• Cri3
    I have 10 shares in aurora cannabis company they have a very strong foot hold on the canadian market and are looking to expand into europe i also hold shares in the s and p 500 at least half my portfolio is in the s&p 500 to get growth over time don't forget to have a diverse portfolio cannabis stocks are volatile pick one or 2 companies you did your research on and trust in the cannabis industry and move on to another industry to other companies you trust but know what kind of portfolio you want for me im a very conservative spender so i mostly focus on earning dividends and occasionally picking 2 maybe 3 volatile risk stocks if i think they will go up
  • Cri3
    If you want to learn to evaluate stocks their is this YouTube channel i watch called the monk way he teaches how to use math to find and compare companies over all worth not just stock price but how to evaluate their price to earnings ratio and how to find it things of that nature it helped me pick out a few good cannabis stocks
  • EconMan
    Entire Ph.D. dissertations in economics can and have been done on this very subject -- the efficient market hypothesis. It is my judgement over decades of study and experience, that stock prices are a random walk "with drift' at best, and therefore "stock timing" is voodoo psychology. Yes, some folks do "beat" the market experientially but in no more propensity than would be expected from monte carlo simulations of a population of 100 million investors. Some must be "lucky" and others must be "unlucky". Most are under the middle of the probability distribution and experience average'ish results.

    Regardless, the "Income Approach" is NOT what is driving MF securities any more than it drove the dot-bombs tech companies in the late 90's.

    Lastly, it is also my judgement that MJ stocks are not merely volatile stocks, they are becoming a dangerous psychology for too many people. Just met a old man who bet the farm on MJ, and I hope he listens to me, because it is all he had in saving. I wish they still taught "tulipmania" in history and economics classes in high school....

    Right now, there is so much more than can go wrong that can go right.

    I so see TULIPMANIA in this industry in spades.
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