• Futurevapors
    But, it's 100% clean and edible, just looks gross because the water has got to it, and it's just reclaim really.

    I was cleaning my SBL OG on Saturday and i noticed some gunk at the bottom of where the mouthpiece goes, I had totally forgotten that that area could get gunked up, So with my tool i scraped it out and rolled it into a ball and just swallowed it and thought nothing about it.

    2 hours later I decided to go a get my haircut right? But on driving there i felt slightly panicky so I decided to go for some fresh air then went into the barbers and sat down in the chair, BUT when I looked into the mirror my eyes looking red raw and was an inch away from freaking out, thankfully ya man working there recognised my eyes and we got chatting bout green, I felt 100% much better and just worked though what was going on in my head.

    Note to self, gunk has the funk!!!! don't try that at home unless you are planning on staying home. :grimace:
  • AnVom
    Started to do dry while last livestream was on. It works a LOT better, like a steamroller
  • Gman
    damn man, that means it was decarbed and of course since you ate it and it went through your liver, becomes 5 times more psychoactive than vaping/smoking it. Must have been a ride :)
  • Mc69
    to anyone that uses PBW and discover some white spots (from possibly soaking too long), dont worry as CLR (calcium/lime/rust product at any walmart/target) gets it right out.
  • Kakarot
    So little thc/cbd is lost in the water it’s really not even worth worrying about...
  • Kilokurt
    Tried it dry after a nice clean today and I think I’ll stay that way for a while. Thanks.
  • f0Nz
    @kpx420 Sorry for not replying earlier. I was on vacation last week and didn't stop by until now.
    Nice to see stevenlmz now also has the treearm base. It's a good setup for the price but the pieces are smaller than the original vxl. The base is not equally stable and the hydratube is too small to not get water in your mouth afaik.
    It's all about this customisation gimmick. Was a big fan when i saw it the first time but not so much now. With Vxl there is everything about the look, less about the fuction. I'm back to classic one-piece-watertools :wink:
  • McNuggetsTrip
    is this a joke? If you want cooler vapor throw a couple ice cubes in the top (if you have an ice catcher) no need for water
  • Dr green thumb
    I'm preferring to vape through water. I find that my hits are smoother with less coughing and I can take longer hits.

    This was not always my belief. I used to think vaping through a dry rig was good. That all changed this last spring when I got a bad cold that irritated my throat.

    I've found I like filtered cool water as it helps deliver the best taste.
  • LabPong
    Just use distilled water...if not then filtered is good too..but distilled keeps the water cleaner for a longer time as it will not let microbial's grow as water with minerals in it does quickly.
  • Baron23
    I too use distilled water. It’s cheap and does NOT have any minerals (hardness) it accrete on the glass.

    PS - edited to add the “NOT”. Sigh. Haha
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    I buy reverse osmosis for the girlies. The bizzle gets the same treatment :halo: when its not fresh out of the kettle :joke:
  • MrGreen
    Dry with ice !
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