• artv4nd3l4y

    I saw the most recent live stream yesterday mentioned Bud will be doing a review on mixing wax with e liquid. Interestingly enough I just completed my first experiment with mixing wax into e liquid, so I thought I would share what I found in my research and testing. There are a lot of others I have found that are getting into this, but there are still some challenges for a few reasons. I am hoping others will contribute to this discussion with their own experiences or recommendations.

    1. Product/solvent
    The first thing you need is something to mix your wax with, there are various products and I would like to hear about experiences others have had. I found Wax Liquidizer had decent reviews, but only after I ordered it did I find further posts with people having trouble. Personally, I was surprised by the results after my first mix, it looks like perfectly clean ejuice and mixed very well.

    Other products include EJ Mix, terpenes from Mr. Potion, and there are those that mix there own PG blends.

    2. Mixing Process
    I'm going to say that you shouldn't put your wax in the microwave, this may be "good enough" to mix it up, it's also good enough to burn some of it in the process.

    I'm surprised to not hear anyone recommend what is so obvious. Apply the least amount of heat possible to fully mix it with the ejuice, it's that simple. Use a syringe to mix it as heat is being slowly applied, I use a stove and heat water up, but didn't even need to boil it to mix fully. After I mixed it (for about 20 minutes), like I said it was a 100% consistent color and it still hasn't separated. Some people I saw "instructing" the way to make it mixed it for far too short an amount of time.

    3. Vaporizing the final product
    If you've read this far, you're probably wondering how anyone is having issues with something as simple as the process I described. One reason is a high amount of impurities in your wax, this can cause them to burn/mix in the liquid which causes the color to turn black eventually. If this is happening to you even after coil replacements, stop wasting that wax. A good test is to try some cheap ejuice to make sure that tastes ok, that can eliminate the coil as a possible cause for bad/burnt taste. If you try everything to clean the tank, replace the coil and nothing helps, try a different wax if possible.

    Assuming you have access to a quality wax product, that helps, but there are still some fundamental issues with current e cig tanks.
    1. They are not designed to vaporize wax infused e juice, wax is thicker than standard e liquid and will cause the coil to prematurely gunk up and wear out. You can expect to need to purchase more coils if you plan to do this regularly.
    2. Being designed for e juice, it is much more common for these tanks to leak, a problem not so bad with standard e juice. With high quality wax however, even a small spill can mean you just lost $20.
    3. Back to the thickness, it also means you have to wait longer in between hits. This is because the thicker liquid just doesn't soak up into the coil quite as fast.
    4. You can only run cotton wick tanks so low without burning them, which means you always need to have a minimum amount of wax just to use it.

    I figure this is where ceramic tanks come in, Brass Knuckles uses similar tanks, though I won't use those products for obvious pesticide related reasons. I just ordered a 5-pack from vape society, and am curious to see if they will address some of the issues with cotton tanks:

    Has anyone tried using a Brass Knuckles tank for this method? I think it would be a better design, of course some have issues with those leaking even the first time... I will have to try this if I can though, but I can't imagine you can obtain them for a reasonable price since they are custom made. It's hard to say how similar the juices are between Brass Knuckles and a Wax liquidizer blended wax. I also wonder if CO2 extracted oils make any difference for this as opposed to BHO? Perhaps someone with more knowledge can answer that. It's hard to argue the potency of Brass Knuckles cartridges, I mean god knows what's in them, but they do the job. I think my goal is to make a clean Brass Knuckles cartridge...

    I would love to hear what other's experiences are using wax infused e juice. Some things that may help others realize what is best for this would be to answer the following:
    1. What type of original product are you working with? (Can you verify wax quality, was this made in someone's basement, etc.)
    2. What are you using to mix the wax with? (Wax Liquidizer, EJ Mix, Terpenes, custom PG-blend etc.)
    3. What tank/atomizer are you using?

    That was a longer post than I anticipated so I apologize.
  • Rockytdogg

    Haha, I like that you’re a Seinfeld fan....

    Welcome, Arthur!

