• Cl4ud3
    Guess we need a butane Desktop/transportable showdown!

    Elev8, StickyBrick OG, Supreme V3 - what else ?
  • Rockytdogg

    Ha, sorry, I changed my reply to be more pointed..
  • LabPong

    Unless you’re using a huge bong, it’s portable, no? So to me it is portable by definition.

    haaa you didnt have to edit...cause I like both your posts.

    But......I use water for everything and I guess everything is a "desktop use" for me. But like when I actually use a vape out in the wide open naked world....it is only when I go fishing by myself and use a hand held water unit with my arizer. But now...it could be with the IH and vapcap but I find the air is easier to deal with and I get a bigger load for more draws.

    Back to the desktop vapes...... Ok my vote is the flowerpot then on this one.
  • Budtoldmeto
    I'm in love. This guy gets it.
  • Rockytdogg


    Nevermind these fine folks, you’re scaring ME..!

    Thanks tho man, you have no idea how much I appreciate hearing that right now.... :grin:
  • Ed's TnT
    Hey hey, forgive me yall when I popped in the other day to answer @Baron23 post I did not even see the great review you did @VapeCritic. Glad you are enjoying it as well as the rest. All are heavies and thanks for lining the WoodScents up with em all.

    @juxt Great pieces you got also bro, thanks for spreading the word!
  • Zep4
    Thor & Loki thank you for the mention:)h56dye7w37rju38q.jpeg
  • DregerUS
    Zep4 please tell them that I bow before their eyes...
    Birds... " thank you for holding the iPad "
  • Zep4
    LoL...will do! Thought you all might like this from The Hobbit...vg8hgd8eo5cy870z.jpeg
  • shaolinmilk
    I feel like the EVO isn't getting as much love as it used to. The EVO is definitely in my Top 5 and it feels like everyone is straying away and going for the super extractors such as the Flowerpot. How do taste compared with these two? I assume the EVO is tastier since it's basically all glass.
  • Baron23
    I have an FP and an EVO and don’t personally think that the FP is that much stronger of an extractor. I run my EVO about 1:15 -1:30 on the dial and there is nothing left to extract when I’m done.

    Yes, you can crush .1g in a capped FP running a good hot temp in one or two draws. But I don’t think that makes it a better extractor, personally.

    I like them both but if I had to give one up it would be the FP.
  • shaolinmilk
    Is there a difference in high or do they both get you relatively to the same level? If you don't mind answering, what's the reason for choosing the EVO over FP? If nothing else besides vapor was the factor, would you still pick the EVO over the FP? I'm just asking these questions because I was thinking of getting the FP. :P
  • Baron23
    I am very happy with the FP. Why, if I had to chose only one to keep, would I keep the EVO....its just more simple, easier to set up, no hot exposed coil, and extracts...well, if not quite as hard as a FP then at least hard enough to not really make any difference.

    It would just be my preference. Many others would think differently.

    Now, if you don't have a FP and are thinking about getting one, then I'm all for it as its a GREAT vape and really can kill .1 g in a draw or two.

    I have a shower head and do not dab on my FP. I have other devices (Liger and D-nail) for that.

    Hope this helps a bit.
  • Law7764
    @shaolinmilk how are you liking the glass symphony? Is the temperature hot on your throat? I just purchased the flowerpot and I am enjoying it a lot. I was going to go with the glass symphony but I was a little hesitant so I went with the flower pot instead. But I’m still very interested in the Glass symphony.
  • shaolinmilk
    The temperature is not hot on my throat at all. It is quite smooth and delicious. Everything is controlled by your draw speed; if you draw it faster, it'll extract faster and the clouds will be insane. I find that you go through a lot of bud because it's so damn easy to use and it just makes you want to come back for more.
  • esilva

    I'm trying to figure out which desktop vape to get. I saw the video and all but still can't make a decision. Can someone recommend me the "best" or whatever that means desktop to get?

