• Baron23
    The LotoLux might have been downgraded to a wax vape.Cuckfumbustion

    As far as I know from a thread on another site, yes....this is a concentrate only vape at the present (and probably forever the way this company has misled people in the past). As shipped, supposedly it will not work with flower.
  • Baron23
    great post.....good insight succinctly presented.
  • Baron23
    Maybe newsboy? :smirk:VapeCritic

    Yeah, newsboy
  • welshman

    That’s what I thought. Their blog post of November ish said it’ll be the best dry herb vape ever, with better taste than any other device ever conceived (or some other equally over the top statement) and then it was never mentioned again and the main store page just says best ever concentrate device.

    But then what’s that screen for?


    Then literally no mention of when they decided it was going to drop it’s bar raising dry herb ability.

    I think they dug themselves a deep hole telling everyone how it’s the best ever thing to happen to cannabis and now they’re being really legal savvy and changing all the language to material, so if anyone complains they just say we don’t recommend that material.

  • Cuckfumbustion
    Yeah, newsboyBaron23
    You could pull off the newsboy cap. Maybe a charcoal/grey twill newsboy?
  • JonnyFrontrow
    Only one topper choice IMHO ... the VapeCritic "STAY UP" classic baseball cap. It 1) Reinforces the brand 2) Can be sold at Shop.VapeLife.com.
  • Baron23
    @VapeCritic oh, fuck the cap...embrace your baldness (and at 65 I'm embracing mine everyday! LOL).

    :lol: :joke:
  • VapeCritic
    Dynavap has the best hat, I ordered a few samples of a similar material and once I figure out a good logo I'll get it embroidered on the hats :ok:

    A nice, small, discreet, but cool logo, it won't look like it's anything to do with vapes or MJ, I wan't people to actually feel comfortable wearing this lol

    Figured since I'm going bald anyway, and I can't handle any more bald spot screenshots being sent to me, let's try to make an official hat :lol: :lol:
  • VapeCritic
    Stream tomorrow @ 6pm ET

    (unless i'm in a pissy mood) :lol:
  • PureVape

    Do you have the link please. :) Looking forward. :cool:
  • Cuckfumbustion
    Up for anything. but if you had a Fury 2 to test out in your stream, you would be helping me. :nerd:
    VC- you had the Dynavap cap before. It was apt for the stream. Vape attire.
  • VapeCritic
    5 min late start!
  • VapeCritic
    Nite peeps it's been fun!
  • Rockytdogg
    Thanks Bud

    It was def fun
  • Trix
    Yeah Mon keep up the great work.
    Greatly appreciated!
  • BobCat
    Good job Bud! Thank you!!
  • Rezinade
    Do you usually have a specific time for your stream or is it decided on the day and posted in this thread usually? Just wondering as I just started watching some past streams and enjoyed them and want to watch them live, but I'm in Japan for the next few months (missing 4/20 this year :sad: ) so I have to work around the time difference.

    Keep it up the great work, man!
  • Alexis
    @VapeCriticGood morning/afternoon. Bud- something strange happened last night and I missed most of your stream. When it was delayed to start, obviously there was no stream playing. But the top chat was live so I figured it was "streaming" and the video would start as soon as you began.

    I carried on watching for ages while I was getting on with tasks. I followed the top chat to make sure I was still tuned in. On the play screen was the play button, every time pressed play nothing happened, but the top chat continued to flow while the screen stayed blank, with no sign or sound of yourself.

    I even tried leaving the video, opening one of your other vids (which immediately played) and then went back to the stream. Sometimes on my tablet it acts wier like this. A video can get jammed until
    I load a diff one, then return. Didn't make any difference this time.
    At least an hour went by and I was dead tired. I thought maybe I would watch the replay instead.

    Some time later I checked back in and you were there. I followed the rest of the stream and was surprised when you were doing the giveaways, ready to wrap up for the night. I guessed you must be cutting it short due to delay.

    So today I go to check the start of the replay to see what I missed. And it is clear that the stream DID start while I had a blank screen. The top chat was flowing- heck I even commented, thinking that everyone else was also still waiting for you, thinking "wow, I'm impressed with everybody's patience".

    I thought it was all a bit strange. I can see my own comments now in the chat replay-well into the stream while I was still waiting for you to begin.
    SomI don't know what happened. Soom technical anomaly stopped me catching it all. Maybe my tablet?, our wifi?, youtube just being fuckers?, or something else?

