• f0Nz
    I swear these were my words until i had this issue :sweat: I pretty much avoided every other vape where you can't use dosing caps.

    I have it with all my caps. I don't have a brand new one but some were used maybe 1 or 2 times.
    I cleaned my caps with iso and a brush so i thought maybe too much iso is not good but some of them never met a drop of iso. Actually the newer the caps are the heavier the abrasion is.
    I don't know why this is happening now. I'll show to S & B, maybe they know something.
  • VapeCritic
    Does anybody have a guess about the type or grade of aluminum these capsules are made of?
  • Baron23
    soft and cheap.
  • Rockytdogg

    Grade “A” for Alzheimer’s...?

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist...
  • BobCat
    I have emailed S&B about a dosing capsule material/grade/changes.......Will post response.
  • BobCat
    Here's my email, and the S&B reply. I've included their ph#. Gotta love the answer.


    1078 60th St.

    Oakland, CA 94608

    tollfree: 1-866-380-6278

    phone: 510-451-1553

    fax: 510-451-2053
  • Rockytdogg

    Gotta love them Germans...!

    (yes, I know its says S&B America....)

    Good work, Robert!
  • BobCat
    I emailed S&B again. Their second reply is included.

  • welshman
    I think what they are saying is the caps are made of pure aluminium. In which case there aren’t different grades as it’s an element. The grades are for alloys and if it’s 100% Al then it’s just pure aluminium (plus any oxide formed on the surface).

    Having said that I’d be surprised if they were using 100% Al as it’s almost always alloyed
  • artv4nd3l4y
    This thread compelled me to give these a try, and I just thought to check my Crafty box since I got one a few months ago. S&B kindly included one for me to sample, and now I'm sold on them. This really makes the S&B portables complete for on the go use, I am getting into infused e liquids more for portability, but the Crafty will remain in the lineup as well.

    With the Crafty, an external charger slightly smaller (10,000mAh capacity 2A output), USB cable, and the dosing capsules prefilled, extended use will be great when traveling. Assuming fully charged batteries to start, that would be a little over 200 minutes estimated runtime if there would be no available electricity.
  • BobCat
    @Fonz Here was my final attempt to get a straight answer from S&B. I agree with @welshman that they are saying the capsules are 100% aluminum, but I don't have those words from them.

    My 3rd and final email:

    Hello again,

    I appreciate the expedient reply.

    I've had capsules for a year without issue. However, my friend recently bought them, used them twice, cleaned with ISO and water, and the cloth used to dry the capsules has a residue coming solely from the capsules aluminum.

    This event made me concerned about the safety of using the capsules. Are they RoHS certified? Are they safe? What testings and certificates have been awarded?

    I apologize for another email, but I feel health concerns are of utmost relevance and warrant more information.



    S&B Response

    Hello Robert,

    We would assume that the residue is from whatever material was used in the capsule, they are single use, not multi use. If you happen to get them open and re-use them then you are fully allowed to do that as you own them.

    All of that information you are requesting can possibly be found on our website or if that is public information can be researched through the EU certifications. We do not have that information off-and and if you would like you can address your concerns directly to our main office in Germany:


    Storz & Bickel America, Inc
  • myco2
    I bought the filling tray kit from S&B. It comes with a grinder and some other tools. It also includes a tiny scale for which I really have no use as it's not the greatest for microdosing.

    If I were to fill up a bunch of capsules do you think I should keep them in the same cVault where I store the same material? I thought having them in a container with a Boveda pack would keep them from getting too dried out. I'd also avoid having to use a second container for just capsules.

    After a surgery a few years ago I filled several capsules at a time and just used them over the course of a few days. I really need to move back to the capsules as they keep the Mighty very, very clean. I wish I'd continued using them.
  • artv4nd3l4y

    Yeah just make sure to use a Boveda pack specifically optimized for cannabis storage. I know many have used the packs for cigars, but the humidity is a bit too high for storing cannabis. According to medicaljane.com, the best cannabis engineered Boveda packs maintain 62% relative humidity. The only other consideration is the Boveda pack size, it needs to be large enough to accommodate all the material.
  • artv4nd3l4y

    Thank you for making me look into Boveda packs. A buddy of mine asked about long term cannabis storage, and this seems to actually be a GREAT option.

    Even with containers opened often, Boveda packs should last around 2 months. For containers not opened often, they can even last up to a year. A 10 pack that can "treat" up to an ounce of herb with a single pack, is only $14.25 for the set. That is totally worth it, under $1.50 to keep one ounce costly buds fresh and from degrading for at least two months.

    The main disadvantage of buying large quantities is the degradation. I wonder if this is a way to get a great discount, but still keep buds fresh.
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