• Wallace
    Ok my best advice is:
    Try grinding it a bit more (don’t worry if you see some dry herb that has escaped from the capsule when you have finished and open the mighty chamber).
    and DO NOT pack it TOOOOOOO tight,
    Tight yes TOOOO TIGHT No
    (it will work very well if it is not loose but if the air does not flow good enough it will not produce good clouds and will seem like it is not working well (it all gets baked to fast and you herb tents to go to waste))
    Hope it helps.
  • Lost Toy Sai
    Thanks a ton for your swift response! I'm a little baked right now, but I believe I did what you described, packed it too tight and it all cooked too fast...might have wasted a capsule's full potential, oh well. I'll keep working on it!
  • Wallace
    You have a beast there so my best tip would be to play with it and find YOUR sweet spot.
    And once you think you have found it, keep on playing around with it because you will still find better (or different) sweet spots for you and you will love the vape more and more you use it.
    Try less/more tight, less/more temp, less/more grinded.,, and mix more less, less more…. And on until you get all the experience there is in vaping a great herb.
    I love fine grind, mid temp, pack light (I use the easy filling gadget with the dossing capsules, just place the dosing in middle, scoop around and put the lid on), and long slow draws…. Great flavor and nice clouds (takes a go to warm up to produce nice clouds)
  • Lost Toy Sai
    I will try and grind a bit finer when I use it tonight...and pack it a bit looser. I'll let you know how it goes! Good to know I have you and others here for a helpful resource as I take this journey! Thanks!
  • Baron23
    I have a relatively new Mighty and use the dosing capsules from time to time. I grind fine and I don't press the herb into the capsules but I do fill them well with a scoop (so, not tamped really very much at all).

    I can't tell you how many good draws I get off of a capsule but its in the range of maybe 10 or 12?

    I start at 385 F (195 C more or less) and when the vapor gets a bit wispy, I use the boost function to go to 410 F (210 C).

    The capsules are definitely HOT to the touch right after completing a session and the AVB is nice and evenly chocolate brown.

    Do it again and immediately at the conclusion of your session, see if the capsule is hot to the touch.

    Also, try some herb straight into the oven with a liquid pad on top....I also like this approach and the pad seems to help get good conduction into the load from the top to aid extraction.

    Have you used it natively? That is, without a capsule or liquid pad. Have you used it naked, so to speak, and if so how was that session? Did your ABV get brown? Did you get nice thick vapor.

    If this device is new to you and you have not had success with it extracting in any configuration, perhaps you have a bad unit, but its too early to make that call based on this little bit of experience.

    Also, I don't know if you are an experienced vaporist or not. An experienced vaporist will know that much depends on the quality of your herb. If not sufficiently dried and/or if not of good quality, this will be reflected in your vapor.

    Hope this is helpful.
  • DregerUS
    If the THC potency is low start at a higher temp while using the capsules or go to a full bowl instead.

  • Lost Toy Sai

    Forgive me for not replying last night I just wanted to enjoy my first solid high with my Mighty thanks to you kind fellows! My sweet spot is 180c, medium to fine grind. About 12 solid hits and I was pretty warped. Had a great conversation with my cat and slept pretty soundly. Great experience!

    This morning my capsule didn't last as long or hit as well, but I think the grind was a bit too coarse and even a tad damp, kinda like my first attempt...but last night's session has given me a lot of hope and I'll keep experimenting!

    I have not used it without the capsules yet as I love the idea of keeping it cleaner longer, so I'm going to try and maximize my learning sessions with them....ill try it sans capsule at some point in the future when the newness has worn off.

    My vaporizer experience is only a couple years, first year almost exclusively oils in a vape pen, then state gov. threw a wrench into our medical cannabis program and I had to switch to buying dry herb. Did some research and got a Pax 2 it hit hard sometimes if I got all of the grind/packing/screen variables just right. Did that for almost a year but finally got sick of fiddling with those little screens and inconsistent vape sessions...did more research, now I have my Mighty!