    Thanks for anybody's opinion on this!
  • Baron23
    Can someone recommend me the "best" or whatever that means desktop to get?esilva

    No, they really can't because the vapes are all different and the people buying them all have different desires, preferences, needs, use cases, etc.

    I will go out on a limb and say if you want a great desktop, consider either the VapeXhale EVO or the S&B Volcano. Both of them are pretty bullet proof, easy to use, and extract particularly well. If you don't like the idea of bag vapes, then look at the EVO with a hydratube.

    But I really have no idea what your personal objectives, other vapes you may have, your level of experience, etc, are so I may well be off base.
  • esilva
    Cool thx for your input. I was deciding between the evo and flower pot.
  • Baron23
    They are very close to each other in extraction performance.

    Again, don't know if you are an experienced vaporist or not. If not, you may find the FP to be a little intimidating as you will have a hot enail coil/controller and will need to also get a water pipe of some sort.

    The EVO with the hydratube (or the new Calyx which I rather am liking a lot and its a lot cheaper) provides almost as hard and quick of an extraction (I mean, like cashing it in three draws instead of two kind of thing). I find the EVO a bit easier and quicker to set up (I do not leave enail rigs or vapes out on the table all day in my house...your environment may be different) and certainly safer in terms of burn capability.

    I do have both, I find I use my EVO a bit more, but I do love the FP also.

    Oh, also VXH is still running their 20% St Pats sale until midnight tonight. Otherwise, might want to consider waiting to 20 Apr as most places offer a 420 sale then.

  • esilva
    hey! Thanks so much for commenting I appreciate it. I’m new ish to vaping specifically.

    My buddy has the evo with the calyx and Swiss tree and I like it. But when he got it the packaging didn’t impress me for the price. Both glass pieces was packed in bubble wrap and the evo was in a case no box cut out. It feels cheap like plastic and light. Any thoughts on that?

    Also, what glass piece for the evo do you recommend for flower and concentrates? Do you use different or same piece?

  • Baron23
    Any thoughts on that?esilva

    Yeah, I just don't care about the box. I have never understood "unboxing" reviews...its just the box. Everything I have bought from VXH was packed well enough that it has all arrived intact and in perfect shape. Heck, I got a whole closet shelf full of old vape boxes that I'm think I just need to toss.

    Yes, the EVO outer shell is indeed plastic and the neoprene heat shield should be purchased for it. But, again...I don't care. The entire vapor path is glass with the exception of the ELB and the plastic of the outer casing appears to be very robust and strong. In no way do I feel that the EVO is junkie or cheaply made.

    The FP,.....have you read this, if not, please do as I think it may be helpful to you?


    So the FP, its Ti so you will never break it without using a sledge hammer. But, I personally hesitate to recommend an exposed coil, enail type, device to a fairly new vaporist. Maybe its just the "Dad" in me, but its easy to burn yourself (did you see Bud's last live stream where he burnt himself on the Glass Symphony?) or the table, the carpet, your nose cat, whatever.

    If you don't plan to expand into other coil driven devices, then the NV coil/controller is just fine. But they use a different connector than almost every coil out there so while not completely sole source (Vapecode...a Chinese manf...actually makes them for NV as a white label and also sells them but you will have a hell of a time finding other sources for coils with this connector type). If you do think you will have other coil driven devices in the future, then I suggest the Auberins RDK-200 or -300 and their 20 mm coil.

    Also, what glass piece for the evo do you recommend for flower and concentrates? Do you use different or same piece?esilva

    Did you mean EVO or FP here. For the EVO, I use VXH Turbine Hydratube (love it) and my newly purchased Calyx. I do not vape concentrates out of my high performance flower vapes as I don't want to gunk them up (and 'trates will gunk up just about anything) and I have a Liger Banger and D-nail SiC Halo for dabs.

    I also do not dab 'trates off of my FP. I have a Shower Head version and its optimized for flower. It has a dab surface but I don't care to dab off of Ti...I don't like the taste.