    I’ve made shatter juice a couple of time using some liquidizer I bought from Fogg labs in MA but I am really looking forward to trying it with some really terpy shatter and using only their flavorless terps to liquify instead but I’m not sure if they’ve released it yet... Apex carts work really well too... no cotton wick to foul!

    I HIGHly recommend their CCells: https://shopapexlab.com/

    I believe apex says not to use concentrates with particulates so I assume this to be the more waxier waxes and crumbles and such which is why I used shatter... maybe I’ll try distillate and just a flavored terp one of these times...

    Wasn’t too big on sour d flavor I got from Fogg labs... either way, it’s kinda fun making it... thanks for the tips!
  • Bud

    Excellent post thanks for sharing this!! I've been learning as I go with this and a lot of what you said I learned the hard way lol

    In my little experimenting here I'm starting out with rosin that I'm pressing myself, and then I'm testing out mixing it with two different things so far: Farm to Vape e-liquids and True Terpenes

    Farm to Vape has a good FAQ page with a lot of useful info about it and how it compares to other mixers: https://www.farmtovape.com/FAQ?AffId=22

    True Terpenes has a big FAQ section too: https://buy-terpenes.com/faq/

    And then I'm trying the mixtures out in different vapes/cartridges. I bought some of these last week and they look pretty promising: https://elegantaware.com/product/5ml-nxc1-glass-clear-tip-thick-oil-preheater-recommended/
  • Bud


    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • artv4nd3l4y

    I appreciate the welcome and thank you for your recommendation and contribution.

    It didn't even occur to me they made tanks specifically for thicker oils. Even if not specifically for THC infused juice, it should definitely be more durable and address some of the issues I mentioned. This
    should be a big help, I am definitely going to have to try some of those CCells out.
  • artv4nd3l4y

    Well considering all the help you give to others on a daily basis, I figure it's the least I could do. I am definitely looking forward to a review from you on thc infused e juice when you find the time.

    Rosin is a great choice obviously for having no solvents. I have also heard the purest taste you can get from an e liquid is by using rosin mixed with terpenes.

    Thanks for another very promising looking tank suggestion for thc juice. I will definitely have to try one of those out as well.

    Love the logo!
  • artv4nd3l4y
    We have three tanks mentioned so far, it sounds like only one has been used though (CCell).

    The difficulty in finding a good thc juice tank is simply how many poor products there are available. It can become quite costly considering the shipping generally costs more than a single tank just to trial. I'm already at $60 if I try the two products mentioned, and haven't even finished my first mix of thc juice lol.

    Both of those products look promising, but I would like to hear what Vape Critic says about the other tank before ordering.
  • Rockytdogg

    I will say the Apex carts came recommended to me by one of the mods, and one of Bud’s “muscle”, @Baron23... who absolutely knows his shit or knows others that do... I believe these carts are made primarily for thc as many medical dispensaries use the very ones... though they are the disposable ones... I got the reusable ones...

    In fact, here are a couple of older thread/convos on the subject (the search function works ok here, too, btw...):

    I highjacked it towards the end:

  • artv4nd3l4y

    Thanks for the extra info. If they're using that in dispensaries I'll definitely have to order some now then. Unfortunately they're sold out of the 1ml, but .5ml should be a decent size still actually.
  • Rockytdogg

    I would call them... I talked to some dude there in cal for like half an hour some Sunday back then... funny story there but I don’t have the time...

    They’re out of both kinds? I’m not sure reusable is the way to go... as I’m still on my second batch with the same cart without a cleaning...

    The one thing that was weird was there wasn't a way to pick the color(s) online. They sent me white/silver.
  • artv4nd3l4y

    Thanks for sharing, I already ordered two of the .5ml tanks just to test them out actually lol. If they do the trick for what I'm working with, I will make more of an investment when the bigger ones are available.

