• Sveeno
    Thanks, it kinda shocks me how little info there is out there on the subject
  • Sveeno
    Im definitely hooked on my experiment now tho and am determined at this point
  • artv4nd3l4y
    I am going to try CC next for sure, i just want it to taste goodSveeno

    Yeah the discount helps quite a bit if it's available, plus the service is fast. Here is what I've found after using it quite a few times:

    1. .2ml to 1 gram ratio - I did this with Tahoe OG and CC Tahoe OG flavor, it was the best testing mix I have done yet. Unfortunately it was too thick, and after leaving it for a couple of weeks it kind of caked up. When I traveled and took a good ten puffs, it didn't keep flowing unfortunately.
    2. .3ml to 1 gram ratio - I tried this with AK 47 and it was good but just a bit thick still for my particular concentrate, remember the concentrate you use can be totally different so this should be used as a rough guideline.
    3. .4ml to 1 gram ratio - This seems to be right around the ideal viscosity for my particular CO2 shatter concentrate. The more CC you mix, actually the worse it will taste. If you vape pure CC it will be far too strong, so the less you can use without clogging up coils, leaking, and without preventing the liquid from flowing the better. The .4ml doesn't taste quite as good as .2ml, but it still is good. Of course for CO2 shatter, the terps are not as strong as BHO or rosin so that's important to remember too.
    4. .2ml to 1 gram ratio - I did this with BHO budder, and it was a different consistency so needed a bit less than the CO2 surprisingly. I also vaped it very quickly so that may have helped too, but the terps were just incredible with this. Far better than the CO2 for flavor, unfortunately the budder is literally $20 more per gram.

    I hope this helps, I will post some more testing when I get more Tahoe OG hopefully.
  • MajicMike
    I'm always happy to provide some insight and our staff is very knowledgeable about the entire process and happy to answer your questions if you email us. Unfortunately I don't have time to come on daily but will check back regularly.

    I skimmed the last few pages and there were a couple of points I would like to address.

    I believe someone said separation was not a big deal and you can just shake it. Yes, you can shake it up indeed but a liquid that layers or separates is not going to flow through your coil well. What you will end up doing is vaporizing the carriers more than the extracts because they will collect in the wicking material before reaching your coil. A properly formulated product like our PUFF MAJIC will produce a microemulsion and flow evenly. High PG levels or any VG will compromise this and is the reason why the formulations of many companies are flawed. Separation is the enemy.

    Darkening of liquid is a common question with carrier based or terp liquids. There are a few factors involved and not all are necessarily a concern. The areas of concern would be if a liquid darkens quickly or turns black after very little use. This is usually caused by poor quality extracts. Some extracts may have residual solvents or impurities that can oxidize your liquid. Low grade butanes have a great deal of questionable contaminants and can cause a fast reaction.

    Darkening can also come from flow back. This is when the condition of the coil is responsible. To put it simply, it works like a tea bag in hot water. Causes can be as follows:
    -A burnt coil. The scorched cotton will darken a liquid.
    -High levels of sweetener. Sweetener caramelization in the coil will darken your liquid.
    -You also have to consider the natural properties of concentrates. They will darken as they are heat cycled. Concentrates also do produce a residue which can darken a liquid. If you do dabs think about the residue that is left behind. That same material can collect in your coils and will change the color of liquid.

    Most of these will just have a slight effect on flavor but the first mentioned issue is something you want to stay away from. If your liquid turns black, don't use it. There was something you want to avoid in your additives.

    Does this all makes sense? It's 4/20 and my brain might just be a little foggy.
  • artv4nd3l4y

    Separation is the enemy.MajicMike

    Agreed, the flow will simply not be ideal. In the case of mixing terpenes, the issue in my case was not using enough heat, a light "decarb" around 140F has allowed me to store liquids for weeks now without any separation. I just checked the AK 47 I mixed weeks ago, and it still looks as it did when I mixed it originally, even after vaping. The infusion process is critical to not only properly mix your liquid, but also prevent it from separating. As you said with PG based liquids (horrible in my opinion), they just homogenize usually so after a week or so it will separate.

    Darkening of liquid is a common question with carrier based or terp liquids. There are a few factors involved and not all are necessarily a concern.MajicMike

    I would like to add using too thick a viscosity can contribute to a burnt coil. Let me first say I only use lab produced concentrates, not to say they're perfect but I've been working with a lot of CO2 shatter lately. Even with the CO2, I noticed burning (very minimal) in the knock off CCell which is likely from a burnt coil.

    With the terps I'm using, I almost never notice burning but I am almost sure it's due to using too thick a viscosity when it happens. That is the only time I have noticed it, so thank you much for the information.

    I also want to add there is a particular cotton tank that actually wicks above where the coil is, so it doesn't heat up the majority of your concentrate regularly. I actually saw someone use 6 grams of shatter to only 1ml of PEG through cotton wick tanks... but YMMV.

    I figured with the terps in most cases the darkening is something you likely vape when dabbing. Of course there are some things to watch out for, i.e. Wax Liquidizer is what turns dark quickly even with lab grade concentrates and various atomizers.
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