    Just wanted to report anyway. I plan to watch it back for sure. Have a nice day now Repsect!
  • ChlorophyllMan
    hey Auto Highwayman :smile:
    I think this is a YouTube app bug, I'm on Android. Same thing happens to me every time if I start watching before the stream has begun. I have to close the app completely then reopen the live stream, each time I want to check if it has actually started. This means I always miss at least some of the beginning of the stream.
    Maybe it's not a bug and there's a way around this?
  • Alexis
    easy man, thanks that does fit with my usual experience of things. I guess what threw me this time was the delay. It wasn't even apparent from the chat that thevstream had even begun, that's what threw me.
    Plus the fact that I was watching the live chat the whole time, waiting for Bud.
    Im sure I tried a few things but it didn't work like normal. Like leaving the app, checking diff vids etc. When I did check back in later on I never did anything different either but the stream was playing.

    Im sure there is an easy way around it though, if I had known the stream had begun I bet I could have sorted it.

    Yeah I had to change my YT username because we had some evil psychopathic neighbours we had to move from to esacpe in 2010 finally. The shit you see on those "Nightmare neighbours" tv shows- to the absolute extreme as well! It all started when they burgled our house while we were on holiday when I was still a kid, like early 1990's. They were so humiliated when we found out, they started an all out abuse campaign. You wouldn't believe the things they did to us.

    So when we had such lovely looking autiflowers on the go, I really wanted to put a few vids up but didn't want to risk matey seeing it, knowing where we had moved to.
    Hence- "Autohighwayman" came into existence. I hate having an alter-alias but it was necessary.

    The annoying thing is though- Im sure most people assume Im into cars and motorways!!
    Heck I don't even drive haha!
  • Riehnbean

    Hey Vape Critic bro! Check out this guys logos that he makes they are kinda cartoony but im sure you can figure out something but just give this account a looksee! Just tryin to help people out!
  • VapeCritic
    Do you usually have a specific time for your stream or is it decided on the day and posted in this thread usually?Rezinade

    Hey I usually plan to start the streams on Saturdays at 6pm ET, but sometimes I may slightly move the time around or move it to Sunday if I can't do it on Sat.

    I'm in Japan for the next few months (missing 4/20 this year :sad: )Rezinade

    I just looked it up, 6pm my time is 7am the next day in Japan, maybe a little wake and vape action? LOL :lol:
  • VapeCritic
    Bud- something strange happened last night and I missed most of your stream.Alexis

    Same thing happens to me every time if I start watching before the stream has begun.ChlorophyllMan

    Oh snap thanks for letting me know!!!

    There are some options I can play with in youtube, there's a different way I can start the stream next time that might prevent this issue, I'll look into this!
  • VapeCritic

    Hey thanks good lookin out!
  • Alexis
    Thanks Bud for getting on this. Wow, can you believe what a dumbass I am?
    I have watched the entire stream back now, and I was finding it both hilarious and unbelievable just see myself commenting in the chat, even up to the 1 hour 30 Mark, convinced that you still had not started the Stream! Hahaha! Don't get me wrong I wasn't tied to the screen I was keeping myself busy but I kept a watch on it so that I wouldn't miss the start, adding the occasional comment to the chat.

    What cracks me up is how everyone else would have assumed I was watching too, while I assumed that they were all just patiently waiting for the stream to begin like perfect little soldiers.:rofl:

    No harm done anyhow. It is actually better for me to watch the replay back anyway. I really enjoyed this stream too, seemed even more relaxed and chilled. The content was good and very interesting too. Better organised this time. I definitely feel that you are using these streams very well to get as much info out as poss now. On a good thing I say.
    You seemed more robust in yourself to me also after your recent inner tussle with how you feel you arevreceived on the whole.
    But you seem to have benefitted from this and have brushed it all aside now. Good on you, just keep being yourself and doing your best, I liked how you seemed to let your guard down a little bit too, a good thing I feel for letting your personality show.
    So great work. Just keeping up my support for your efforts anyway, Im sure we all underestimate how brave it is to put yourself out there so openly like that. Right in the firing line for so long. Be true, stay strong, stay up!:up:

    Edit- i tried adding 2 symbols. On my screen they don't show- just the words "rofl" and "up".
    I will leave them there for now. Maybe you guys can see the images and I can't?
  • ChlorophyllMan
    oh man Alexis dude you kill me, hour and a half dude that's great going hilarious! :lol: love you man, I saw you on the chat too :rofl:
    I get annoyed when I miss 5 minutes!
    So you need to put a space before you hit the symbol/ smilie :up:
  • Alexis
    thanks bro, If you ever watch any of it back- see my comments now you know the full story and it will crease you up haha!

    Okay thanks for that tip for the symbols. :up:
  • juxt
    I am so happy that we have brought Alexis into the age of the EMOJI :D

    You know, it really is the simple things that are fulfilling in life!
  • VapeCritic
    Do you guys think 3 hours is too long for streams?
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