    You're not sure reusable is the way to go? I'm confused, it sounds like you are able to use it multiple times without cleaning, which would be good no? (Perhaps I misinterpreted.) Or do you mean it would still be preferable to use the "polycarbonate" tank style that is intended for one use only? I noticed they market all the tanks to be more disposable (not just the one-time use polycarbonate), and recommend to change the reusable tanks every few batches for best performance. The only reason I can think to opt for a tank that isn't reusable, would be for performance/quality reasons. At $5 a tank, it could definitely get costly to purchase a new one for every batch.

    Anyways, the funny part is I had no issue with the color selection for the .5ml tank. When I selected either color however for 1ml, both showed out of stock. If you still have that issue with selection, it may be worth trying the website from another browser. I'm using Chrome likely the latest build if it helps at all.
  • tony
    Years ago, I've tried to put self-made RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) into an Joyetech eCom e-cigarette, but it didn't work out well, because of this:

    E-Liquids and hash oil (and wax/shatter) don't mix well. E-liquids are water based systems, they contain propylene glycol, glycerol, and water, which are rather polar solvents and do not dissolve cannabinoids well. Contrary to that, hash oils and waxes are fat or oil (lipid) based systems, they are extracted with nonpolar solvents, like hydrocarbons (including butane gas), carbon dioxide, and fatty oils. E-liquids will dissolve a small amount of cannabinoids because they contain essential oils (flavors), which enhance cannabinoid solubility. If you'd take a pure e-liquid base (just propylene glycol, glycerol, and water), it'd dissolve almost nothing. Either way, you cannot pack that much cannabinoids into an e-liquid. Just imagine making hemp bud tea with boiling water vs. extracting weed with butter: the butter will dissolve more cannabinoids than the tea, because it is a better solvent. The same holds true for hemp e-liquids vs. oils.

    The other problem is that too much cannabinoids creep into and swell the silicone seals, and the e-cigarette will leak sooner or later. Again, this is because e-cigarettes are water-based and you run into trouble when using too much lipids on them. What I did was put pure RSO into the e-cigarette, and it did vaporize the oil, but it leaked and it was quite a mess.

    You're definitely better off buying a dedicated oil vaporizer.
  • Rockytdogg

    Yeah, I knew that sounded a little ambiguous about the refillable vs non... it was getting late for me, sorry. I’m much more of a morning person these days... I guess what I meant was that I made two .5ml batches and used the same 1ml cart without doing any cleaning between. So I don’t know anything about cleaning/reusing or longevity. I think there are quite a few YouPube vids on it tho... these ccells are pretty popular.

    As for the ordering, I may have just missed it... I didn’t really care and the white ones are pretty sweet actually and really show any scuzziness. But yeah, thanks for the browser tip!

    I hope they work out nicely for you too... remember these carts like super thick material and maybe at least checkout the vid on the apex site.

    Good luck!

    Edit: I was gonna link you what I thought was their vid but I couldn’t find it... weird... but that could just be me... heh.
  • artv4nd3l4y

    Let me see if I interpreted that correctly. Because you had a bad experience vaping PURE RSO, that means every product on the market for mixing wax into an e liquid is going to cause a mess and work poorly?

    Personally I am able to use my wax infused juice in a tank similar to the shit product you mentioned. When I get the product that is actually going to be decent for my use application, I will have to post again. Even with my garbage tank, I haven't had a single drop leak...

    To anyone interested in this, here is some information that isn't from years ago. I mixed my first batch using a modern mixer product and already have good results with a cotton wick tank... The only issue is I can't get huge hits, so I have to take smaller ones to keep the flavor good. I am amazed by the potency though of the oil, with my tolerance I used to take dabs via a blow torch, anywhere from .1-.5 gram dabs, so that will tell you how inefficient dabbing really is if I can feel small hits from my e juice at all...

