• juxt

    On a side note here, I added a mouthpiece from an ecig tank I had to my WS, which is keeping me from chewing the wood :) working out great though, I run it at about 8 for hours on end and just pick it up when I need it, great stuff!
  • Dent185

    Which desktop unit produces the smoothest vapor? Are you ever going to make a rating chart for desktops like you did for portables?
  • VapeCritic

    Hmmmm they're actually all very smooth and I think that's a big reason they're my top picks! I'm not sure about the rating chart but I appreciate you asking :strong:
  • Alexis
    perhaps not a ratings chart Bud, but I think this would be a good general area to re-visit and revise occasionally. It is kind of like the Top Gear of Vaporizers, the Titans! And there are new models coming out always too.
    Before considering any revisions better to wait until you have tested out the Herbo Ti. That will be interesting. I bought and sold that one, the GS and have FP experience too. These 3 devices in particular are quite similar in numerous ways and offer a similar experience and feel, but they are still so different.

    The Herb Ti is the only one of those 3 which I didnt have a bizarre intolerance to. Except when I first bought it 1 year ago, my respiratory infections (and therefore allergies) were a lot worse and I didnt tolerate the Herbo well at that time.
    By September I made serious progress lowering infections and I found I could suddenly tolerate the Ti very well, in stark contast to the FPSH at the time, even though both devices are very close together and similar in performance. The Glass Symphony I reacted to badly as well. Totally unusable to me in any way, like FP. So it's Herbo Ti FTW! (tolerance testing).

    So I will be very interested to see your feelings on it alongside the others. I would be very surprised if it doesn't qualify for a spot in your top 10. So I can see this area being visited again, maybe re-shuffled, examined more with some fun polls even perhaps(?).
  • Big Red
    Just pulled the trigger on a Vapexhale Calyx kit. Now the waiting game begins :lol:
  • bener

    Congratulations! :up:

    I am sure you will love your VapeXhale EVO & Calyx. I have had my Evo & a couple of other Hydratubes for a few months and just recently acquired a Calyx. It’s now one if my favorite water pieces because it’s very smooth even at higher temperatures.

    I hope that you will enjoy yours!
  • Big Red
    thanks bro. i was having a hard time deciding between the EVO and Volcano :groan:

    How is the Calyx? Is it troublesome to fill in water?
  • bener
    How is the Calyx? Is it troublesome to fill in water?Big Red

    I don't think so, but some might ... I feel the Calyx's great performance outweigh its very slight shortcomings. Which are, in my view, 1) filling and 2) cleaning.

    The filling is only a slight challenge because the opening that one draws from is rather small, it's a hole only about 1/4" (4-5 mm) wide.

    The easiest solution I have found is to simply run a small stream of water at the faucet, holding the Calyx's opening under the stream until you have a level of water you like. I go slightly over the perc, on my Lynx I can't put in as much water as I can in the Calyx without getting splashback. I then wipe the outside of the Calyx and it's ready to go.

    Another option is to simply fill the Calyx using a syringe or similar instrument.

    If you've cleaned the Calyx, I recommend that you first dry the joint opening with a cloth and then fill your Calyx.

    Now for the cleaning ... I don't find it hard at all, but on another forum a fellow user stated they had some difficulty. Using the method outlined below, that forum member reported better results with no water marks after cleaning.

    I recommend simply immersing the whole unit in a solution of warm water, and for extra cleaning, you may want a cleaning solution of water with dissolved PBW. I try to keep the Calyx upright while first immersing so as to reduce the possibility of air bubbles forming inside which would reduce overall cleaning. After soaking for a few minutes, I rinse it under running water. Occasionally I let it fill with water, block the joint hole with a finger or plug, and shake it for better rinsing.

    If you are really into rinsing, follow this up with a quick dunk in clear hot water.

    When done cleaning, I hold the unit upside down and blow air in via the mouthpiece to get any of the water that's in the bottom chamber out. It's usually just a few drops. I think you'll benefit from more frequent "light" cleaning rather than going infrequently and doing deep cleaning.

    Let us know if you have any other questions. I think you'll really like your EVO. :smile:
  • Big Red
    thanks for the info. Can't wait for it :pray: :up:
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