• LabPong
    I am going to try a edible candy bar for the first time. I had messed with eating years back but it was too primitive to work well. Now with all the advancements in the industry with edibles....I want to try them mainly for a substitute to give my lungs and throat a long break.

    I am not at all expecting it to be at all like inhaling, but I have tons of stress with my day to day work and micro dosing helps me calm down and not get so overwhelmed so much while working.

    I am looking for those that have experience with a specific brand and type, or can at least give me good info in general about edibles. I understand there are a few ways to make them....and these seem to be popular and someone mentioned they are made better. CODA 100mg candy bars.

    Has anyone here tried this type?
  • The beav
    I have not but I have used plenty of types of edibles from home made to store bought and my favorite so far is not really what you'd think. I prefer rso or a tincture because they seem to come on fast in tincture form and still last and edible rso just lasts for me all day. I use around 200mg a day for best results and I still vape around a gram of herb maybe a little more daily but with edibles I don't really have to vape but z couple times throughout the day. Be careful you WILL build a tolerance. So take it slow if you want to keep tolerance down.
  • Kinick23
    @LabPong I use Flavrx products that remind me of the pic in the link, each piece is 10mg which is generally considered a standard dose. I personally stick to it and find the chocolates hit me harder than gummies that are the same dosage... For me I find edibles more potent than vaping and longer lasting so would prob try 1/2 piece if you like microdosing and see how you feel than top off w/ the rest later .. or eat 1/2 then vape and watch the high lift you once the edible kicks in
  • midas
    Every is different when it comes to edibles. While @Kinick23 finds it more potent than vaping, I've personally never taken enough edibles to really feel a buzz. Granted, I've never taken more than 100 mg, but even that seems like a lot when I hear of people just using 10 mg.

    I gave my girlfriend a bar with 4 25 mg squares. She ate one square and the walls were melting on her. I' can't say that I've never been that high, but never on mj.

    Everyone is different.
  • Mc69
    Go with cheeba chews and kushy punch. Bhang bars for chocolate, but I think cheeba chews set the industry straight. I love the cbd, indica, and watermelon hybrid
  • LabPong
    Great info all....I am finding the same type when talking to other experienced users now. My conclusion is that I have to test first to see how they affect me. I also was told that I may want to try some Wana gummies with 10mg CBD and 10mg THC combined.
  • The beav
    I prefer distillate edibles for a more energetic high. I find that with full bud extraction you get the other cannabinoids effects as well as the thc and cbd so I get a little more relaxed and sleepy at night doses. But distillate has a great buzz to me.
  • katdaddy
    I need to find a “friend” lol.
    I really don’t want to end up at a pain management doc!!!
  • VapeCritic

    I like the energetic feeling too, how can one make this distillate? 8-)
  • The beav
    I'm not sure how to make it but I've tried Infused Edibles a couple times and they make their stuff with distillate. I tried a couple 300mg thc snacks. I first tried the beef jerky they have and it tasted like shit but I got the whole bag down. An hour later I cleaned the whole house. Then I tried the almonds wich tasted way better. They weren't as grainy and sugar coated feeling like the jerky and were unsalted but good. You could still taste the distillate but not as bad. Both lasted awhile but I prefer rso as my source of edible medicine. Thanx bud stay up. Ps if u can get distillate it's edible on its own anyway. You could just put it on a piece if candy and enjoy.
  • Baron23
    how can one make this distillate? 8-)VapeCritic

    With a very large amount of expensive lab equipment and a degree in Chemistry or Physics. LOL


  • VapeCritic

    WTF jesus christ!

    Although I already have half of it setup with my Glass Symphony LOL

  • VapeCritic

    sweet! unfortunately i don't have access to edibles :’(
  • katdaddy

    Not yet Bud, but I have faith for us on the east coast this year!!!
    Reallly want some for medicaton!!!

  • Baron23
    That ain't nothing....just one pic of just one brand of commercial distillate rig


    Ready to Create World Class Distillate? Introducing the CDU 1000 commercial distillation unit, the "Barracuda"
    *Continuous Batch, Single Pass Processing. Precision's CDU 1000 processes 400-1500 ML per hour with one light pass and single pass polish. It's auto feed and auto extraction pumps contributes to heightened efficiency and ease of operation.

    *German Engineering Meets Detroit Innovation. The CDU 1000 was engineered via a joint venture between Precision® and Frankfurt-based UIC GmbH, Germany's premier distillation equipment manufacturer. The unit comes standard with Julabo temperature control units thereby contributing to precise and reliable operation.

  • Lucic and Chong
    Even here in Vancouver, where it's basically legal, we don't have access to edible candy bars yet. It looks like when it's federally legal this summer, it won't include selling edibles for at least another year, or more, too.

    Edibles have a much worse public perception than vaping/smoking up here, they were banned from our dispensaries a few years ago. Part of the problem is that every 420 celebration, there will be a number of newbies and underage kids who eat too much, and end up getting medical care for " being too high ". They'll often smoke a bunch, eat some, and then get the munchies and eat more of the edible candy or cookies instead of just buying actual candy or cookies. Rookie move!

    It's a shame since I find that edibles can be more medicinal for a lot of people than vaping/smoking, it's a lot easier to manage doses and a lot of medical users don't like having to inhale their medicine.

    The one way that the dispensaries here are getting around that is by offering a selection of THC/ CBD/ oil/ distillate pills, and tinctures. The issue here is that they don't want them to be sugary and candy like, but pill and drop form is fine.
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