    It's wax/oil exclusive vaporizers that specifically made me find this method. I have always found them to be messy also, and downright wasteful on top of being straight weak. Personally, I still find dabbing more efficient than using a wax/oil exclusive pen. Wax pens just melt the oil and don't get a strong hit, I have gone through a quarter of wax in a week before using one (funny part is I thought it worked well till I realized how much I was using). Taking anywhere near .5 gram dabs is hard to compare to a wax pen truthfully (since most pens capacity is less than .4 which is meant to be spaced out over a session), but on the other hand Brass Knuckles cartridges have no problem kicking my ass repeatedly so nuff said as to which one is better. If Brass Knuckles cartridges were clean, I would use them all the time because they are truly perfection.
  • artv4nd3l4y

    Thanks for pointing out you're not sure about the extended use of the CCell tanks. I would think they will be fine for at least a few uses, but if performance starts to degrade quickly that could become problematic. I will definitely post my results initially and when the tank starts to perform worse.
  • artv4nd3l4y

    I believe I ordered the CCell from a reseller actually, called Apex but they arrived today. I think that's why we saw different options.

    After filling up the CCell and letting it sit for a bit, I have finally given it a try with thc infused juice and wanted to share my results:

    Wow, so Rockytdogg gets some major points for mentioning the CCell for this use. It has solved every issue I had with the cotton wick tank. Now I can take such a big hit that I start dying from coughing so hard. I am just amazed by these tanks in comparison to what I was getting before. I made a specific point to not smoke anything else except for the CCell/thc juice, just to assess what kind of efficiency/high I'm getting with the tank and product mix. Here's what I found so far:

    The tank has a .5ml capacity, and the mix ratio I used was 2ml to 1 gram of wax (a little less than 1 gram because I used or should I say wasted a bit in my Volcano first). So already a bit weaker than average, and I didn't quite fill the tank 100%. My tank is 3/4 full ATM meaning I smoked 1/4 total of it already, .5ml (tank capacity) divided by 4 is .125ml of total vaped liquid. Being 2ml to 1 gram ratio, .125ml is equivalent to 1/16th of a gram of wax. 1/16th of a gram of wax is .0625 which is less than .1 of total wax vaped so far. After just that (I have very high tolerance) I am really high (major pupil dilation), if my math is even correct that is. I'm sure someone will correct me if not, but that should only further prove my point.

    I'm going to mix some actual regulated/dispensary grade wax into Wax Liquidizer now (I have no idea what percent the previous stuff was, but probably not that high really). I didn't want to waste that really good stuff lmao if it wasn't going to work well, I imagine the results will be even better though. The only question about the CCell now is the longevity of the tank. To be honest, with the performance they can provide, I am willing to replace them regularly though the build quality makes me doubt that is actually necessary. This takes away all the nightmares of using wax/oil pens, and I can't wait to order some 1ml CCell tanks to make vaping wax a convenient experience for the first time ever.
  • artv4nd3l4y
    Forgot to mention I already drop tested the CCell tank. Not on purpose, but I happened to drop one (empty) on the hard floor from like five feet in the air and it was fine. I filled a few drops to make sure it was good, and the tank still isn't leaking even after almost half is gone now. The funny part is this actually reminds me a ton of the Brass Knuckles experience I had with a free cart I got, it sounds exactly the same the way it vapes the fluid. I'm super happy to already have found a tank that will work perfectly, thanks again to Rockytdogg and this is highly recommended by many more.
  • Rockytdogg

    Wow. I’m really happy for you, art! Glad everything’s working out :up:

    My fav dispensary that used to be about a 1.5 - 2 hour total roundrip drive on a toll road just opened another location that is closer to me than any other one of any quality, and can be done in about 1 hour if I shutup while I’m there (they were trying to get me to buy an old rosin press off them today haha). Now this location is in a much smaller suburban town and not “The People's Republic of Cambridge” and the town is making them do things differently than their other urban locals and one thing is that they’d like you to call ahead and schedule a time (but they don’t care if you just show up either and will give you their half hearted shpeil just to appease...) AND they won’t let you get the discounted “$70 1/4 oz strain of the week”!!! Fuuuuucccckkkk! But you can still get quantity breaks on concentrates?! Anyway, so, I got four 1/2gm packs of Durban shatter for $110 and 1/4 of Blueberry for my buddy that doesn’t have a card but should have one but just can’t afford it.