    Some things I've noticed in my sessions, even my good one last night are:
    *The thing heats up to 180c, vibrates twice to let me know it's good to go, but the initial draw doesn't pull any vapor...do you have to give it like an initial couple of tokes to get it going or should I wait longer even after it's gotten up to temp?

    *I got about 12 good pulls last night all at 180c but when it stops producing vapor at that temp and I turn it up to 195c or even 210 to finish it off like others talk about, I get no vapor at all.

    The vaped herb is coming out of the capsules a consistant golden/chocolate brown btw which I heard means it's being evenly vaporized, so I think i have a good unit and I just need to keep practicing!

    Another thing: I read some guy's post somewhere about letting his Mighty heat up then dropping in the dosing capsule when it's at temp to prevent any medication loss during preheating...should I be doing this??

    I want to give back to this awesome community and pay it forward so I'll pass on a discovery I made last night while trying to find a case for my Mighty...Did you ever own a first gen DS "Phat"? Did you have a case for it? It will likely fit your Mighty like an awesome nerd-glove. I have this old Pokemon Diamond and Pearl promo DS case(from preordering at best buy I think) and it fits my Mighty perfectly! Not sure if this is commonly known or not but there ya go!

    Again thanks for everyone's help! Hopefully this will continue to be a resource to other Mighty user's Googling their new device!

  • Lost Toy Sai
    I think I will start at 195c tonight and see, I think you're right that to offset the added material of the capsules, it probably needs a bit more initial heat. Thanks!
  • Kakarot
    Well, I said the same thing about the dosing caps and The Mighty, it just does not do it for me.. I love the dosing caps for The Plenty.. I use the mighty at 360 with the Paprika straight in the chamber and it works great but for some reason the dose caps make it lack or something, I dont like higher temps so I just raw dawg it with The Mighty lol and keep the cooling chamber well cleaned.
  • Baron23
    This morning my capsule didn't last as long or hit as well, but I think the grind was a bit too coarse and even a tad damp, kinda like my first attempt.Lost Toy Sai

    I already wrote and posted this but once again, Bud ( @VapeCritic ) the post dissapeared. sigh

    Ok, so I think you have hit upon your issue and as we spoke, herb quality and preparation are everything. If you are getting variable results from a Mighty, then I would first suspect the nature of the herb, particularly its dryness and quality. Good in, good out. Garbage in, garbage out...yeah?

    And no, I don't preheat the oven before putting in a dosing capsule. I just put it in and turn it on. I rather want the capsule to heat up along with the oven.

    I don't personally believe that the capsules themselves should drive a higher temp. There is so VERY little metal it just can't act as much of a heat sink at all IMO.

    Although I do often get good vapor on the first hit of my Mighty with the herb I have now, it is not unusual to have to prime a vape a bit with the first draw and then the second draw is nice and thick. I wouldn't worry about that too much, but would look to make my herb prep as consistent as I can.

    I hope this was helpful.
  • DregerUS
    don't get me wrong the capsules are great ... but nothing beats a full mighty bowl. I noticed efficiency is lost a little bit by using the capsules.
    I don't know why.

    With really bad weed I won't even waste my time putting it in the capsules I have to go for a full bowl to get the right dosage. Some really really good stuff yes I incorporate the bowls and use a lesser amount. They are a must for on the go. And I still keep some loaded regardless of string just like a pop them in and out with convenience. "We like convenience when we're medicated." And yes there is nothing like dropping a capsule in a preheated maxed out mighty. oops cough cough

    Anna think about temp we have to realize that it affects how much medication is being released at one time and this determines the potency of the strain. My starting has been from 175 to 195. Yes I know that after you go above 195 there's additional particulate but I'm still trying to get the remaining THC and I'm on a budget and this s*** is illegal. I got no time to for making extracts butter and all kinds of stupid s***. Where the f*** are my Edibles by now this is been a legit f****** disability for 2 years now.

