• Seantagon
    I got my first Crafty back in july 2015 I had to replace it almost exactly a year later. That one just died on me a couple days ago. I wish they were more reliable. I dont think they will replace it again :fear:
    Its the best vape to cruise with though
  • DregerUS
    I'm sorry to hear that
  • Herb
    I am sorry about yer Crafty.. Shoulda got a Mighty lol I have had mine for 2 years almost and not a hiccup :( again RiP Crafty
  • Mc69
    Had my mighty since release, battery is going out, they won't do battery replacements since new battery configuration. At least there are ppl who have modded their crafty so they can replace batteries
  • VapeCritic
    trash (106K)
  • Other Side
    After two Crafty deaths I broke down and upgraded to the Mighty. Glad I did. Never had problems with the Mighty but in all fairness it doesn't get much use nowadays either.
  • DregerUS
    They look busted around the mouth piece connection, but two years and my mighties are still going strong ...
    Just cleaned them last night wish I had some Pappy.

    alcohol cleaning then water with a Q-tip while the units is on its highest setting then letting it cool down and then cleaning with alcohol again... it seems alternating those two with cool downs in between, get them pretty clean

    Yes that is my wife's hair tie holding one together... :)
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  • Gergin
    So, would you all buy a crafty today if you had the money? Im leaning that way.
  • Seantagon
    The mighty is not stealth enough for me. The Craftys are cheaper now 279, but I got a great deal back then anyway for 305. The battery is 20% better now and they constantly make improvements like the reinforced plastic. I think its prob worth it knowing you will have one for at least 2 years lol.
  • Heroin Batman
    i almost did, but i ended up getting a cf and plenty for the same money. i still kind of want one tho.
  • juxt
    Even the new battery on the Crafty is only like 45 mins or so for me, max...I like the Starry for portability with a punch and it has a removable battery ... only thing is it has a tiny opening for the oven, which is difficult to fill when out and about.
  • Seantagon
    So S&B actualy sent me a brand new, newest edition Crafty for free! (minus the $7 i sent to have my old one sent). Such a great company I bought the original 3 years ago. Hard not to recommend this product despite the earlyier probs, hopefully they have ironed that out by now. So yeah thanks S&B!
  • BigAL
    Someone could make a lot of money selling high capacity battery replacement kits for for the crafty and S and B products and or do full battery replacements. Even better yet a company that replaces batteries for any Vapes that aren't made to be"user replaceable"
  • To the Cloud
    feel they are moving the way of the removable 18650 battery to make the customer happy which is good Did you end up sending it in ? They'll fix it for a fee
  • Karec
    God i don't understand their CS honestly i dont.... so your Crafty was replaced way after the warranty period (3 years right?), and you only spend the 7$ to send back to them and they sent you a brand new device?! :clap: :clap: :clap: ...thats really good mate btw how many hours your device had when you sent it back to S&B?
    Mine with 26 months was denied any repair... only after that error vid i followed the RMA and they said to sent it back but never got a reply when i asked why they wanted me to send it back... so maybe i would get a new one judging by what happen to you... or not since their behaviour is not standard by the look of it.... :chin: :brow: :chin:
    But worst is @Mooseknuckle prob with just 2 months and 60h they denied warranty due to their policy...so im lost here with them.... :chin: :brow: :chin:

    One last question is this S&B Germany or S&B US?

    Cheers really nice they took care of U, hats off to them in this case!

    Mods - Sorry if im coming back to this... :blush: :cool:
  • DregerUS
    Has there actually been a report of a mighty failure ...
  • Herb
    My mighty has been going strong for damn near a year and a half and I have not had ANY issues with it... Still works like the day I got it.
  • Karec
    looks like the mighty avoid those problems affecting the Crafty .... the rate failure between them is way different, maybe that was my mistake going for the crafty.... but the mighty is no portable unit in my view....and its there were i made my mistake....trying to go for a portable for my 1st vape...only if i knew... even bigger and more expensive unit i would choose the mighty today... Live&Learn lol
  • Baron23
    My Mighty is 15 months old and not a hiccup out of it. Rock solid, consistent, performer.
  • Karec
    i strongly believe that with the crafty if u do more than 2 sessions per day eventually it will fail .... i have a desktop and 2 portables now, when i start vaping back in 2015 i wasn't sure and this things were and are expensive and we didnt got half of the offer, thats why i went portable. I guess my use is more than the crafty could handle and thats why the problems... today i vape 80% at home using the EVO only when i go out i take the IQ or the Crafty so its not every time everyday multiple sessions....
  • Baron23
    I also use the EVO quite a bit....love it.

    And yes, it would seem that with the Crafty...at least at first....certainly did have higher failure rates which is probably due to the more challenging form factor (smaller) and more critical design and thermal environment than the Mighty.

    But that fella's vid on the thermal fuse was quite eye opening....and disappointing of S&B. I would hope that they changed the value on that component since original builds but I have no idea if they really did that or not.
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