    Anyway, long story short... time to get some flavorless terps...! This stuff is delicious as is!:
    Oh yeah, I forgot to add that I’ll be cruising to Cambridge tomorrow for the $70 1/4 of 3 Chems...!
  • artv4nd3l4y

    That is some nice looking shatter for sure, I wish there were dispensaries at all around here lol. $110 is not a bad price, but it does make me feel better that the last two grams of wax I got were $50 and $60 (funny I spent $110 as well then).

    I definitely want to try some terps but with better quality stuff though than what I described mixing with first. The next batch however will probably be Wax Liquidizer again since I have it already, and I really want to mix that high quality stuff from the dispensary to try it out. I can definitely get more of that to mix with some terps, if it's good enough I may go flavorless to compare against Wax Liquidizer. I'm looking for the best efficiency mostly of vaping the product, but also like to get stupid high too.
  • artv4nd3l4y
    I received my package today for the other tanks I ordered from Vape Society, surprisingly the CCells came first though and very quickly. The product I'm reviewing now is called SILVER 510 GLASS VAPE CARTRIDGE TANK – 5 PACK if anyone is interested in this one, I am amazed it's performing extremely well too. There is a surprising difference using this tank vs the CCell and my particular mix that may help some with lower quality wax.

    These tanks are also designed for o.pen vapes (thc oil), the confusing part is I bought the ROSE GOLD color which doesn't have the same description. The SILVER color specifically shows it does oils and waxes, and the description is where it says it's perfect for your o.pen vape.

    Now on to the review. First of all the flavor was very strong on the first hit, comparable to the CCell. This tank only has two holes whereas the CCell has 4, so it's obvious the CCell is going to be able to give the biggest draws. Still, this thing is giving huge clouds of vapor so I don't think it's even an issue with either.

    That said, I started to notice my liquid turning dark when I started going through it a lot on the CCell. It seems only having two smaller holes helps control the burning of the liquid, so if you only have access to a lower quality wax, these tanks may be a better option actually. I mixed the lower quality I had first to make sure this was even going to work at all. This is probably the best test you can do to wax without access to a lab. Fortunately I had some wax from a dispensary that I just made a batch out of, if I don't have any burning with this stuff then I know not to get any of the other wax again lol (just loaded it into the other clean CCell I ordered). At this point, the only issue is liquid turning dark which I believe is due to impurities in the original wax. The tank with two small holes however makes it hardly noticeable now, whereas the CCell did turn it completely dark by the end of a .5ml tank.

    If you have issues with e liquid turning dark using the CCell and can't get a better quality wax, I recommend going with the Vape Society branded glass vape cartridge for o.pen vapes. Otherwise the CCells are very good, and so are these, honestly you can't go wrong with either unless the liquid turns dark. It's way too early to say if I like one better yet, but honestly I think I will like both for different reasons, and probably use both. Another nice part of the 5-pack is they come with plastic tubes to hold/protect the tanks that will be great for carrying on you.
  • Zep4
    I too have not been crazy for the flavor of FoggLabs Blue Dream and White Widow either and am going to get the flavorless. I’ve mixed some Pineapple Express Wax Liquidizer as well as their flavorless and like them both but see separation eventually so I shake up when it warms up. I love my Kandypens Rubi and refillable pods.
  • artv4nd3l4y
    Has anyone tried Connoisseur Concentrates? I found a small sampler bottle available on Amazon I ordered after hearing it's a big step up from both Wax Liquidizer and Holy Terps. Skywalker OG is supposed to be the closest to retaining the original concentrate flavor, and has no added PG PEG or VG.

    I found some more information about the CCell I wanted to share, it really makes sense from my findings with using a normal Wax Liquidizer recommended ratio. The CCells aren't really made for such a thin oil, and I'm hearing it's likely the Wax liquidizer is actually burning and causing it to turn dark. I used a different tank with less power and that's why the issue wasn't as bad, but still it seems difficult to use this regularly without causing burning at some point.