    For my Flower Pot, I use a 65 mm can, stemless bong. The ones that NV sells look pretty good for this purpose also. This one to be exact but I would like to try a smaller can and am looking around DHGate.


    The Stereo Matrix glass from NV also looks like it will work just fine

    Hope this was helpful.
  • esilva
    yeah this definitely helped me out! Hmmm... so in your opinion I should get another rig for concentrates? I don’t like torching it I’m thinking an e-nail rig.

    I’m gonna go with the Evo!

    Thanks again stay awesome!
  • juxt
    I have both of these also, and agree with most of Baron23's points. For a first time vapist, the EVO is the way to go, and you can do both flower and concentrates in it.

    I will say that using the WrapAround head for the FlowerPot, which allows you to do a concentrate + flower simultaneous draw is a monster. It has different heads ... SiC (Silicon Carbide), quartz and Ti (and some site has a freaking sapphire or something?!?), so you can try different tastes. Also on the open coils, I bought the kit so i have the coil cover, which makes it better, but yes she's still hot ;)
  • Bruce
    Awesome with a capital A. If you would stop playing on your vapecycle (With Training Wheels) you can get a lot more done.

    I enjoyed this video.
  • Baron23
    as for seperate device for 'trates...well, I prefer that.

    BUT, while I have some pens and DT 2.5 type atomizers, I'm not much of a pen person. A D-nail Slim Line with SiC (silicone carbide) Halo is a wonderful device. I LOVE my Liger, but the company is not very responsive to CS and is in the midst of releasing a new version so I would suggest D-nail if you want an enail.

    If you do go D-nail or similar, I definitely suggest the Auberins RDK-200 or -300 and get a coil from them with it. The D-nail controllers have historically be WAY overpriced for what they are.

    Again, if D-nail Halo....don't cheap out. You need their carb cap. I have the carb cap with the forked dab tool handle and to me its an absolute necessity with the D-nail Halo.

    Suggestion, start with your EVO, use the glass nails for 'trates that come with (or do you have to order them separately?? can't remember) and try that out before jumping into a whole oil rig.

    is right, the FP wrap around version can accommodate TAG or D-nail SiC halo type inserts for dabbing so you can do double deckers (twaxing?) of herb in the bowl and 'trates on top. But, after participating in a VERY active FP thread pretty much from the start, I have observed that this becomes mostly just a novelty for most experienced users after a bit of time. The Shower Head is better optimized for flower and there are enails that are better optimized for dabbing, IMO.

    One step at a time, my friend, and I know you will not be disappointed in your EVO if that's the way you are going to go.
  • bgrpph
    i'm new to vaping in 2017- initially bought an EVO- i'm totally pleased with it- great product- easy to use & clean with huge clouds even at lower temps- i use flower only & like the flavor using their standard glass mouthpiece. It does come with 2 glass nails for concentrates. - I also have turbine hydratube which smooths it out a bit at cost of some flavor. Buy it during their 20% off sale that they run fairly often. I bought during sale & got the hydratube glass from their "seconds" area- it looks perfect to me & saved some $. I now also have as portables a MIGHTY & a Ghost MV1 but go back to the EVO often. Its a great vape- don't believe u will be disappointed. Get the neoprene cover for the base as it gets hot w/o it.
  • esilva
    ok sound thanks for that advice. I’ll check out the D-Nail and find a rig for it unless it’s a kit.

    I’ll take my time a little lol!

    Thanks again!
  • esilva
    awesome good to know thanks!!
  • lazylathe

    I noticed on your sheet you mention the Woodscents has a ceramic rod heater.
    They all come with Titanium cartridge heaters.

    I think they always came this way?
  • Ed's TnT
    I haven't had time to get back to this but remember it said and meant to but got sidetracked so here I am now. In fact the heaters are ceramic SS sheathed. The air path is all Ti though. Btw since our last back at each other am hoping your having much better results?
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