• Hazel
    Hey hey!

    Been meaning to post this since I got it but I’m not great at taking pics that involve hands LOL

    I got a super tiny Santa Cruz Grinder for my super tiny 5’0 self. :grimace: I wanted something small, that fit in my hand, and could hold a small amount of herb. (Enough for me to pack the Crafty or Pax chamber once or twice).

    After some research I decided on this one. It’s perfect. Check out how tiny it is. I tried to take pictures of it next to small items to help gauge height/width and overall size. Hopefully this gives you all a good idea of how mini it is.

    Good grind quality for someone who just wants the herb ground fast lol if your going for awesomeness I always say the regular size Santa is great and of course the OG.. Space Case.

    Check out the pics and let me know what you think. Great gift idea and convenient travel companion. Comes in plenty of colors to satisfy all.

  • Jack-vic
    I love the Sante Cruz Shredders! :-)
  • Jack-vic
    I love the Sante Cruz Shredders! :-)
  • Heroin Batman
    santa cruz rocks, i have an orange one. they definetly make some tiny ass grinders too
  • Mtbowls
    I have a 3 piece medium, I find I don't always need kief screen. The curved interior sides of the bottom piece works well with finger tips. Smoother threading with less turning required than Spacecase. Would be nice if it was a little less tall for pocket portability (lower profile maybe a little wider so capacity in not lost). Put 1or 2 semi circle ,or clam shell grooves on interior walls at 12 and 6 oclocks so it can dispense into some capsule/crucible. Aluminum color looks clean. I find myself admiring the form, feel and functionality of it often Good grind too. A 3 piece SLX would be cool
  • Greenmachine
    I like Santa Cruz but my latest grinder I decided to try is the slx. I got the small size as well the 2.0 and it's perfect for on the go vapeing. It's actually smaller then the Santa Cruz grinders height wise. The fact you don't have to clean the slx was the buying point for me
  • Cl4ud3
    Not a Santa Cruz but I do have a mini grinder travel and when I don't want to carry a standard about, it fits nicely in a Pelican case for weekends away with a couple of vapes and a bubbler. They are super handy because you can pocket them easily on a night out too.
    Not any specific special branding but these guy do the Infinity jars for the EU market.
  • bener
    I have two SCS that I really like! The blue one is the large-size and it's a 4-pc grinder that has a pollen (kief) chamber. The smaller one is a 2-pc model that is nice for when I want something to travel with me.

  • Mtbowls
    i have stayed away from 2 pieces. The small one looks perfect size wise, but you would need to put it on a surface of some kind before you load it into something. Inconvient on a park bench, beach, or in a car. In my hazy dreams, I see a third level maybe 3/8 inch deep with a coffee dispenser lip that has a a smooth action button or switch that doesn't activate accidently that opens a door and dispenses the grind in a precision way. Mix that with Santa Cruz craftsmanship and I'm sold.
  • Microvaper
    I got a small santa Cruz in the mail today. Been wanting one for ages. It's impressive quality and a decent grind consistency but the herb storage tank is reaaaally deep! The fact that it's so deep coupled with the narrow width is kind of a problem for me. I like to scoop in my dynavap or TM stem and collect the material in the end and press up against the side of the storage area to knock any excess off. This is what I've always done with my wolf grinder that has a much more shallow herb storage zone. I am able to dip the vapcap tip directly down in there and press the weed in that way but if there is not so much left in there it's actually impossible to scoop it out. Kind of a bummer. I guess I'll just have to change my techniques to adjust. I also won't be able to return it for a bigger one now I guess since I've already used it :cry:
  • xaced
    When you're at the end, dump the weed from the grinder into your hand and then cup your hand and push the dyna tip upwards into the weed.
  • spider
    Never had any experience w/ the Santa cruise mini but I have been using the scout spacecase for the last 2 yrs and you get a perfect grind for vaping. I gotta say the teeth placement look a little far apart to me on the mini, I would say you probably get a very course grind. I prefer my mini grinders to do more of a medium/fine grind.

    If your into the Santa Cruz mini, I would check out the space scout as well.99nz36df8r3zcmar.jpg
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