    " I will take much joy when I give them their sin and its pain"
  • Chandler
    The thing heats up to 180c, vibrates twice to let me know it's good to go, but the initial draw doesn't pull any vapor...do you have to give it like an initial couple of tokes to get it going or should I wait longer even after it's gotten up to temp?Lost Toy Sai
    Personally i think everyone draws differently, which = different results. some like quick draws at high temps/low temps, long draws at low temps/high temps etc. with many other variables in between... either way, vapor or no vapor your first draw should be very flavorful, if not THE most flavorful.. that being said i vape mostly at 353f, or 178c with Mighty. My first draw ALWAYs produces vapor!

    letting his Mighty heat up then dropping in the dosing capsule when it's at temp to prevent any medication loss during preheatingLost Toy Sai
    i do this often, but not all the time. everything is up to your preference and what works for you... i use dosing capsules exclusively because i'm often out the house, on the road etc.. they're great for my usage, just my preference.
  • DregerUS
    I'm sorry but this is a good thread and deserves to be Revisited. A lot of people dropped some good s***
  • frandemarco
    You right but everyone on this site is enjoying the MV1 right now LOL.
  • Magicman


    Dosing capsules are AWESOME! Less is more.
  • Dave
    Reviving this thread.. yeahhh.. Mann.. that's the thing though, a lot of us have the Mighty and the mv1 now. I feel like I'm cheating on my Mighty right now using the MV1. However, I found I can't really be out and about with the MV1..The Mighty with the dosing capsules.. f yeahhhh mannn 365-410 roast and toast mannn
  • Bruce
    I didn't appreciate the Mighty until I tried a dosage capsule.
    All of the things that made the Mighty not for me. Cleaning (barely any with the capsule), less harsh, easy loading, easy storage. It makes the Mighty even Mightier. And Now the Mighty has upgraded firmware and battery, the 2017 edition. When I open the capsule everything is light brown.
  • Kakarot
    I have never got a uneven toast with my Mighty.. If I want to get really baked I use the filler and it packs it perfect everytime, if I need to be on the go I pack 9 of the magazines the 8 that go around the side and I stick one in the middle of the case and I am R2G.. Mighty either way kicks ass.
  • Bufatutu
    Just got my nice new updated Crafty, which came with one dosing cap. This is my 9th or 10 vape and the sixth current offering. My main squeeze for the last year has been FF2. Love the taste, coolness, replaceable batteries and cleanliness, but I'm tired of the fiddlyness and the weak clouds and most importantly to me, draw resistance. The Crafty has been a revelation since I put in my first bowl, like a breath of fresh air. Nicest hits of any vape I've owned. After a day, I tried the dosing cap: Same great taste and gorgeous clouds. Now having done half-a-dozen caps, I'd say .1g for 3 great cloudy hits, then bump up and get another hit or two. The cleaness of the caps adds to the overall experience. A fantastic addition to human culture.
  • Baron23
    I’m with you also,except w a Mighty.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    Yeah man. Dosing capsules are gold. Straight gold with the convenience factor man. I used to load up fourty of them in one sitting and it would easily last me over a week. I've never had to clean them either. Some type of nonstick alien alloy on those things man.
  • Bufatutu
    Dosing cap or not, this Crafty is the most pleasant vaping experience I've had. This is my seventh or so vape, mainly FF2 lately. So glad the price on this came down to $237 with Bud's discount. Amazing. And an amazing product. I can see why the Mighty might be better though, especially regarding the battery, durability and initial power up. Still, I'm having so much fun with the thing and the caps, trying to find the best ways to enjoy something that's already a 10. With a fine chalice of an organic double IPA from not far from here. Life is sometimes good.
  • Mtbowls
    Hemp and hops are cousins and proof that God loves us.
  • Bufatutu
    Thank you for such a noble and knowledgeable truth.
  • Mtbowls
    Cheers, honestly hops look like little bud's. Those capsule leave avb looking like tabacco, total extraction.
  • Magicman
    O Wow! After my double miz bomb it is still true!
    Dosing capsule bueno.
  • BouncingOffClouds
    Lost a full capsule in the toilet trying to switch out at a party. Better than dropping my Mighty in the toilet I guess! For anyone that has both, do you prefer the keychain tube or the disc holder for your capsules?
  • TeddyPear7
    Keychain tube
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