versus when I vape a hybrid or conduction unit.

    I haven't taken more than a few days off of vaping/smoking in almost 15 years, but I have varied my usage levels over time. Right now I start vaping shortly after I wake up and as soon as I start my work day. Caffeine doesn't agree with me so I actually only drink decaf coffee, but I vape all day once I start so I can't get tired.

    My formula to not get tired during the day has been to avoid any conduction heating before early-afternoon, including hybrid vapes.

    My typical morning through lunch time includes the MV1 when I'm moving around and something like the E-nano on my desk. Convection-only seems to prevent me from feeling sedated after vaping, and it's actually affecting me in the opposite way where it feels like caffeine to me, it's energizing and I feel my brain juices start to flow when I vape.

    If I were to vape the Crafty, Mighty or IQ as my first vape of the day I can count on feeling tired by lunch time and needing to take a nap.

    However, once the evening comes there is less of a discernible difference to me and it really doesn't matter what I vape, the effects feel more similar at night between vapes than during the day. I also don't get tired if I just wait until the afternoon to start with the hybrid vapes.

    That's my story and I'm stickin to it. :-! :-!
  • Hazel
    damn I really need to get some CBD! I don’t think we have access to any real CBD around here... which is pretty much the reason I haven’t already tried it. I’ve really been wanting to though since everyone I talk to says it helps with anxiety and doesn’t have many negative (psychoactive or whatever you want to call it) side effects. :-}
  • nowayout
    I usually try not to vape whenever I have to go in to work, but lately I have been breaking this code. Been vaping a whole lot more throughout my work day, just to help get by a long work day. I usually don't work more than 5 hours but that hasn't been the case this week, so the struggle is real. lol

    Anyway, helps me deal with the pressure (and overall anxiety)I have from getting crap done there at work.

    It definitely depends on what tasks your doing at work, I've made the mistake of going too baked, but one hit from the MV1 is definitely manageable.
    Very rewarding to vape after work, helps me unwind and relax.
  • Kinick23
    @Hazel same here w/ access to cbd. I’ve been using cannabis for prob 16 yrs (college will do it
    to ya lol) and never came into contact w/ cbd strains, granted then we didn’t care wtf it was but I always got high so I know it thc dominant. A friend’s old roommate is a grower now and grew this cannatonic so was able to snap up a bunch. Looks wise it’s not impressive, terps give off a citrus / cheese aroma and it’s fresh.. but it’s prob the first time in my life seeking out flower where I didn’t care what it looked like cause it was Cbd induced high I was after. Anywho you guys are just a stone’s throw over the Whitestone bridge from me lol
  • juxt


    Me too, daily user as much as I can get it anyway since it's not readily available here.

    I do IT stuff, including labor budgets and purchasing, so yeah I have complex Excel stuff going on, powerBI and whatnot...so I deal with #'s a lot. When medicated, I just look at them a lot longer ;)

    I'm trying to begin analyzing my usage, but I've only been vaping flower for a week or so and I keep forgetting to write down any data :/
  • Dazza78
    “All of the day,and all of the night, all the good times” sorry love that song and pretty much sums it up for me
  • Hazel
    que? Lol I’m really bad with song lyrics and movie quotes. :-x
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