• Alex Hand
    I've been daily using a Linx Hypnos wax pen with some Gorilla Glue wax for the past month, before that mostly dry herb with a vapcap. I've had this sore throat that gets worse sometimes but never really goes away. I took a few days off vaping and still have it. Anyone else experience this? I haven't had a cold or flu during this time and it's lasted weeks. It only hurts when I swallow and it feels like a little abrasion on the left side around my adam's apple. I'm not even using the vape on the highest temp setting, usually.
  • Gman
    I find it gets pretty hot, and you have to suck a lot to get any vapor. It's possible you have outgrown it quickly like I did. There are some more powerful real wax atomizers out there if you want to try again.
  • Mc69
    Could it be the wax? Have you tried others with the pen? Never tried the lynx, but could be poorly made wax
  • Baron23
    Could it be the wax?Mc69

    This is a good question, particularly if the OP is not in a legal state. I know that in the past I had bought some wax from Wash, DC and of course not tested and really a grey market product. It was too dirty to dab so I made edibles out of it (not my thing but why waste 2 g's, yeah?

    I do have a Linx Zero and find it to be a sipper, not a ripper and I would be surprised if it was the pen but don't really know.
  • Alex Hand
    The wax came from a dispensary in CA last year. I've noticed the wax runs off the heating element and gathers along the bottom underneath it, after which whatever residue is left on top of the heating element basically burns and chars while the stuff in the gutter is slowly vaporized. Maybe that's it? It's a terrible design for an atomizer, tbh. Would think you'd want the floor of the whole chamber to be the heater so everything drips toward the hottest part.
  • Gman
    ya, I suggest looking into a TAF SAI from humboldtvapetech.com

    The new vs Poseidon is a must has as well.
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