    My goal with the Connoissuer Concentrates is that I can use less mixer with high quality concentrates, and I believe using the CCell with a very thick blend will give me the best results. I saw a Youtube video of someone who vapes an insanely thick blend using the CCell, and recommends it over all dispensary available pre filled cartridges. Using top shelf shatter, he apparently mixed 6 grams of shatter into only 1ml of PEG. The CCells seem to really be designed for very thick oils only, and anything with too much PG is going to get burnt. I have found 2ml to 1 gram of budder to cause quite a bit of burning, and even at 7 watts (I keep it at 6, but eventually that will burn at some point too when I hit it hard). I imagine the downfall of using a very thick oil will be smell, the Wax Liquidizer does a lot to cover up the smell with something like Strawberry. That's not worth it however if that's what is getting burnt, it's possible I could find a sweet spot of not burning the PG but I would prefer higher potency in addition to eliminating that risk/possibility.

    Hopefully the Skywalker OG comes soon, I will post my findings. I hadn't noticed anyone else mention Connoisseur Concentrates before so I would like to hear their findings.
  • artv4nd3l4y
    My main concern with Wax Liquidizer burning is the fact that it's PG based, formaldehyde is a known thermal breakdown product of propylene glycol. I can't say for sure this is happening, I have also read that Wax Liquidizer vapes before the concentrate does fully, and it's just concentrate not fully vaped that darkens the solution. Overall with my safety concerns of propylene glycol in general, that is just another reason I wonder if Connoissuer Concentrates and a very thick blended oil using a CCell tank would be the best way to go.

    I should mention not all Connoisseur Concentrates blends are completely PG or PEG free, so make sure to check the flavor ingredients first. Skywalker OG definitely is the closest you can get to keep the concentrate pure, and I think that's the best way to go.

    Another mention is terpene safety, terpenes are a solvent. They can even be a concern in plastic tanks, the plastic can basically mix into the solvent and you're vaping plastic then. Make sure if you go a route using terpenes, that you are considering the tank for terpene safety.
  • Bud

    Thanks so much for keeping this thread updated with all this great info!

    I'm in the process of experimenting with all of this too, the pics in my next post are of my first real recent test.

    To start, the first cartridge I'm using is this one. Looks very similar to CCell, probably almost same thing?

    They call it a "Glass wickless cartridge that is just for THICK oil"

    However, I'm actually testing it first with a PEG mixture that is NOT thick, just too see how it performs. I'm starting with Farm to vape thinner and mixing it with some fresh rosin I just pressed. I did try Wax liquidizer in the past but wasn't wow'd with it at the time, maybe I'll reevaluate that one too.

    This Farm to vape one is a blend of PEG 300 and PEG 400, they specifically don't use PG for reasons they explain. Their FAQ page actually answered a lot of the questions I originally had about them myself.

    So the way this one works is you mix your concentrate and the thinner in a small but thick glass bottle, and then I place this bottle in very hot (just boiled) water for one minute to let the stuff mix together real good. I did a few quick pre-test tests and figured out that the directions they give, to boil the mix for 3-5 minutes, is overkill and could potentially mess with the oil, so for my real tests I lowered it to one minute in the hot water (not boiling) and then I remove it.

    I'm experimenting with different dilution ratios, this first run was ~0.15g of rosin mixed with ~30 drops of their flavorless thinner, so pretty diluted. Not thin like e-juice, but not thick like the oils that come in prefilled carts. Next time I'll be testing out using less thinner in the mixture to see how thick I can get it.

    I stuck it on a basic box mod and set it to 10 watts, I'm only about 20 puffs in but it's working good so far. I'm keeping an eye out for discoloration of the oil or for any signs of any burning.

    During my last live stream I talked about what I'm doing with this stuff for a few minutes but I'm hoping to get a quick video about it up soon too.

    It seems using rosin is causing the mix to look a little cloudy, I'm guessing from plant waxes still in there or something like that?

    Some pix...
  • Baron23
    To start, the first cartridge I'm using is this one. Looks very similar to CCell, probably almost same thing?VapeCritic

    Looks like a great cart to me....looks just like "ccell" type design.

    By the by, I see in your pic that with the 1.6 ohm resistance of that cart, that at 10 watts you are pushing 4 volts. Most of these carts (at least in my limited experience) recommend staying at 3 volts or lower. Might want to try that and see if it still works well. If so, this will be more gentle on your cart.
  • artv4nd3l4y

    Those carts look very similar to the CCell and I'm sure would work great for most oils. I would be curious to see how they truly stack up against one another. If you guys saw I watched a Youtube video of someone mix 6 grams of shatter with literally 1ml of PEG, and the CCells take it like an absolute champ.
  • artv4nd3l4y
    Connoisseur Concentrates review. So I'm no longer recommending Wax Liquidizer. I believe I could possibly solve the burning problem by diluting my product more, or using a different concentrate that is co2 extracted. Either way I don't like the idea of PG or PEG being in it after more research, which is where Connoisseur Concentrates comes in.

    I was able to mix my budder (exact concentrate previously reviewed with Wax Liquidizer) using 1 gram to only .3ml of Connoisseur Concentrates. Unfortunately I do not have a clean CCell tank, so I am using one of the Vape Society ones but it's performing quite well. The Connoisseur Concentrates mix I am using is Skywalker OG, which has no added PG, PEG or VG. The mixing process was the easiest out of anything yet, they only recommend heating it up slightly and that it can even be just mixed for a longer amount of time. I found I did have to mix it a decent bit, but nowhere near as long as the Wax Liquidizer, which I had trouble mixing 1 gram of the same concentrate into 2ml of liquidizer. I had to use near boiling temps too, none of which is necessary for mixing Connoisseur Concentrates. From every other product I have looked into for mixing concentrates, this is the most potent one available.

    I know you want to know how it actually hits, so I'm doing that now. As I said I don't have a clean CCell unfortunately, but the Vape Society tanks are working quite well even with this extremely thick blend. My CCells should come on Thursday so I'll post an update using a new one then. I'm running the tank at 8 watts currently (Bud I think Baron is right most tanks like this shouldn't exceed 8 watts), and so far I have gone through quite a bit and am quite stoned. I mention going through quite a bit, because I'm running at 8 watts and haven't noticed even a slight discoloration. It appears the thick blend has solved my burning issue completely, I believe the only way to remedy that with Wax Liquidizer would be to further dilute with PG or experiment with atomizers until you get lucky (no thanks).

    This .3ml to 1mg of wax shit is like taking a straight up dab (I cough drawing quite easily from the potency), I haven't even touched my Volcano yet (though you know I'm gonna anyways since the plant matter high is supplementary and different plus I have insomnia). I can't really smell much from it, but it's not designed to hide the aroma or flavor, but "enhance" the flavor. I don't taste much added with the Skywalker OG and can really taste the actual wax, it really is honestly hitting the like one of the smoothest dabs I've taken, I can only imagine how the CCell is going to be.

    At this point the Connoisseur Concentrates mixer seems like the perfect product for my personal uses. I am able to use far less of the product, without any PG, PEG, or VG, to get an extremely hard hitting cart. I am looking to get co2 based oil as they are perfect for mixing with carts, the instructions say for some co2 oils only a few drops may be necessary. I am certain the CCell can handle any of the thicknesses I will throw at it, but honestly most tanks will work with this product I think. My mix is quite thick but that's the way I like it :).
  • Bud

    Thanks for the writeup on this!

    Where does one get this Connoisseur Concentrates mixer? :cool:
  • Rockytdogg

    Hi Bud, I'm not positive but it looks like this might be their site...?: https://www.mrextractor.com/

    The smallest amount available of their flavorless formula is $175 for 25 gm / mL - 25% off = $132

    They do have less expensive sampler kits too..

    Either way, not cheap but looks like nice stuff...!

    Thanks for all your stellar input, @artv4nd3l4y! Keep up the good work!
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